Irish Luck

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This short story is about David O'Connor ,and how his luck changed then ended up paying the price.

Irish Luck

This is the story of David O'Connor . David worked hard all his life he graduated from High School,and thought it would be easier now.But David's troubles were just beginning . Not able to go to collage . David looked for a job but no luck for a job with a future in it. So David took a job at The Slap Happy Hamburger Stop. David knew someday it would get better but for now The Slap Happy Hamburger Stop would have to do.David worked long days ,and nights.David knew nothing in life came free except the left over hamburgers the manager gave David at closing time.Days turned into months, and months turned into years.David was now working at The Slap Happy Hamburger Stop for three years now.To David it was normal life until one night when David got home from work after David got his mail he looked through the letters.David noticed one letter it was from Ireland after he opened the letter he read it the letter told David the gold coin would bring him good luck . The coin was from a leprechaun's gold. The Irish blood in David was bubbling with luck .David was told in the letter not to loose the coin or stop believing in leprechaun's or something bad could happen to him. David believed in leprechauns his grandfather told him story's of the old days before David's grandfather moved his family to America.David though even if the coin didn't bring David good luck David could still sell the coin he knew gold was paying a lot these days. David looked at the strange markings on the coin he knew if it had something to do with a leprechaun it would be strange.

Now to try out David's luck he thought how he would try out to see if his luck had changed. David went out and bought 10 lottery tickets ,and David won 8 million dollars. David thanked his Irish luck he thought thank you St Patrick . Now things have changed for David in the next 3 months. David accumulated over 15 million dollars from lottery tickets gambling in casinos. one night at the casino in Las Vegas David was gambling ,and winning at the black jack tables when David stopped ,and went to the one arm bandits to win more money . David kept on winning when he accidentally put the coins he won in the pocket with the gold coin. David kept playing the one arm bandits not knowing the lucky gold leprechaun coin was in the same pocket he was using money to gamble with.David kept playing the one arm bandits when a beautiful red haired lady came ,and started playing the one arm bandits David thought he was in love when he put the gold leprechaun coin in the machine David lost David noticed over two hours later that he was losing all the time now he lost more now then, he won in a month. David noticed he had lost the gold leprechaun coin.He went through every pocket but no gold coin only the coins he was gambling with. After David went home he though everything would be alright he has million he won so he really didn't care much about loosing the gold coin .David spent over two million dollars on gambling but he never won again so he decided to stop gambling.David was living a life style like the rich only the best stuff when David started getting the bills from charging everything he paid for his penthouse the limousine the fast expensive cars .When he was done he had a little over two million dollars left. Now he would settle down ,and never work or gamble again. He was still lucky he thought .One day at the mall David was approached by two men .They showed David their identification they were from the Internal Revenue Service. They asked David if he won a large amount of money over twelve million dollars. David said yes i did win that money why do you ask?One of the men told David his name is agent Smith and this is my partner agent Spike. Agent Smith told David he had to pay tax's on all the money he won they told David he owed the Internal Revenue over four million dollars .David told the men he didn't have that much money left even if i sell everything i own i still wouldn't have that much money.Agent Smith told David he could go to prison for a long time.They put handcuffs on him and he looked at the lady in the mall it was the same red haired lady at the casino she was walking with this short man .David heard him say nobody gets my gold coins.


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