Is It Possible to Travel In The Time? The Time Travelling…

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Is It Possible to Travel In The Time? The Time Travelling…

Is It Possible to Travel In The Time? The Time Travelling…

Yes this is a big question, but we all want an answer of this as Yes. Nobody could say with hundred percent surety whether it could be ever possible. But there are some principles there which could prove that this is possible, though they are not feasible by today’s level of technology. In future it could be possible to travel in the time and see what happened earlier, even this could be possible also to watch ourselves doing the things. It seems very fascinating really.

I have seen many shows on discovery channel, where they talk about time, space and some time travel in the time. Some time their commentary goes beyond the level of thinking of mine, but they do say it is possible. How? This is the big question.

Here I am not going to tell you about their research and all other complex theories which are being derived by some greater scientists, I would like to share a small article with you, where I could make you understand that it is possible to travel in the time in your past and not in future as far as I could think.

According to me, Yes according to me, as I could think , imagine and understand whether it could be possible to travel in the time or not.
If we are able to travel beyond the speed of light (300000 Kilometers/sec approx.) , we could travel in time. Here we could see what we have done earlier some time ago and how much fast we could travel, we could go back in time faster to see, what happened. It seems confusing as you have again a word how? Very simple this is.

Think, you can see object when a light reflected by that object comes to your eyes. Light dissipates all around after getting reflected and even towards the space also. So if we want to see the object in the state of 3 seconds earlier. We need to travel towards the space faster than light. Yes if we could travel at the speed of 900000 KM/sec, we could catch the light reflected by that object 3 seconds ago after travelling for 1 second towards the space. Because the light reflected by that object would have gone 900000 KM far from we after 3 seconds and we have to cover only that distance to see that state of object. Though we could not make any change in our past incidents by this principle.

Another example is some stars which are far from us in light years (Distance covered by light to travel in an year). If any star is one light year far and we are able to see that. It means we are able to see its one year older state because one year older reflected light has reached us today and we can see this now due to this reflected light. And the today state of that star we could see after one year. This is the basic principle to see the past.

But today we don’t have the technology which could make this possible, even the fastest rocket could travel at the speed of some thousands kilometers/hour speed and this is not possible at this speed. But maybe by the next century it could become the normal thing to travel in time. As in 1850, nobody could imagine we could ever land on moon, but today this has become a history even 40 years older history. So there is nothing impossible, just the right time needs to come.

You can read the same article on the given link

You can read the same article on the given link
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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
18th Oct 2012 (#)

I once wallked by a place that looked like yesterday's house of tomorrow today... traveling in time or placing myself along its line...?

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author avatar anu_jak999
19th Oct 2012 (#)

How is this. even what you have said is very confusing to me. Please share your experience.

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author avatar Retired
25th Oct 2012 (#)

No. This article deals with light which means your entire Time Travel basis is flawed. Yes, if we could travel at any desired speed we could actually see an object in "Light Reflective" aspects, at an earlier state. This has absolutely nothing to do with traveling in time in the sense that we humans fantasize about. Here's a simple example: We can use sound instead of light to illustrate there is no actual "Time Travel" accomplished with your proposed and over stated theory. Since sound travels at just under 700 MPH, did I "Time Travel" when I got closer to an object making noise like lightning? Of course not. All I did was hear the sound sooner; and with Light, all I would be doing is to see the images sooner.

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author avatar anu_jak999
26th Oct 2012 (#)

Yes You are correct jessie, You can say this is not the time travel as we fantacise, but a bit clear concept to see the history

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