Is following your intuition always the best option for you?

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This article is written up as an actual event in a fictional character's life.

Questions are asked about whether the main player in this little drama did the right thing or not in his not following his intuition, or his initial gut feeling's response.

This writer thinks that in the end, everything always plays out in the best possible of ways for us to learn that which we have to learn about anyway. Life's set up like that!

By way of an example

John was an agent for a money transfer company, known as Union Express.

He had worked for them for fifteen years. He had a large customer base of well over 200 customers. Some were regular, some were only casual users of his service.

One Friday afternoon, the executive manager, and owner of this Company, Hosea Prentice, sent out a memo to all of his agents.

The memo said that the company would now not be accepting money transfers going into a particular bank. This was the bank, Chetrobank, based in the Philippines.

The company had a long association with this bank, having been using them for a period of twenty years. They were using them before John had even started to work for them.

The reason given to the Agents was that this bank had upped their fees.

The fee to run a business account with them had increased, and as well as this, the Business also now had to maintain an average daily balance of at least 20 million pesos ($500,000) in their account at all times.

John had many of his own customers that used this bank. Some were regular. Some were only intermittent users of his agency.

John knew that his boss was the type of person to make quick, knee-jerk decisions such as this, without proper consideration of all of the sub-sequential consequences.

The boss always seemed to want to punish the problem causer for causing the business to have a difficulty such as this.

John's intuition told him not to inform his customers about this decision of his big boss at all. He felt strongly that after his boss had cooled down, he might re-think his quick-tempered hurried decision, and then he might actually try to negotiate a better deal with this foreign bank.

Nevertheless, he, John, thought that he himself, needed also, he thought, to be honest and up-front with his own customers.

Because all of this took place on a Friday afternoon, John waited out the weekend, and on Monday morning, he contacted his big boss directly.

John rang his boss, who was interstate in the capital city in another state of his country.

The boss seemed to be still very firm in his decision. He told John that the bank had actually shut down his own business's Chetrobank account. He was still very upset and angry about this confront to him, in fact he was still fuming, and spitting chips about it all.

John's intuition was still telling him that his boss would change his mind later though.

What was John to do, follow his intuition, or not?

What John did, he wasn't exactly happy about, but was it his best option, or not?

On that Monday afternoon, John contacted six of his most regular clients, and told them about what his manager's decision had been.

This meant that these clients would either have to transfer to another Money transfer business altogether now, that is if they still wanted to continue using, Chetrobank.

Alternatively, if they wanted to stay with John as his customer, they would have to ask their own recipient, usually a relative of theirs in the other country being transferred to, to open another bank account with one of the other banks that John's company was going to continue to be still using.

John was rather surprised at their reactions. He had thought that they would just leave him now altogether. All of them though, said that they would be happy to ask their relative to open up a new bank account with another bank, other than Chetrobank.

John was stunned. He hadn't expected this at all. All of his customers genuinely seemed to like John, and the honest, and the up-front way, that he operated his own money-transfer agency.

They all told him that they respected him, and that they wanted to stay loyal to him.

They valued him working for them just as much as John valued them as his customers. This really made John feel good inside.

John never thought that people could or would ever genuinely feel like this about himself. He wasn't a person who thought much about himself really either, but he did always go out of his way to serve his customers, in the best possible of ways. He never wanted to cause them any upsets in their dealing with him.

John never lost any of his customers, not even one.

He never told the casual customers though, because they only used his service perhaps only once or twice a year. His regulars used his service constantly to send money home to their family at least every second week or so.

John had felt that he should pre-warn them about what was happening in his business so that they would have time if they wanted to do so, to be able to set up another bank account in the foreign country. He didn't want them to get a nasty shock the next time when they asked him to send their money home for them.

Aftermath. The end of the story

On Thursday morning, John's Company manager sent out a new memo to all of his agents. He himself had been having problems with his hasty decision that he had made before. Many other customer's had been complaining to him. His other agents were also all very upset about all of this too.

Hosea, the owner of this Company had actually flown to the Philippines on Tuesday, set up a meeting with the vice-president of Chetrobank, and had now negotiated a far better outcome for himself, and for his company.

He hadn't realised in his aggressive, previous, only retaliatory, defensive stance that this large bank would be interested in not losing his business to them either.

The new agreement meant that he only now had to keep an average daily balance of only 5 million peso, not 20 million as before. Hosea could handle this.

Hosea's memo to his agents then was that they were now back dealing again with Chetrobank. All was now back to normal.

The question for us here though then, for the purposes of this article is, would our John have been better off following his initial intuition that this would happen, or not?

If he had fully trusted his intuition, he would have delayed contacting his own customers, and they would not have needed to know or be bothered by any of this little internal company drama playing out in his own company.

John was really very angry with himself for his putting his own customers through this unnecessary stress, but should have he been angry with himself like this, or not?

"God made time, but man made haste."

This old Irish Proverb is a good one for us to remember every time when we are about to act too quickly in our own lives, as the Executive manager Hosea did here.

An analysis of what really happened here, seen from a spiritual perspective

A good question to ask here about the above rather eventful little story is this one.

Is there a degree of difference between your intuition, your karma, and your actual life direction/mission/spiritual purpose's experiential requirement's force that tends to move you along with it in its direction?

This question then leads me to ask these other questions then too.

Which force is stronger, or do they each have turns at leading or being the strongest force, for a short time, when necessary?

Which brings to you the most learning?

Is one better than the other, or is one sometimes only better at a certain time and place, and which can change at other times and places for you?

Love is the strongest of all forces, but it is not ever a real force until it goes into one of these other vehicles of itself that it can use, and then it becomes "directable" for you, or directing of you, when you allow one of these forces to move you along past where you might now be stuck tightly within your own "stuckness."

At any one time, the force that is strongest will always be the best directive force for you.

If the experiential one is stronger than your intuitional force is at that time, you will probably learn the most from your going in this direction although it might not actually be the easiest of directions for you to go in.

If you had followed your intuition, you might have missed having to go through these learning experiences for now, but usually if you have still not learnt totally of what the incoming spiritual lesson was really all about, at some stage, or at another time, some other type of experiential cementing down of the learning might be required for you, of you, other than just this subtle intuitional knowing, that your intuition brings to you.

What actually happens is always the best thing for you that could have happened for you at that time. It carried the strongest learning force within it.

We all know this of course, we all will readily admit later, that that particularly painful experience was the actually one that changed our life the most. If we had not gone through it, perhaps some other such similar experience might have been required to get our next lesson through to us then.

Photo credits: All photos used in this article have been freely taken from the free media site Wikimedia Commons.


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