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Chinese go and settle in almost every corner of the world, for one reason or another. Their presence often causes some jealousy or hatred. How do we solve this problem?

International Politices

Are you sure you can solve the
Palestine-Israelis problem?
Please come forward and tell us how
you would do it.
Maybe you have the answer
Some political leaders pretend not
to know the corruption prevailing
in their country
not because they are stupid
but because the corrupt people were the
voters who put them on the platform
When those corrupt people are in the jail house
who will vote for the guy who is leading now?
You need the people below you to push you up
That’s the only reason some leaders pretended
not to know of any wrongdoings
Can you please tell me
Have you ever heard of people who confirm
that only honest guys should vote for them?
If a guy can openly admit
that corruption is his government’s
big problem
I think he is a great guy
You need to give him
time to look into the problem
Magicians don’t help you to solve the problems
The irritating China-men are found at every corner
of the earth
They do well in their studies
When they have the chance they seldom fail
either Bachelor, Master or PhD
Many other races have a failure rate of about 50%
when their children attend university colleges
During convocations
you can see and hear Western parents shout
with joys when their kids go forward
to receive the certificates
The China-men’s parents do the same
but very few of them have the chance
to attend Convocations
The expenses are too high
Won’t you run cheap airlines and hotels
to cater for this group of tourists?
Please don’t be afraid
These China-men are not interested to
take over any country
Long before Christopher Columbus
discovered America
the China-men were already there
living peacefully with the natives
These peaceful China-men didn’t
colonize America.
They were there to make money
When they make money they pay taxes
Your governments will benefit
including every man on the street
Microcosmically, it benefits you
Macrocosmically, it benefits the whole world
When a Prime Minister was asked
why he purchased the China-men’s goods
His answer was that
he would buy goods which are the cheapest
if the qualities are equal
regardless of the country of origin.
Which bloke cannot understand
this business theory?
So, please make your services cheap
You must wish people well
Your wishes will bring in your own wellbeing
And you will live longer
Don’t you believe it?
Ask the psychiatrists.

Copyright © 2005 by Poh Tiong Ho


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I have been writing short stories, poems and articles during the past 20 years.
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author avatar whatistheworld
4th Nov 2014 (#)

Passionate feelings. But what is the fundamental problem,do you think? Are you from China?

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Nov 2014 (#)

I have a view every race is same and depends on the environment. Generations and aspirations change and people adapt too. Political systems may differ but the rich get richer everywhere even in communist China and Russia! siva

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author avatar snerfu
6th Nov 2014 (#)

My psychiatrist is occupying the couch today...and he wants a China-man to talk to, or their parents. Wonder if it is the beginning of another revolution!

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