Is Gay Marriage the New International Norm?

Rev. Abby Jo By Rev. Abby Jo, 3rd Jun 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL
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There is a vibrant, thoughtful and respectful discussion amongst ministers at ULC right now about this topic which helped me give shape to my own thoughts and views on this matter. Thus I offer you, a "Dear Abby Jo" Opinion on this newsworthy matter.

Rev. Abby Jo's Opinion

1. Gov’t needs to stay out of our bedrooms!
2. IMHO it is going to happen regardless of what the Supreme Court says, but the SC can make a uniform law instead of what we already have with gambling, prostitution and marijuana, which is buffet style.
3. IMHO our statutes are hypocritical whilst protecting immorality in leadership and banking then declaring that private expressions of love are immoral. Since when do grownups need gov’t permission to express love and affection to other grownups?
4. The danger here is setting a precedent that federal laws regarding civil rights are more important than State or tribal laws regarding the same basic human rights. What I see is certainly a steady eroding of traditional ways and replacing them with equality. Will this decision, if favorable in banning discrimination against gay marriage and gay couples openly using public services result in the kinds of laws France has passed which ban any public display of private religious symbol? Will the court try to use this type of precedent to impose vaccines in the name of equality?RFID chips? Or will those opposing chips and vaccines cite the new pro gay marriage case law as precedent for the right to say no, as a basic human right, a civil right? I am not sure it makes sense to invite the high court to interfere in our personal lives any more than they already are. However, this intrusion is not new. Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) was pretty intimate. That was the beginning of a snow ball that’s turning into a hailstorm.

“What you are now is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now. ….. “If you judge someone, you have no time to love him or her.” (Buddha) Also, "Don't judge a book by its cover," "Do not judge someone for a mistake you yourself have already made..."

Lessons from this teaching: As soon as you affix the label “sinner” to someone for something they do you do not look at their soul much less at what else they might be doing that’s not sinful; You yourself become the label, in due time. If you focus on the label “sinner” you yourself become that. There is sin and there is sin. Buddha taught that “avoiding sexual misconduct” is not desirable but who am I to judge what is “mis”conduct? To me, misconduct is anything that violates free will. A minor/child cannot consent by free will to a sex act, that would be misconduct. Rape is misconduct, it violates free will. Is prostitution sinful? In Nevada, by willing workers who are licensed by the State Health Department to provide sexual services to clients?

Each soul I believe has its own “account.” A label does not have an account. “Gay” does not have an account in heaven or hell. Souls act, accumulating karma, labels do not. My job as a minister, as I see it is to focus my attention on souls, not to judge but to let God do the judging.

Fellow ULC Minister "Susan" put it well, "the idea that we get to define sin is what causes all the suffering in the world.”

Loving-kindness not Conformity

I recorded this early this morning. It is on the topic that I think needs to be addressed which is love and tolerance, not necessary equality which looks a lot like conformity and same-ness.


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Gay marriage is getting recognize now

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