Invisible Man (2)

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This story, prose is a carry on from the invisible man prose it's called Invisible man 2.

The Invisible Man 2

The Invisible Man lies in the park. He cannot sleep
He begins to think about his addiction for drink.

How can a person explain what they do not understand?
I have said sorry a million times, in my life,
My addiction to drink is a mystery to me,
It is the slowest form of cancer,
It steals everything, but mostly respect.
It takes all your friends and the ones you love,
Then your possessions so even strangers despise you,
Loneliness and self-hate are the ashes it leaves,
When you walk to get your fix people stare,
It steals everything, but mostly respect.
Sick hangs on your lips and stains your clothes,
But that does not matter there is a journey to make,
As you stagger to the nearest outlet to get your fix,
Children laugh because they don't understand,
That it steals everything, but mostly respect.
As you queue in line inside the store,
Gripping a bottle, hands shaking uncontrollably,
Embarrassment makes your sweat drip to the floor,
People look away disgusted, I wish I could look away too,
It will steal everything, but mostly respect.
Having real problems taking off the top,
Being sick with anticipation about the first swig,
Daring not to look at my reflection,
So truth does not look back at you,
I am disgusted as the first swig wretches,
It has now stolen everything, and all your respect.
I am so lonely!

There is no force that can take me from this place,
Maybe one, but only one, with a kind heart and hand,
Who else would dare touch my shoulders when bent low,
With courage, a brave friend who thought it not courage.
Dreaming of my past times when I could go just anywhere,
But now in exile, I am a sad, lonely, bitter solitary, man,
Stuck in loneliness and friendlessness where I cannot plan to plan.
I look at bright-eyed daisies open, while the buttercups unfold,
Smelling scents, of long ago, like chalk, rubber, and sticky stars of gold
Above me great white clouds and bits drift along in a perfect blue,
I took all this for granted because I shared beauty with a few.
I am on the playground, running, laughing, hair silky in the breeze
Playing in the sandpit, short trousers, football, skipping, ignoring grazed knees,
Floating through each season, changing, as the spring of our lives unfold,
These are memories that are mine, they belong to me, mine till I am old.
Every now and then when I am tired and my eyes begin close,
Faintly, in the distance, a far off time, I hear sweet, sweet laughter as I doze.
So the Invisible needs to be alone. He is so sad that, at this time, he cannot face taunts, hatred and vicious spite.
The Invisible man wanders into a shopping center. Shoppers screw their faces and over react by holding their noses. The Invisible Man has seen this a thousand times. But today he has gone back in time so he ignores them. If only these people could read this mans mind, or understood a little more, instead of abuse they might hand him a tissue.
Across the fields of golden corn there are no subtle waves,
I stand and look, it takes me back to clean bright golden days,
I remember standing here with you, smiling at my side,
This was many years ago, your smile was broad and wide,
Often I stand in our place, seeing what we once both saw,
My eyes well up with warm tears like they always have before,
And through my tears I see you, looking across our favorite place,
So young, so pretty, so full of life, your smile made my heart race,
I have got by with my sadness, but It's been so very long,
You visit my dreams most everynight, in the morning you are gone,
And so starts another day of sadness and a heavy aching heart,
The words I need do not exist, it hurts to be apart,
So, I get on with my life, play the part of a very invisible man,
But deep inside, I hope we will be one again, I really hope we can.
The invisible man goes behind the stores looking for some food, looking for anything. His mind is still back in the day when life was good.

It seems its always spring time when I walk down memory lane,
I think of holding hands with you as we stroll down there again,
The sun is shining the flowers budding along the pathways of the past,
Your lovely mind, Your smiling face, your golden hair, are my memories that last,
No clouds dare to mar the sun's watery glow, which melts into skies of blue,
No shadows dare to mask the sun when I'm walking there with you,
From those golden times I remember happiness and never any tears,
Those were the most beautiful days of my life, the sweetest of my years,
For a short while I forget my loneliness, the dreadful loss, the hurting and the pain,
It’s always spring, and happiness, when I hold hands with you, down old memory lane.

After thinking of dear dear things his mind goes back to a school outing he went on when he was about six or seven

We went for a trip with the school yesterday,
To the Ovaltine Farm, not too far away,
The farmer took us around to see different things,
Like bulls and cows, noses pierced by rings,
We stood at looked at the Bull and cows,
The smell was awful we had our hands over our mouths,
I never imagined a bull was so big,
It mooed and snorted just like a pig,
We were then taken into the farmhouse nearby,
We were told to stand in a line we did not know why,
Then a large lady came in with a great big tray,
And began handing things out, a lovely day.
I could not wait to get to the front of the line,
When I did I was given a tin of Ovaltine.
So when I saw how delighted you are,
I give you my treasure, my Ovaltine Jar.
In my dream I am gazing at yellow pastures where silver waters thread,
Before the Invisible Man stopped coping he had a recurring dream that he would be allowed and welcomed home. How wrong could he be?
In Exile
I have seen bright-eyed daises open and buttercups unfold,
I have seen these spreading across water-mead’s a cloth of purest gold,
I have seen white clouds scud across blue skies changing shape as they go,
I have seen storms from a distance, lightning thunder, hail and snow,
I have seen pure white sheep graze beside a crystal stream,
I have seen swallows playing games and cows giving cream,
But now I am far from home and my beautiful land, is still in my mind,
Yet even in spirit, even in exile, I am there dreaming, longing for more memories to find,
In my dream I am leaning on an old gate in the lane,
With May time in England and the fields turn to gold again?
In my dream I am listening to a skylark singing sweetly over my head,
In my dream I am free to return home some day,
But it is just a dream and I can't find a way.
In an Orchard
The Invisible man shuffled out on to a back yard.
His watery eyes scanned the garden and an old orchard,
There was his favorite, Almond blossom again,
He thought of his street and the blossom in the lane,
We are well past the bleak and bitter days,
With nothing on the stark and leafless sprays,
But now the buds uncurl and flowers bring,
The start of, new growth, another beautiful spring,
The old gent stood by the wall where the old trees lean,
He has seen another winter but this one was mean,
In the sky a cloud of palest tint and tone,
Cast upon a gray,
time mellowed stone,
And through his watery old eyes he could see,
What a wonderful spring this is going to be.
time mellowed stone,
And through his watery old eyes he could see,
What a wonderful spring this is going to be.

As time went on the weather improved into spring making life much more pleasant for the Invisible Man.

There is a new song today ringing upon the leafless boughs,
Through the forests and the wood as nature starts to rouse,
Rouse and resurrect all life within the wintry hours,
To waken all the old sweet dreams of blossom, buds and flowers,
There's happiness and new hope today because of this good sound,
Which stirs an urgent upward thrust of green things in the ground,
This brings new joy into the hearts of everything that hears,
The wonderful song of spring it seems wipes away mans fears.
As the Invisible Man sat on a bench on a fresh spring, early morning he had a wonderful surprise other members of the crocus family,
Dressed in the deepest purple, palest mauve and ivory,
We are dazzled by their beauty against the watery blue sky,
Don't forget they took the risk, the first of the first, to try.
The Invisible Man goes window-shopping.
A vagrant is told to leave a shopping mall.
Wandering around the shopping parade looking at nice things,
I feel people watching me, a bad day just begins,
A man in a uniform barks at me,"What you want round here?"
"I am looking in shop windows my friend, I though that would be clear"?
"Don't get funny with me old man," Mr. uniform had to say,
"We don't want your sort around here, it ruins peoples day."
"But I am not bothering anyone, I like to see pretty lights,"
"Sometimes I want to be around people after long and lonely nights,"
"If you like to look at lights you scum there's some traffic lights out there,"
"Clear off you bum, go elsewhere, you are not allowed to stay in here,"
"Would you answer one question, what have I done wrong why do I have to leave?"
"Because you smell of garbage man, you’re making people heave?"
So I picked up my old plastic bag and trudged towards the door.
Past a crowd of lookers on, the uniform shouts, "And don't come here no more."
Rage burned my mind as the church going Christian's began to clap and cheer.
"We don't want you in our back yard I hope we have made it clear."
"By the way you bum, you look familiar have we ever met before"?
"Newer in this world you haven't" I walk out through the door.

Invisible goes back and sits on his bench, hurt, confused, at a loss. To try and take this from his mind he thinks of nice things.

When I was a boy the sun always shone,
Running through grass that was ever so long,
Playing with friends I will never forget,
Growing old is the thing I really regret,
But I can dream and take myself back,
To days that were long when rules were slack,
I can see myself just standing there,
With straw and grass and the wind in my hair,
I can see my friends faces as clear as day,
Tell me, "Why does our youth get taken away?"

Still hurt still angry Invisible takes himself back to happy days.

I was down amounst a field of golden corn,
It rolled like the sea when stroked by the breeze,
The nearly silent rustle of grain,
Bought me back to my normal senses again.
I was down amounst a field of golden corn,
It caught the sun as it swayed in the wind
The gentle golden sun hurt my eyes,
As the clouds moved across the deep blue skies.
I was down amounst a field of golden corn,
It swayed and it cracked in the gusts
I could hear a distant footstep draw near,
As my love came to join me sitting just here.
I was down amounst a field of golden corn,
And the sun began to warm my uncovered neck,
My love looked me in the eyes and held my hand,
On this special day with the corn on the land.
I was down amounst a field of golden corn,
The gentle breeze blowing my loves golden hair,
Her face came towards mine with a smile and a grin,
In this wonderful field I was kissed on the chin.
We were down amounst a field of golden corn,
The wind and the sun blowing and beating down,
Again the corn swayed like a soft wave on the sea.
I took a little straw ring in my hand then asked my love to marry me.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
21st Nov 2012 (#)

Terry , I have just read this through slowly again , and I absorbed the depth of Invisible's heart this time . I like him . from Stella

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author avatar Terry Trainor
22nd Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you Stella. Invisible is a complicated person. The culture he learned from an early age is that tough men drink to excess. He always thought it was manly to have a drink in his hand. The value of wealth was measured by the amount of times a person could get drunk in a week. It seemed to work on the silver screen but not in real life. That confused him. Thank you for taking the time to read it carefully not many do.

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