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Consider this, the ultimate adventure is not being a celebrity in the eyes of other people, but to be invisible, yet powerful in a solvent way like Clark Kent in a desirable way instead of an open "Super Man". That is essentially what this article is about. Although I take a somewhat tongue-in-cheek super simplified approach to what I am writing about, the seriousness of the subject will come through in what I am writing on this page about the subject with its sections.

The "normal person with consciousness" versus "the exhibitionist without consciousness"

A normal person with full conscious and cognitive power, capabilities and full understanding of how to use both can be a dangerous or wonderful thing. Dangerous if it is bad, as we can tell by Adolph Hitler. Wonderful if it is good, as we can tell by creative minds like Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs. But, either way to the developed mind, destruction or production is in the active mind and actively developed spiritual nature of the beholder. Also, either way, the normal person with full and cognitive consciousness is indeed greater than the sum of an exhibitionist without consciousness. Sure, an exhibitionist that is purely an exhibitionist has power in the moment to get attention to themselves, but they have to out perform themselves until they are done. There are not any real limits except death for that normal person with consciousness and the ability to use it well. Think about that deeply, and choose for yourself throughout history who had this consciousness.
Evidently, the pure exhibitionists are easily forgotten, but the power of consciousness is genuinely remembered. Okay, Louis Pasteur and Louis the Fifteenth King of France are remembered men in France during about the same times, right? One was an egotistical exhibitionist who chopped the heads of people off who did not agree with him, and had statues erected to himself for doing nothing much for France, and the other created a way to help destroy disease microbes in milk, cheese, meat, and stop salmonella from spreading in the same, and created pasteurized dairy and food, a concept used all over the world as a value to this day. Who is going to be remembered better, the exhibitionist clown or the normal human being who used their consciousness to create value. It comes down to that, and do not tell me that it does not. Because the most powerful spirits use their consciousness well right down to the little girl in the Middle Eastern country who will be remembered for standing up to the cowardly Taliban that shot her in the head and she survived. Why? The Taliban are examples of exhibitionists without real consciousness, while she is a normal person with real consciousness. Come on, that example is obvious! So, when I define invisible and visible, I cannot help but cause you to think of reality in a different way indeed. For, the genuinely invisible want attention for nothing as I said while genuine consciousness is attention itself for creating value of some genuine sort, whether it be a better way to live life, or a better way for all to live.
Some of the finest examples of life come from the normal person with consciousness properly used. While some of the worst examples of exhibitionist behavior make you go "wow" for a minute, but little else after that. What counts? Well, I can tell you easily, consciousness used wisely, cognitively and realistically to create genuine miracles, not a magic trick that lasts for a minute on a stage.

The ultimate visibility in this society is not desired usually, and I can explain why.

Do something genuinely ridiculous or purely shock valued, you do get noticed. But, with that, the bar gets raised until there is not any shock or thrill value to anything, even public nudity or disgusting exhibitionism. Look at the American national news media outlets usual stories for instance: Murders, wars, destruction, government collapse and all negativity gets ratings. Anything good or normal is yawned at at best or taken for granted as "boring". If we want a society that works, the opposite should be true, real and honest. Let me explain: Great, good and normal should get ratings and not be taken for granted and it does not matter how "boring" it "should be". Anything that works well should have a wonderful status, and anything that does not work should have a bad status. After all, the world and existence should be perceived right side up, not upside down.
I hope that first paragraph in this section got you thinking about things. Because it gets even better: Life when it works well consistently, is not boring. It is wonderful. But, according to the normal workings of this society, sensationalism gets ratings and wakes people up to the point of the worst being the best and the best being the worst. I know some of these facts are uncomfortable facts to face, but to grow into a great reality, we need to face them.
Reality is not one dimensional, yet human nature is perfectible, but only if we are willing to grow past our self made boundaries and weaknesses. That does include being negatively visible, also known as exhibitionism. In reality, all it does is raise the bar until you have to grow past the bar when it cannot be raised any more. Growing past the bar means growing past the need to be shocked or in awe of anything. Listen, some of the world's most normal inventions such as the light bulb and telephone caused shock and amazement a little over one hundred years ago, and they now are totally normal and even accepted, that is an example of what I mean. I am not saying or writing that, unacceptable behavior should be acceptable, just the opposite. I am writing that people should live creatively, honestly and by their own standards of genuinely acceptable. That does mean thinking genuinely for yourself and not having a lazy nature that takes the postive aspects of reality for granted and getting past being shocked by the negative, even making it ultimately into a positive desired value, through full understanding of reality, and working with it instead of fearing it or being shocked by it.

Only those who are invisible are totally honest with their lives, especially in this society.

To take the low road and be dishonest and pathetic gets you obvious fame and fortune. But to take the genuine high road, and be honest and real, gets you nothing, at least in this current society. From Socrates, Aristotle and Jesus Christ, before them and onward from them, many claim they want those invisible people's beneficial ideas and values, but stop short when it comes to actually achieving them. Let me explain: The only real short cut in life is dishonesty and trickery ultimately. The long "losers" way is always the honest and hard working realistic way without and game playing or treachery. My point is overly simple. The greatest failures in history are those overly honest people who are "too moral to live", while murderers, theives and exhibitionists get all the glory, from Charles Manson to Charles Keating, from Casey Anthony and Bernard Madoff to Saddam Hussein and Jeffery Dahmer, to get on Nancy Grace, the Wolf Blitzer news or get talked and written about in common literature and television shows directly or indirectly be one of them. But to pay for all eternity as an invisibly heroic person who is an eternal failure to the likes of Nancy Grace, any silly talk show and the rest of our sensationalist society, be like Jesus or Socrates today in this society. So, the point of this section is that the totally honest and truthful with themselves man or woman is the invisible man or woman. Sure, that may seem an overblown and overly simple assertion, but look deeply at our society: It is really honestly true.
Everyone wants to be around a winner, espeically those winners who seem to get it easy, and have everything that counts. Nobody wants to be around those who do not seem to get immediate results. It is a natural, conscious thing in a way. But that "natural, conscious thing" has to be bypassed if we want real and lasting results. Conscience must be developed, along with the real mind of a winner, not that short term "I want it now" complex that looks like winning, but the soul is lost genuinely. The only genuine escape from mediocrity is long hard suffering honesty that genuinely works and nothing else. There are not any "new ways", "tricks" or "panic buttons to push to get out of it". What must be done, must be done. What do you think the genuinely great and invisible people were really saying anyhow like Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, and Socrates anyhow? But Jesus was crucified and killed, Buddha died under the Bodhi tree as a deposed and nutty Prince of India, also Socrates drank the hemlock and died. "Nobody wants to hear that reality." They want to get sold on the fantasy of ease, and very few want what really works and counts. I guess most have to learn, but a few like me do get it and will not waver from even unto death or eternal life, because it works for real.

The Beneficial Enigma versus The Obvious Excuse.

Sure, we can all be invisible in the way I describe, but it is an objective choice without excuses for why you are doing it. It is the right of a person to have their own innate logic to what they do as long as they do not violate the rights of others.

The most powerful existence in the world is the beneficial enigma, because they do what they do to benefit people anonymously and not obviously. Politicians are the prime example of what I mean by the obvious excuse in my title, and "award winners" are the ultimate obvious excuse, for they have to be rubbed on the head every time they do something "right" just like the politician, and when they do something genuinely wrong, they both do not like to take the credit in any way.

A beneficial enigma is a genuinely chariable person that does not need "open credit" or "awards" to prove that they are chairitable or wonderfully beneficial, they are honest and hard working to benefit themselves and others, and if it is "noteworthy", all the better in every way. Winners are as winners do, not told that they are, or have to prove that they are. Get it? Actions genuinely speak louder than words at any level of being, doing and having. There are not any exceptions.

The winner and the loser, two stereotypes that need to be clarified here.

A winner is one who is completely happy, in my reality and opinion. All else is either on its way to making it to that place, or is actively losing and getting it totally wrong. I know that does sound rather extreme. Indeed, in consciousness, and I mean in deep consciousness as well as shallow consciousness, both, there are only two states of being, happy and sad. Although there are gray areas in thinking, and seeming gradient levels in reality. Facts never lie, we are either winners, actively getting there or losers. I am not trying to be petty or bitter, I am just being realistic. When I say the word loser by the way in this article or in the article section title, I mean the person who has stopped trying to make it or does not believe that they can make it in reality and is closed to all possibilites hard or even easy. A winner or a person on their way always has a chance for satisfaction in every way. But a genuine loser genuinely gives up. A genuine winner never gives up even when they do "permanently fail". Permanent failure is an excuse to lose, that is all in my opinion, because as long as you have life in you and existence does exist, you can succeed, you can win. The law never changes for anyone, anything and at anytime. You do good, you get good. You do bad, you get bad. That is the ultimate reality, even if you do trick a consciousness for a minute about that fact, you do get what you do back, good or bad.


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