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A short visit to the Sheriff's headquarters to arrange for civil process provided an opportunity to learn a bit more about what they do.

Masons and unsolved Murders

I see angles that remind me of the Masonic Lodge symbol, the ruler and compass, even the blue "eye" there at the top.

Sheriffs have Druid roots!

The word "sheriff" is a contraction of the term "shire reeve". The term, from the Old English scīrgerefa, designated a royal official responsible for keeping the peace (a "reeve") throughout a shire or county on behalf of the king. The term was preserved in England notwithstanding the Norman Conquest. From the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the term spread to several other regions, at an early point to Scotland, latterly to Ireland and to the United States. .

So there you go, town peace keeper, but interestingly associated with Druid/Pagan qualities I would not associate with "cops," such as:

non conformity

the other points are

Druid sheriffs did not just "serve and protect" and they had a broader duty to the citizens than police or bouncers.

Gold Stars from Old England?

I went to the Washington County Sheriff's cavernous headquarters, today where I've never been before. White Italian marble walls and black granite floor with a seven point encircled star. Oddly enough, that symbol is a Pagan faerie symbol, of magick. Outside an overcast sky seemed to mirror the frigid hue of the stone inside. The foundation of it all...Celtic England?

If you google "sheriff badge" you may see many six point stars. I now associate six points with Saturn, the complete set is 7, a more spiritually balanced set. Six is disconnected from spirit, it appears. This makes the local symbol even more interesting, and more English.

Masonic architecture?

Subtle shades of green shadowed in mist took the shape of a well-manicured hedge and tall trees growing in clumps, pine, oak, cedar, willow. Survivor trees from a previous era, perhaps.

The bailiff dressed in dark grey read each new arrival their rights as they slid across dark slithery floors to reach him. His mortal voice echoed on every wall to the 20 foot ceiling in this man-made cave of a world unto itself. The reverb made him sound like a the Zeus of County Justice.

I used to report to work every day in many offices within spaces similarly constructed to the Washington County Sheriff's headquarters, and I have to say I am greatful to be surrounded by green trees and cheap wood siding instead of that icy cold stone. Better to have true substance with modest facing that an illusion with expensive veneer.

I had come too soon, waiting, watching. A trickle of people came, in couples mostly, but some single file, almost all of them for criminal arraignment a few for gun permits, nobody else to serve civil papers. Hypnotized. Zombies. Adults subdued by space? By what boils down to a movie set? I observed no minorities, and women as well as men. The judged people. The discarded people. People like anyone else I know.

Yet even here as usual, I am the misfit, the watcher, perhaps this morning is a metaphor for the rest of my life. They are the "drug dealers" because current law prohibits what they can ingest, buy and sell. They are not violent. They are businesspeople, entrepreneurs. I never did that, I waited urging lobbying nagging for legalization of pot. I obsessively follow rules until I can change the rule. How does that make me better?

I am grateful to not be going to an arraignment or for a gun permit. I am glad to be such a misfit today as still uses civil procedures to resolve conflicts even if it takes a year for the case to be heard or not heard and settled. I see it as a way of engaging in direct transparent public dialogue more meaningful than secret exchanges of counsel usually are.

The eternal symbol of unity of all things

"The uroboros is a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite, i.e. of the shadow. This 'feed-back' process is at the same time a symbol of immortality, since it is said of the uroboros that he slays himself and brings himself to life, fertilises himself and gives birth to himself. He symbolises the One, who proceeds from the clash of opposites, and he therefore constitutes the secret of the prima materia which unquestionably stems from man's unconscious."

--"A Meditation on the 7 pointed star of Druidism" by by Archdruid El Arseneau

Ring around the Rosie
Pocket full of Posie
Ashes, ashes we all
Fall Down!

From my childhood, another Druid tune. I have a different opinion as to the meaning than does wikipedia. I do not believe it is "plague."

I think "ring" is a faerie circle. Rosie is a ruddy human, with red blood, who goes to faerieland. Pocket full is a small amount, posie is perfume, fragrance which lures the human into the trap. Ashes...until death. Those that step into this circle rarely step out. And so it is with the sheriff, sooner or later, those who are entrapped here return here.

Seven Shadow Spheres and Seven Light Spheres

I've long had a theory that the tribe "IsRaEl" was the same tribe that worshiped the sun (Ra) in Egypt, they transported themselves via Phonecian ship perhaps to Egypt and established a first settlement along the Nile. So Atlanteans are Egyptians are Levites, which is interpreted in various ways, one of which is "the other side." Which could be "the dark side" they practiced Pagan magick. This was a part of it. So were tesla coils, pyramids, reiki and whatever is in the Ark of the Covenant. Some of them went to Britain and became Der Wydd which looks/sounds like Der Yid, The Yiddish, might have meant not Jew but "odd" "old" something like that, survivors of the ancients, wizards.

H.P. Blavatsky discusses these ages at length in her obtuse two volume "Theosophy." The same ages appear in the right column. In the tree itself, we have the skillful and the unskillful, the yin and the yang. Temptation and discipline. Love of illusion and love of eternal. Each illusion is a color, a shorter lesser wavelength fully included in the unity of white light.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Above we have seven druid virtues.
Do they balance seven deadly sins?

wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, according to a wiki article edited today.

Gratefully yours from the relative warmth of my not-so-mobile home here in Aloha, Oregon where I lit Shabbat candles early today, bringing my own light and warmth and where occasionally I sing or spontaneously chant in various languages, sunbathe in the nude and rejoice in the warmth of life. Not that I am complaining at ALL, but if someone were to donate land and a small cabin I would gladly move out of the way of those who confuse foreign languages with something more prurient; for those for whom my singing is heard to be screaming. Evidently spontaneous song is presumed to be salacious or else the siren I sometimes broadcast at sunset is more powerful than some want to admit, including myself.

Goddess sang, then there was light (paraphrase, Genesis)

ah, simplicity.


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