Is God a property of a Religion ...

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Some things about God and religion. The things which are coming in the mainstream but it should not. Think after reading and also tell your views.

Is God a property of a Religion ...

Are you a Hindu , Sikh , Christian or a Muslim ? These kind of questions have started surfacing more than ever before. The thing that does not make sense to me is what is the other person's business to know about the religion he/she follows. Telling someone that his/her religion is superior than them is senseless. No religion tells a person to do something bad. It is us who evolve things from the religion like castes , useless rituals etc. I personally think the God is not too free to divide the people on basis on castes when his/her sole purpose is to unite the people across religion barriers. So, what is a religion? According to me it is a person's view of leading his life according to the ethics and rules of a particular religion he/ she wants to follow. The idea of spreading one`s religion is understandable, but the method approached should be meaningful. It should not be seen as a lucrative offer saying that God does favouritism to their religion or you shall get monetary benefits after adopting their religion. Following a religion is a personal thing.

I fear for my nation that it does not join the group of nations where religion is hindering development. I do not say following a religion is bad. It is just that we should not put our national unity in danger because of some religion propagation. Many other important things are to be done in a developing nation such as ours. I sincerely thank some religious organisations who help the needy public and assist in time of a natural/unnatural disaster and is involved in philanthropic purposes.

I think the government should speak something and take a stand about the recent developments made by some religious institutions. The money involved in these organisations should be scrutinised. Proper taxes should be levied. No free land should be given. It may be given on lease with a nominal amount for short periods. Lastly, I would just like to say that we should cross any religious lines and stuck to a more important issue of national unity. Someone shouldn't have the easiness to break our unity by provoking us. We should remember our freedom fighters who have lost their lives for the cause of unity. Our main aim should be to respect all religions and stick to development and religious harmony. JAI HIND !!


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author avatar Natraj
12th Jan 2015 (#)

My views are different in the sense, just follow the morals of any faith and live happily. I do not subscribe to the concept of religion and God. The society is no more controlled by religion but Law has taken over wherever democratic government is functioning. Therefore, religion or God do not come across in the enforcement. If one believes that good actions bring good results and bad actions bring evils, this is the moral to be followed. Where is the role of religion come in the way of life but we bring into our life ourselves.

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author avatar Manjot1469
13th Jan 2015 (#)

Totally agree with you Sir. I only think the government should follow the path of secularism seriously and condemn those who don't.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Feb 2015 (#)

All religions profess peace, but what do we get in the end? We can believe and follow any faith but we are born just the same and die likewise. How we live our life is the real mirror that shine our faith or even no faith. Religion is not a weapon to be used against others! siva

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