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Some thoughts and information regarding the upcoming International Rainbow Gathering being held somewhere in the State of Montana from July 1-7, 2013.

To go or not to go.... that is the question.

Every year, since the 70's a group of people have gathered on public land over the Fourth of July to camp, commune, sing, dance, drum, and share a common prayer for peace. When I moved from a city to a town on the rez, it was, has been, and still is the Rainbow Family that has embraced me, given me comfort, brought me food, let me use their phone, invited me to their pot-lucks and parties. To be Rainbow, all you need is a belly-button, and there are no leaders. Rising Sun gave me my Rainbow Name: LoriAnnie Oaktree.

This year, the International Gathering of the Rainbow Tribes will be somewhere within a few hundred miles of where I live and my girlfriend and I have vowed to go with each other. My only caveat is that I won't go if it is on the Canadian Border - for some reason. My friend Barb's two son's are long time Rainbows and she wants to go hang out with them. I'm more like, "Let's camp with the old folks in napworld."

There will be a camp for every Country I would imagine, and every State for sure. Folks who know each other tend to camp with 'Kitchens'. They are very dedicated to putting up entire cooking kitchens all over the camp in order to feed the masses. A couple friends have cooked for 'Lovin Ovens' and I know a guy whose Rainbow name is 'Baker John'. Then there is 'Kiddie Village' which sounds like a lot of fun for the kids.

Over the years I've been impressed with the way Rainbow Family always puts the children first. They are always first to eat, then they are first to break the morning silence after the peace prayer in the meadow. The morning of the Fourth of July is a time of silence throughout the village. Silently, as high noon approaches, one dresses in their finest and all move in silence toward the large meadow where they will stand holding hands and expanding and expanding until noon when the prayer for World Peace is held. Then, the kiddie parade starts and those kids are a colorful and lively lot, let me assure.

Some of the elders of the Rainbow Family are good friends of mine, others are casual, but virtually all are characters. Very soon the scouts will report and the location will be revealed to the seed crew. They will be tapping into water sources for the kitchens, mapping the entire site, creating stages, setting up the bones of the gathering. It will be completely fleshed out for the week of July 1-7th then return to a bone crew to do the site repair and clean-up.

We aren't getting any younger and if we go we will represent for the grandmothers. Barb and I are both attached to our creature comforts, but should be able to wiggle away for a week, right? If we go, I'll let you know how it was. Here is a real positive account from a gal who posted this on one of their officially unofficial sites:

"So I've been watching this page for a while now and other then a couple of comments here and there on someone else's post I haven't really made myself known. So here I am. My friends and family call me "B" and you can too.

I'm 36 and I remember wanting to attend Gathering since I was a young teenager but I was just unable to see the path until 2011 Washington gathering. It was such a magical experience for me! I danced around the forest, I learned about love, community, peace, prayer, and meditation. I met some unforgettable people that still dwell in my heart and my minds eye, and I came home a better person because of it. I didn't see any alcohol. I didn't see any violence, anger, drama, sadness, or depression. I didn't see anyone robbed, rolled, or otherwise victimized. I saw love, light and service wherever I looked and it was magical. My friends was sick and was blessed with healing from CALM. Many members of family helped carry our gear in and back out again.

This was the gathering I hoped for. This was the gathering I experienced. Maybe I was wearing rose colored glasses...? No problem! I'll keep them on! Loving You! ? Looking forward to coming home again this year with the same rose colored glasses! Safe travels to all! See you soon!" B, Be, or Bee


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