Ironman 3 (3D) was a lovely movie

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We sure love our Marvel movies, don't we? Well at least some of them. And that is why I got to see Ironman 3 in 3D, and thought it was good.

Ironman 3 (3D) review

Well I'm still in the mall in Unitown, after waiting an hour and ten minutes to check out my one single jacket.

I call Mother on my cellphone. Certainly by now Levenice and her must have done all they wanted to do at this mall.

Nope, they've only been doing planning for this more than an hour. They're only going to start their shopping spree now. Mother says I can go see a movie.

So I go see Ironman 3. It's a 3D movie. I don't really understand the ticket buying machine, but the cashier tells me to buy it myself so I do. It's not too hard; just have to follow the on screen instructions.

Then, at another counter I try to buy pop corn and choclates and ice tea. But at that counter it takes them about 15 minutes to get their card charging equipment to work.

Fortunately by the time I get to the Ironman theater, the movie has not started yet.

I wasn't in the mood at all for an action movie full of explosions and cgi and crap. And yet, it wasn't long before I was enjoying Ironman 3 immensely.

It is also the first time I really enjoyed the 3D craze. I've seen a 3D movie before; "BRAVE" I think that movie was called. But I remember sometimes seeing double during that movie; the 3D didn't quite work for it I think.

But for Ironman 3, the 3D is wondertasticlicious. The movie is also great. I must say, I didn't think they could make a sequel to a sequel fantastic, but it was simply great and very enjoyable.

Therefore, my reviewed recommendation of this movie is: Go see it! Go! It's great!

After the movie Mother and I wait at a restaurant for Levenice to join us, while Levenice went to pay for her car at the basement car wash. For the love of god, we don't understand howcome they are always so poor that Mother and Father have to help them financially, and yet they don't think that perhaps they could save money like for example if they use a bucket and water and a sponge to wash their own car, instead of spending money that could have been saved.

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