Intestinal Parasites: How do we Protect Ourselves From it.

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Basically, parasites feeds from their host, and roundworms being one of it can't be left out. See more as you read on.

How to Protect Yourselves From Intestinal Parasites.

Intestinal parasites is a living organism that obtained series of benefits from its host, a living organism on or in which it lives. Parasites in general always grabbed their food from their host and in this case there are two types, viz-a-viz protozoans of amoebas and helminths or worms.

They feeds on the host and their degree of damage depends on the amount of parasites inherent in the hosts and the state of health of the host. Intestinal parasites are the significant cause of nausea and tiredness to its victim, it also cause significant impact on the stomach to swollen.

Playing host to this unwanted guest is somewhat uncomfortable. In the case of roundworms, can released some 200,000 eggs a day on it host or victim, it is clear at this point to note that those eggs so release must incubate in soil to become viable. The number of roundworms a person carries, depends on the number of viable eggs or larvae ingested. Many people play host to a few roundworms without even being aware of it. But a large number of it can cause serious blockage to the intestine.

Like every other ailment, intestinal parasites do not go unnoticed, there are symptoms and signs applicable to it. Some of the symptoms are, abdominal pains, nausea, loss of appetite, a swollen abdomen, fatigue, and chronic indigestion, diarrhea,or constipation, weight loss, restless sleep, itching, wheezing and fever may also be indications of parasites.

However, these symptoms can be an indications of a number of ailments or illnesses. To get to know or diagnose parasites, there are a number of tests and or examinations used in recent times like stool examination. It is essential that roundworms should be treated with seriousness, otherwise they can migrate to other organs of the body to cause more havoc different from the previous and as such inflict more damages on the body system..

According to medical practitioners, there are lots of medications for roundworms, but some medications do not kill roundworms instantly, rather its irritate them, therefore it is advisable to try to avoid being infected with them in the first place. But the big question now is "how can we protect ourselves from being infected with parasites?"

Personal hygiene and cleanliness is the answer and the best protection against this. Cleanliness they said is next to godliness, therefore, all aspects of cleanliness must be observed to avoid getting in contact with this helminths.

Excrement should not be left exposed to the air. Toilet facility should be at a safe distance from the water source. Some people are fun of using human dungs or excreta as fertilizer, this act is barbaric and costly in contamination. Additionally, don't allow children eat dirt.

Food substances should be purchased from a safe and reliable source. Meat should be well cooked in the center. Never attempt to eat raw meat Fruits and vegetable should be thoroughly wash before eating. Don't re-used water. Boil all drinking water to a full degree and aerate it to restore oxygen before use.

Bottled water should be procured from a reliable source. Care and precaution must be taken by travelers on their eating spot. Be careful eating food sold by street vendors.

With the above precautions and steps and with others, you can improve upon by taking reasonable care there is much that you can do to protect yourself from the menace of parasites. .


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
4th Nov 2013 (#)

Pretty graphic , Hanson , but extremely interesting and useful advice.
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
5th Nov 2013 (#)

ce post and informative as well, thanks for sharing!

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author avatar Hanson
5th Nov 2013 (#)

Thanks for your review and wonderful comment, Fern.

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