Invasion of the Ears

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Rosie Sue meets a new friend on her way to school. Who is this new friend? Where is this new friend from? Why does she have to put him in her school bag? Find out by reading Invasion of the Ears.

Invasion of the Ears

Once upon a time little Rosie Sue was skipping down the pathway to school when all of sudden she noticed something very odd lying in the middle of the pathway. Leaning over she realized that she was looking at an ear. Not just an ordinary ear, but an ear that could walk, talk, fly and protect all ears. This ear was the head ear leader from the planet Hearing. Little Rosie Sue knelt down on the pathway and asked,
“Hello, my name is Rosie Sue. What is your name?
“I am the leader of the Hearing planet and we are here to take over earth,” said the Ear.
“Could I take you to school today for show and tell?” Rosie Sue asked.
“What is this show and tell?” asked the Ear.
“I take you to school and I show all the other kids my new ear friend and tell them all about you,” said Rosie Sue.
“Yes, we will go to this show and tell at your school. I will fly along with you,” said the Ear.
“How are you able to fly?” asked Rosie Sue.
“My ear lobe part acts as a propeller,” explained the Ear.
“We had better hurry or else we will be late for school,” said Rosie Sue, rushing to school as her new ear friend flew beside her.
Just as they reached the school building Rosie Sue said to her new ear friend,
“You had better get into my school bag, because show and tell is to be a surprise for everyone,” said Rosie Sue.
The ear flew into Rosie Sue’s school bag and settled down comfortably to wait and see what would happen next.
Rosie Sue walked into her classroom, smiled at her teacher and sat down at her desk and began taking her books out, along with her writing tablet, pens and pencils.
“Good morning children. Today we are going to share what we think are unusual things to share with the class. Who would like to go first?” asked Ms. Snyder.
Bobby Lee raised his hand and stepped in front of the class and held up a picture.
“Since our family raises chickens we have a chicken now that has four legs and two heads. The chicken wants to go in different directions all the time,” said Bobby Lee, passing the picture of the chicken around for the class to see.
Rosie Sue raised her hand and came to the front of the class carrying her school bag. Opening her school bag she began to talk to the inside of her bag.
“It is all right, you can come out now,” said Rosie Sue.
Ms. Snyder and the rest of the students leaned forward to see what or who Rosie Sue was talking to. Pretty soon the ear crawled out of Rosie Sue’s school bag and looked at the teacher and students.
“This is my new friend ear from the Hearing planet,” said Rosie Sue.
“How far away is the hearing planet?”
“Why is the ear here?”
“I am the leader of the ears on the planet Hearing and we are going to invade your earth and take it over,” said the Ear.
“You are so cute,”
“I could vaporize you with my ear wax,” said the ear.
“You can get ear wax out without having to go to the doctor?”
The ear looked at Rosie Sue and asked,
“Do these children understand that the ears from my planet Hearing are coming to take over earth?”
“They just think you are so cool. They have never seen a talking ear before. Show them how you can fly,” said Rosie Sue, as the children watched while the ear flew around the room.
“Can you vaporize something with your ear wax?”
The ear looked around and vaporized a piece of chalk and the children all clapped with delight.
“Can we take a field trip to the planet Hearing, so we can meet the other ears and see their planet?” asked the children.
“I think it would be best if the ears came here to visit. I do not think there is enough money in the school budget to make that long of a trip,” said Ms. Snyder.
“I like all of you, so there will be no invasion of earth. I will call the other ears with my sonic ear messenger and we can all live together happily ever after,” said the Ear, while the children cheered.


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