Is freedom all that it's cut up to be, and if it is cut up, how could it really ever be free?

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Freedom is an interesting concept. When we think that we haven't got it, we haven't.

When we think that we have got it, we haven't then got it either. Thoughts always constrain freedom.

Real spiritual freedom only ever exists within our hearts. Only love is free enough to live there, if it's kept far enough apart from our constraining thoughts.

Only God's love can free us from ourselves

"One never learns to understand truly anything but what one loves."

This is a quote from the German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (1749 to 1832).

We could say the same about God. We cannot understand God fully until we fully love him.

Freedom relates to love too.

We cannot be free unless we fully love also.

Freedom stems from love growing as itself in you. Anything less than this means that you are not growing in love's way, and so you are not fully free, even though you might think that you might be. Only love totally frees you.

What is this thing called freedom then? What does it mean to be free?

We could use the analogy of a car to represent oneness.

The parts of the car are us. Its windows, seats, doors etc, even a passenger in it, only have limited freedom though.

This is true for the passenger because when the car is moving, he can't really get out without causing an injury to himself, but he can change the radio or wind down a window, if he wants to. He or she does have some limited freedom here in the vehicle of the car.

Are we just a part in God's car then, or maybe, we are one of the passenger's on his bus?

Or do we all have our own car, of which we are the driver ourselves?

Which part of us is this driver though?

Is it our soul which is driving the vehicle, and which then might represent our body?

Another example might be like how our Earth goes around the sun, which goes around the Universe, which also moves within space.

Are we all part of something else in this way?

Is this something else, God?

Do we move along with God, as a part of God then in this way, and so we are never independently fully free then?

We can have freedom in a limited way on the earth, but we do not have an easy freedom in the bigger version of this.

We can't change the path of our earth easily, or slow it down, or move it to be going around another sun now, can we?

There are many questions asked here. The next section will try to answer them in poetry form.

Poetry: I never knew how to be freed of the false me

What's it mean to be finally free, I again pleaded?
Is it something that's to do with death, or with life?
Do my thoughts limit my freedom to see the real key?
Our tree of life's only uprooted with our own knife!

Do the chains of freedom chain us up with our chain?
Have we any rights of our own in any of this to claim?
Can we think ourselves free from our own bondage?
The right way to be free is to stop trying to be free!

Freedom's often thought to be about less control.
What's not controlled in any way will remain free.
Any type of control takes you away from freedom.
Real freedom allows nothing to be controlled you see.

Freedom is a state buried deep within the un-freed.
It is freed by not trying to be freed by the me in me.
Seeking such freedom captures you again to yourself.
The way to be free is to be free in no way but its way.

If we keep to ourselves by leaving others all left alone,
we cannot ever be free doing this, stuck on our throne.
The truth is, I cannot be free, unless you are free too.
This truth must be embraced to be free as me in thee.

How can we find true freedom in our spiritual lives?

True freedom is perhaps the idea that we have the freedom to do almost anything that we could ever choose to ever want to do.

I do not believe that we have this freedom within our physical life, but perhaps we do have it within our spiritual life.

For one thing, with the limitations of our physical bodies, we could not survive without oxygen for very long, for example, nor without food, but I suppose, you could still even argue with me about that.

We do have the freedom not to eat, and maybe not to breathe too, who really knows?

This section of my article is about how to find this true freedom within our spiritual life, if it does in fact exist for us to find there, or maybe more, really only to uncover.

It was Franklin D Roosevelt, (1882 to 1945) a past president of America, who offered us this insight about freedom, apparently in one of his speeches, that he made, way back in 1936.

"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved."

I wonder if this also applies to our spiritual freedom, because most of us usually assume that it is God who has bestowed our spiritual freedom upon us, and also of course any physical freedoms, that we might have too.

Is this true then, did God bestow our freedom onto us, and if he did, could this ever then be a true freedom? Are we really ever free?

Freedom is a notion, that only those who are not free argue about.

Really with God, there is only the one great oneness, and it is infinitely free. It is all that there is that is ever existing anywhere, and everywhere.

We are all a part of this same oneness, and so logically it would make sense, if we are not separate entities, that we must enjoy the same freedoms, as does God.

This would mean that we are as free as God is, to create, to love, and to do everything that God can do. If we could not do this, we would not be free.

Jesus Christ told us this of course in the Christian bible. He told us with enough faith we could do anything, even to move mountains into the sea. This shows us that faith relates to freedom.

Freedom is faith renewed.

Faith brings total freedom to you to do anything, because it reconnects you totally into the grid of God’s oneness, to be powered fully from the power of his energy of infinite love.

Can we create, and have the same infinite power, as which God is imagined to have?

Yes, and no.

Oneness is only as free as its creation, and its creation is only as free, as it is taking its proper place within the oneness. This interesting tautology can never be satisfactorily resolved, because externalized freedom never does exist.

Oneness is just forever oneness, and we are just one of the infinite parts of oneness.

We have the provisional freedom of choice to accept our part or not, but total freedom is only ever fully obtained by us taking our rightful place within God’s oneness.

The moment that we try to take on an independent freedom, we restrict ourselves, and so we then lose our connection to God’s total freedom, even at the same time as we are thinking, that we are indeed finding it.

The free are never free, the freed are never freed.

The only truth is that we achieve freedom by allowing freedom to achieve its goals within us. We can do this by allowing ourselves to be the God part of ourselves being God, and by powering ourselves from the energy of God’s love.

This is freedom, because we are then God being God by not being God, but being ourselves being God, within God.

Another paradox that you are of course free to keep working on past your reading now to the end of this article.

That is your freedom of choice, and your freedom of choice, is perhaps the only true freedom.

Choice is a decision accepted in the light of who you are within God.

Non choice is simply not accepting who you are, and this choice is then the only real free choice that you can ever make, but it in effect only ever imprisons you, that is, until you let go of this particular choice.

We do have the freedom to choose to take our spiritual path or not, but the path itself is chosen for us by God.

The answer then is that we find true spiritual freedom, by giving this freedom of choice back again to God, in the service of his will, by being the part of God, that he created us to be.

Choices give us freedom initially in planning or setting our own destiny, but our ultimate destiny is no choice. We can never leave God or his oneness completely behind to just be our own selves forever.

Enough love, and it is always really infinite love, coming to us from God himself, will always eventually pull us back once more again into the fold of his oneness.

We have a choice, within no choice.

We have freedom within a state where freedom is never required. Only God is completely free, and we become just as free, only when we re-join with him, in being fully ourselves within God.

We find true spiritual freedom in our spiritual lives when we lose it of itself, by giving it back again to God. True freedom cannot stand on its own apart from God. Only God frees us to be free for him. This is the true freedom.

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author avatar Retired
18th May 2015 (#)

True freedom comes with the liberation of our souls, the realization from within that we're nothing but a drop in the vast ocean of unification with God.
Terrific examples, you've cited to make the concept clear, especially that of the Earth revolving around the Sun.

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author avatar spirited
18th May 2015 (#)

yes, I agree with that Joyesh.

Only from realising our self as our true self, our soul, can we be truly free.

thanks for commenting.

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author avatar Retired
18th May 2015 (#)

Freedom is the choice one makes to swim against the tide or with it: why make it harder for yourself?

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author avatar spirited
18th May 2015 (#)

thanks Christopher, that also sounds like a very limited freedom to me too though.

Who places us in the river, and decides which river, who created the river anyway, who decides the strength of the current, what if we still refuse to learn how to swim, (and some of us have luxury yachts anyway......)

It's not a matter of harder or easier to me, it's more about understanding.

I don't care how hard it is if I understand why it's necessary for me to go through.

And yet there lies the answer, is it necessary for me to go through anything at all.

Easier would be to do nothing. Everything is harder than that. Harder is a comparative term for each of us I guess.

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author avatar Retired
19th May 2015 (#)

I'm not referring to do nothing; I'm suggesting swimming with the tide. That equates to living one's life as one feels is with the positive, rather than the negative, which is to swim against the tide.

We placed ourselves in the River (of Life), where we are now. The rest of the set-up doesn't depend on us: it's part of the 'perfection of Life' (God) which allows us to choose how we will respond. Most people want those choices to be made by someone else. Only you can choose.

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author avatar spirited
19th May 2015 (#)

Thanks for spelling it out more clearly Christopher.

I also at times want others to choose for me as long as that other is God. That's the paradox of God though, he doesn't want to choose for me he wants me to learn how to choose for myself I feel.

On the other hand, there is life and there is love. Love always lives in that life, but the life has the choice to live in that love too, or not.

The river of life is the river of love. When you swim against love's current, you fight a losing battle then, because love's energy pushes against you, until you finally realise that you are really always moving in its (love's) direction anyway.

God moves, and you respond.

The only choice is one of degree, and we can only move within God.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th May 2015 (#)

Thought provoking, Spirited. I have a feeling we are tested here when we find ourselves encapsulated within a physical body that restrains us, meaning our soul. But we have imaginations, dreams, yearnings sans boundaries. We feel frustrated because we cannot jump out of our body for now.

To enjoy maximum freedom we should balance our physical needs and also the spiritual so that we can make a seamless transfer when the time comes - siva

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author avatar spirited
19th May 2015 (#)

thanks siva,

I tend to agree with you, we cannot obtain freedom without balance.

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author avatar Carol Roach
20th May 2015 (#)

very good, however, freedom is a state of mind, even free society's have laws. I think one mistake people make is to think freedom means you can do or say or think anything, and that in fact would be running wild no freedom

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author avatar spirited
20th May 2015 (#)

thanks Carol,

My articles are mostly about spiritual stuff. This one is about spiritual freedom.

Whether it applies to the so-called democratic freedom of society, or not, I guess that is up to the reader to decide.

To me real freedom has nothing much to do with the mind.

It is all more to do with the heart.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
21st May 2015 (#)

THANKS ~ Spirited ~ for this interesting article. I like what you said: "Freedom stems from love growing as itself in you. Anything less than this means that you are not growing in love's way, and so you are not fully free, even though you might think that you might be. Only love totally frees you."

May God give you the desires of your heart in abundance.

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author avatar spirited
23rd May 2015 (#)

thanks Helen, yes only love, or truth, or God can free us from ourselves.

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author avatar Kingwell
23rd May 2015 (#)

Thank Spirited for a most thought provoking article. blessings.

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author avatar spirited
23rd May 2015 (#)

thanks for reading it Kingwell!

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