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My personal views on family and the world, God, organ donation and poetry.

What are your Organs really for?

The day you make way for an act of giving, an act of pure sacrifice, celebrate that day. That is the day you taste your clear conscience and courage for the first time. Your eyes and your organs can lead you to that conscience and that courage. It's like, if you donate them, your eyes will give you a never seen before vision, your organs will infuse a new rush of life into you.

Family and the World

Always look at your 'Family' through the prism of the 'OUTSIDE WORLD'. seek from your Family the same answers that you seek from that World. Condemn those imperfections of your Family that you condemn in that World. Looking at both of them as separate entities is a 'MORAL CRIME' that we all commit.

The Juggler Inside

On a land where 'Actions speaks louder than Words', I experience a heart stabbing pain looking at people's disinterest in the jugglery of Words. The gruesome anarchic action of our insanity needs to be entangled in that jugglery. Let us all create a spectacle, an array of awe inspiring words. Let us all create melodious notes through our words to detoxify our actions. Spell out the poet inside you, shake up the juggler inside you to save the whatever 'Gentle' that is left. As somebody told me once, "The World will survive if the Poet survives".

The so called Magic

My disbelief in God is the disbelief of an absolute illiterate, an absolute miserable, an absolute poor and naked person, who at each moment is fighting for a trace of breath. My disbelief in God is nothing but my solidarity towards his own creation. The feared people alongside me fears the banishment and curse this disbelief brings, but I welcome this curse. Let him(God) show some of his never seen magic. The magic will rekindle my faith, that yes, this 'Old Guard' will bring that poor fellow out of his misery

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Aug 2014 (#)

Interesting thoughts and share - siva

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