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It is winter where I am right now. I am feeling sluggish. It could be SAD, which has to do with the absence of light for long periods of time. But I am also wondering if it migh be something else.

The feeling and a possible reason

The picture is of a cat I had for years that has since passed, but the position is what I feel like doing. Just curling up into a ball, almost a fetal position and just hibernating.

Now everybody is familiar with SAD which is a form of depression brought on by the lack of adequate light. It occurs during the winter normally. One would think that a sub-tropical location would be less likely for it to happen, however, I may be experiencing it this year.

To learn more about SAD, you might want to read this article from the Washington Post. In it, the writer suggests possible treatment and so forth. I have heard of the lights before, but have yet to actually get the motivation at the right time to go get any.

Part of the problem is probably that I tend to be a night owl, which cuts down on the amount of time that I can be up and out in the sunlight. Maybe a simple solution would be to get to bed earlier, so I can get up earlier and get out in the sun.

On the other hand

It has also been brought to my attention in various online communities that at times it seems that a lot of people express feeling sluggish and like there is no reason or need to exert energy in doing much. I don't know for sure, but get the impression that it is not just confined to a particular location.

Assuming I am correct on this, it makes me wonder about the case. Is it possible that things that are happening world wide, like wars and terrorism etc has an impact on some of our moods even when we are not consciously aware of them?

I tried to do some research for this article and while the only piece I found was one concerning the impact of terrorism , it does suggest that world events may have impact on the emotions of many people. If so that would explain why groups of people in a chat room might all report the same feeling.

In addition to that, I have noticed what I think is a collation between weather changes and the energy level.

All of this is to describe my feeling of sluggishness/desire to sleep a lot, and the reported feelings of many more from the internet and asking the question I have tended to ask for my entire 61 years of life. That question is WHY???


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author avatar Carol Roach
29th Jan 2015 (#)

yes, crises counsellors deal with depression caused by natural disasters, wars and so on

btw you can get SAD anytime of the year.

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