"Innocence of Muslims" - So what's the deal with Muslims?

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Yep, a silly video. A silly, silly, terribly made video of such amateur quality, one can only... well let me not insult the video maker who knows his work was probably not up to par.

Stupid as this video was, it created quite a stir, didn't it? Not that anybody knew what in blazes it was about.

"Innocence of Muslims" - So what's the deal with Muslims?

When I was in Israel, my fellow people told me that Muslims cannot be talked rationally to. I did not believe that or accept it. They tried to convince me that Muslims are extremely aggressive and know only one way to make a point: Fight and war.

At the time I did not believe it.

Later it became news that around 30 people had died when Muslims went insane over a movie depicting Mohammad as some kind of perverted idiot.

This carried on on the news for days. I didn't even intend to see for myself what all this chaos is about, but after some days of this I finally searched for it on YouTube.

Firstly, there is no movie. There's a short, 14 minute trailer for some silly, no-budget nonsense somebody made trying to make some light comedy or something, called "Innocence Of Muslims".

Can this silly nonsense REALLY be the reason for all this chaos? I mean who in his right mind can actually take this video serious?

The video has since been removed off the internet by YouTube.

The filmmaker has been "sentenced to death" in Egypt, but in his absence if I remember correctly.

Now I know that Western media sometimes reports things biased towards Zionism and therefore anti-Muslim, and that perhaps this killing has more to do with it happening around September the 11th, so can it be that the reason for all this uproar is really about something else? Maybe this whole thing is misreported. We hope at least, otherwise it means Islam might actually be a danger to sanity.

If you happen to be Muslim, and I don't believe there's much chance of that but anyway, I invite you to please leave feedback in the comment box below. Exactly how would you explain things from your point of view? Is it actually so much killing and insanity just because of some stupid little video nobody in his right mind would even notice?

Where in blazes did this movie (actually, short comic video) even come from? It doesn't seem like something a Westerner would make. It seems planted or something. Like a bait.

At any rate, the whole thing was stupid.


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