Is the world full of liars, or am I just an angry person?

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There are those whom you suspect to always be lying about their pain and suffering, in order to get your money or to conceal the fact that they drank last night. It's horrible.

Is the world full of liars, or am I just an angry person?

Ah Majesty, my little doggy, you are so loyal as I pet you as I come outside.

There comes Mr. Specter.

“This other guy is asking for pain pills for his teeth!”, shouts Mr. Specter to me.

“Is it really for his teeth, or is he a drunk sod again who’s just hungover?”, it pours out of me, rather short temperedly.

Not sure why my fuse is so short, but it probably has to do with one of the other servants telling me about yet another one who wouldn’t go to the dentist, yet always asks me for painkillers for his “toothache”, when really his head is hurting because he’s been drinking too much last night.

And then there’s the price of the small little pack of painkillers I bought the other day when I had the flu. Just a small little box cost R50!!! I mean seriously!

I drank only two, but systematically the servants are emptying the whole pack with their “toothaches”.

Well, it’s not Fuhmeelee, the one who’s always lying about his “toothache”, but Parsey.

“Fine, I’ll go get some”, I tell Mr. Specter.

When I come out of the house again with the pills, I see Mr. Specter has fled the scene and Parsey himself is sheepishly approaching. Poor Mr. Specter probably went to tell him to come and ask for his own pills, before Mr. Specter’s head gets bitten off by me.

I hand him the pills all friendlylike. I don’t want to be a nasty bitch, but at the same time I don’t know why people can’t just buy their own pills, instead of asking from others. Things cost money.

Oh well, I had better not turn into an angry person or everybody will flee from me. I have been told I’m quite imposing and people flee from me. Well good. It has its advantages I guess. But balance need to be maintained.

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