Ireland or Bust!

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Travis Welland can’t finish his story and he has a deadline to meet. He decides he needs a change of scenery and heads to the airport where he finds himself in the gorgeous country of Ireland. As he takes in the sights, he finds inspiration to finish his book as well as a romance who doesn’t want him to go. Will Travis leave Ireland and the girl behind?

Chapter 1

Travis needed to finish the book. Tami, his editor, was already on his case to finish it as the deadline was fast approaching. Travis couldn’t tell Tami he had writer’s block.
A knock at the door and Travis was groaning, “Why can’t people just leave me alone!” as he got up to answer the door.
It was Cherri, a good friend from high school Travis still kept in touch with.
“Cherri.” Travis said glad to get a break from his writing.
“I wanted to tell you my news before I left.” Cherri told him.
“News?” I’m leaving for Ireland today.
“Yes, Tim finally proposed and we’re moving to Ireland to get married as well as live there.”
“Oh, Cherri, I’m so happy for you.” Travis said, as he gave her a hug for good luck.
“Thanks, Travis. I couldn’t leave without telling my best friend.” Cherri hugged him back.
“There’s Tim waving. I have to go.” Cherri said to Travis.
As he watched Cherri rush off with her fiance, Travis got an idea. He needed to get away. Maybe it would give him some inspiration to finish his book?
Travis went up to pack a bag and his laptop and jetted off for the airport.
“I need a ticket to Dublin, Ireland.” Travis told the ticket agent at the counter.
The ticket agent punched in Travis request and handed him his ticket. After, checking in his baggage, Travis sat down in a seat and waited to board his flight.

Chapter 2

Travis’ flight was announced to board the plane, and Travis picked up his laptop and headed for the gate.
As he was getting on the plane, Travis bumped into a cute, blonde woman, knocking her bag to the floor. As he kneeled down to help her pick it up, she snapped at him, “Don’t touch it!”
Not wanting to get into a fight, Travis did as she requested and went along to his seat, leaving the blonde woman to retrieve her things.
It was a long, 16-hour flight, so Travis opened up his laptop and tried to get to work on his book, when the same blonde woman sat down next to him.
Travis tried to ignore her, not wanting another situation with her, but the blonde woman just wouldn’t shut up. Travis couldn’t concentrate on his book with her incessant jabbering.
Closing his laptop, Travis tried to sleep, but that wasn’t happening either.
The flight attendant stopped by and asked the blonde woman and Travis is they wanted a drink and some peanuts.
“Yes, I’ll have one and peanuts too.” Travis told the flight attendant.
“Me too.” The blonde woman said.
As the flight attendant handed them their drinks and peanuts, Travis asked for introductions, but the blonde woman refused. Strange, how the woman wouldn’t shut up, but she refused to introduce herself.
Travis looked out the window eating his peanuts and sipping his drink.


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