Is there any new thing whereof it may be said, See this is new? It was already of old , which was before us.

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The bible says there nothing new birthed from the minds of men, because they existed in the world of old: The first Heaven - billions of years before the dawn of mankind...

Is there any new thing whereof it may be said, See this is new? It hath been already of old time, which was before us.

The Continuum was visible only at the great festival of life called The Gathering. Its appearance was like a feathery opaque multicolored ghost. It was a translucent living entity totally filling the numbers, structure, and universe, fluttering and flowing visually to the music. Extended quivering palm leaves waving throughout, clutched by billions, added a surreal pageantry as all the numbers jumped and shouted with joy.
The One and Yahshua, high above by their thrones, were dancing and laughing totally enjoying themselves while a trillion pillars of incense added their smoky sweetness. This was the celebration of life, the celebrations of the numbers of life, the celebrations of The One, and the meldings of his children. By the parliamentary lower twenty-four thrones, the Elder numbers with their crowns on their heads were dancing furiously, leaping gymnastically from the solid gold flooring into the air. And the twelve billion square miles of the Throne Room reverberated and vibrated completely throughout with the music of the meldings of The One, and the resonance of the entire whole, nonstop full throttle for three and a half days.
The Zoon slowly un-blurred as the music slowed and softened. The neon ceiling brightened. The One stopped dancing almost reluctantly, floated forward smiling widely, and burst out laughing with joy. The living sea of life before him responded in riotous ovations. Stretching his hands outwards, his robe of light glittering impossibly bright, his voices reverberated strongly throughout the entire structure.
"May The One be with you."
Billions responded singing in unison, "And also in me," and fell forward to the floor with natural curiosity burning strong as to why Luciah was amongst them rather than standing in his rightful place on the left side of The One. The transparent polished diamond ceiling above The Throne Room in the crystalline tetrahedral structure became murky. The moon turned blood red, and all the stars seemed to fall from the sky. Yahusalem filled for the first time with the rapidly encroaching black of total darkness.
The Zoon unfurled their spectacular wings. They produced increasing crescendos of fine orchestral instrumentations, and sang the Song of Solomon. It was an opera written by the pen of The One. Their voices were stunning, absolutely striking, moving, and internally reverberating. All were moved as emotions welled to the surface.
The whole listened intently to this moving epic, describing in elegant poetry the unending love The One possessed for all his children. It brought to remembrance the prior eternities of wonderful bountiful times of laugh and play, friendship, the prosperous whole, and the love of all. For all things were given by The One freely, including the very breaths inhaled. The stirring vocals portrayed vivid pageantries of the wonders of the universe, meldings, eternal life, the endless explorations, the unimaginable technology, and their lifestyle of absolute luxury. And all celebrated the no-want perfect society existing harmoniously since their construction called Heaven.
The Zoon launched into flight flapping their mighty blue wings. The thick sweetness from innumerable pillars of smoky incense swirled furiously from the beats of their massive wings, their bodies vibrating hard, as they circled high above the sea of life.
There was nothing but the music, the bass, cymbals, strings, horns, and the incredible feats of love performed within this unbelievable operatic rendition. For seven hours, they performed thousands of verses from the beginning of time in perfect tonality and pitch, with the Zoon producing chorus, solos, and vocals with incredibly beautiful modulations, inflections, intonations, and cadences. No construct of The One possessed voices as these four beasts lazily gliding overhead on the currents of the Continuum.
The One encompassed his arms around the prostrate whole and drew them closer as his indescribable warmth saturated the numbers of life. The Throne room emptied suddenly as the entire became of the whole. And, trembling with supreme joy, they held and loved each other. In this supernaturally massive embrace, all became one. They touched Love, and felt that which was love, melding completely in this surrealist environment, while the Zoon flying above the now empty Throne Room howled loudly with emotion.
And somewhere in the massive pooling, billions celebrated life, civilization, and The One; few sensed the dark residue swirling around them. Tears slipped from Luciah and the hundred million, as they realized that from this day forth nothing would ever be the same. The blood moon and starless sky overhead was ominous and unprecedented. Nevertheless this family melded, touched, hugged deeply closer than close, within and without, while the rapidly encroaching contentment of the Continuum swirled, as the thunderous opera continued in a distant background, unabated.
Everyone was emotionally spent as the rendition ended and the room slowly filled as the numbers gently resisted the spiritual uncoupling. The Zoon landed in front of the thrones, folding sixteen wings, closing eight hundred eyes, and began to vibrate, producing a light soothing symphony.
The colossal rectangular gilded cauldron, resting on three gigantic pillars on the forward foyer below the Thrones was decorated with two massive golden cherubim, their massive wings folded forward. It was filled to the brim with thirteen billion white coals. The coals blazed to life and ignited violently, propelling crackling flames upwards searing and separating the smoky atmosphere, flowing along the diamond ceiling like water.
Each coal was constructed of solidified concentrated emotions of each number of life. It was the sum total of love given, received, and accepted. The Throne room was filled and overflowing with thick clouds of sweet smoke. The rainbow was still faintly visible within the structure. Yahshua and The One circumambulated on the coals, totally engulfed in the flames as the Continuum solidified from the atmosphere into a third ghostly entity within the roaring inferno.
The combustion was strobe light brilliant, casting wildly moving shadows across the whole. All cheered riotously, for this was the consummation, the zenith, and reason for the numbers of life construction - to give their love to The One. In an eternal universe of unbelievable wonders, known and unknown, the mystery of The One was climaxed within the truth love powered all. As the three beings stirred within the blazing inferno, they consumed and bathed within the supernatural flames of their children's love. And because of this perennial act, The One was affectionately nicknamed 'A Consuming Fire' by the numbers of life. And deep within the roaring flames, the three called The One embraced, fluxed, and separated. The three walked inside the flames as the fire continued to burn ravenously for three hours. This was The Altar of Coals.
The Zoon vibrated hard rhythms as all the numbers of life danced, shouted, and waved their palm leaves as their offering and sacrifice of love was accepted and consumed. The twenty-four Elders cast their crowns in front The One's thrones, and fell to their faces. The Continuum was so thick it seemed the whole Throne Room was under water, actually impeding and slowing the movement of the numbers.
The inferno died. The Continuum disappeared from The Throne Room, not to be seen again until the next Gathering. The One transported from the cauldron to his throne as the Zoon folded their wings and sat on their haunches. Yahshua moved forward, and the living mass of numbers sat on the sea of glass, following the example of the beasts.
Yahshua's soft voice filled the Throne Room. "For the first time we have led our own melding and Gathering; a beautiful one it certainly was."
Yahshua smiled broadly and continued. "We have reaffirmed again we are family, and that we love one another. There exists nothing more precious in all the universes than family. It is the foundations of all life. It is the glue binding all constructions to The One and vice versa, for any destruction of family is the destruction of society. We have never forgotten our relationship we have wrought with each other. We remember fondly the respect, the times of recreation, the wide-eyed wonder of newness, and the laughter that never rested throughout all eternities. We have hidden none of our feelings from you. You are the first, the last, and the foremost occupier of all our thoughts. We love you. You are our children, offspring, and highest constructions."
Luciah, Aarel, Freiel, and the twenty-two self-proclaimed Illuminated Elite, including the one hundred million corrupted numbers swallowed hard. And the majority who were innocent listened, sensing a difference, instinctively knowing by the darkness, the starless sky and blood moon overhead knew some unknown thing had happened. For in Yahusalem night never existed, forever-bright daylight ruled from the beginnings of all the eternities, except now. Though blinded they were not stupid.
Yahshua continued; his words washed in emotion.
"The clay has protested to the potter of his formulations. Because of our love for you, we were willing to endure the inevitable for we wanted true love from our children. We wanted love generated independently of our wants, desires, and wishes. For even we, who are The One, are incapable of ordering, buying, coercing, or compelling love, for then it wouldn't be genuine. True love must be generated independently of any external force. And this was the risk within the plan, the pain within the pleasure, the impossible with the possible, and the tears within the smiles - that one constructed would no longer love, respect, or desires his Creator. This is the mechanism of freewill. You cannot make someone love you. With all the mighty powers we command, there existed no detour, for there is no negotiations or speculative postulations within this simplest of truths. But, we still created the numbers of life knowing this - for we wanted family. Within the complete chronicles of the numbers, the dangers, the deviations unknown and known, the construction, separation, cleansing, and the plan of redemption were designed when there existed nothing but The One.
"But for those who couldn't sense the changes within our society since the last Gathering, I say beware of the days ahead. All have noticed the absence of Luciah on the leftward throne, and you see him amongst you, and not with us."
Billions of curious minds probed him, and then gave full attention back to Yahshua.
"Because recalcitrance, originating in the highest office of our civilization, has corrupted over one hundred million numbers of life, we allowed no one to be late this time. In the past, we winked at this behavior for we knew the love in your hearts. But as I speak, some of our children no longer love us, willingly dismissing our precepts as dung to fulfill their own unnatural desires. Because of this corruption, we stand at a benchmark event for the very heartbeat of our Heaven.
"That which we prophesied has arrived. But do not be misled; we are not powerless because we gave the awesome unpredictable gift of freewill, regardless of the personal price to us. The actual cost of this betrayal is immeasurable. The true interrogative answered is, are we able to make this right again? And we declare to you that we are, we will, and are able within the fullness of time. This day will be recorded in my Gospel not yet written, by a creation not yet constructed. For verily I say to you, this is the last time we as a people will all sing with joy."
All throughout the nervous sea of life uncertainty waxed strong. Through revelations of the Continuum, the entire whole saw the complete vision of Luciah's betrayal, lies, deceptions, as well as the numbers involved. All were stunned from the occurrences not so many days ago, and the heartbreaking circle of life stampede of death.
As Yahshua spoke, more was concomitantly divulged than was spoken. There was an unbridled fascination with the obvious insanity of standing against The One. Yet, inside the billions of minds, each answer revealed birthed a hundred questions. The whole was mixed with forensic revulsion, consuming fear and dread, cautious admiration, and burning curiosity. It seemed impossible for the joy of self to possess the immense power to destroy their civilization. Though repugnant, abhorrent, and unnatural, it was an infinitesimal thing compared to the grandness of innumerable light eons of creation, Heaven, and promised eternities.
Yahshua continued to teach, and clarify. He discussed in the beginnings how the One being lonely for companionship constructed children to give him company. The One made endless grand universes, wonders, and galaxies, which were the playgrounds for his constructs.
He expanded upon how though two separate beings; he and The One were one, using the amoeba analogy. Within the past eternities, there was never a time Yahshua didn't exist, his designation being Son of The One. The One created Yahshua from himself, identical in all ways before the beginning of wisdom herself. Yet, Yahaveh and Yahshua were always The One. This impossibility would eternally remain indigestible for it was only an analogy, a shadow of an impossible concept wrapped between irresolvable paradoxes. Yet Yahshua was the first-born, first fruits above all constructed, the only one created directly from within The One. It was impossible to understand. It could only be accepted in faith, for this truth could not be simplified within mere understanding.
Yahshua continued about how The One allowed his children to develop Heaven without undue interference. He brought to remembrances the evolution of technology, the present crafts, and past vehicles traveling on roads, the trains, cars, televisions, and computers of antiquity to the biocomputers of now. He conversed on the vital non-sentient robotic components of Heaven that freed the numbers from the mundane. He reminisced on the technologies revealed, discovered, expanded, and built by the numbers themselves. The whole remembered with him technologies like The Gate and Laviah Zoo Complex, even complete cities and sundries other structures scattered over the galaxies. They were gifts from The One to his children. He chronicled the circle of life, the advent of token less commerce, planes, space-faring crafts, the discovery of fission, fusion, warp and dimensional drives, and the endless peace and brotherhood that always existed.


Delightful fresh fruits and vegetables from a billion galaxies made eating the highest pleasure, and continuous new discoveries of the pallet, were discussed. Yahshua emphasized and renewed memories of the forgotten agrarian past and old refrigeration systems replaced by molecular food replicators and organic static stasis systems.
Discussed at length were the academia, and eternal learning of the arts and sciences. Yahshua hinted at future unknown wonders and universes, and expanded on how Heaven would become infinitely more advanced eternities from now. He linked the five golden threads woven purposely into the tapestry of time from the beginning: total peace, brotherhood, purpose, newness, and love. And with passion, he reiterated verity that everyone was incapable of imagining the wonders, future technologies and universes The One would wrought.
Yahshua finished the chronicles of the numbers of life saying, "For though an eternity has passed from the beginning, it is less than a microscopic drop in the billion of oceans of promised eternities still ahead.
"Corruption permeates the whole as leaven in bread. One hundred million of your fellow numbers burn unnaturally within for each other. Sex is for procreation. Numbers of life are a static unchanging construction, needing no female number of life. This joy of self is fetid in the nostrils of The One. It is great betrayal and a high abomination. Accolade will never exist in this matter.
"And the leader, the instigator, the initiator is none other than Luciah. Because of his unwillingness to abandon betrayal, he was stripped of his robe and suspended from the Office of The Light. Luciah shall not speak for us, stand amongst us, or preside over the presentation of the coals again. The High Melder David will be his temporary replacement. But Luciah shall still abide in The Great House of The One until the fullness of his testimony has expired.
"There exists much to be undone. Many suffered as Luciah took advantage of his high office, stature, and rank. No one before this could have imagined the existence of deceptive verbiage, half-truths, and outright lies. Heaven will recover from this 'father of lies', and will return to sanity, if not in this universe, surely in the universes to come.
"From this moment forward there will only be willful noncompliance. This is the first commandment and law; only The One is worthy of melding."
Yahshua paused and continued his voice full of passion.
"There cannot be betrayal without law, so backward grace and forgiveness is given to all. For in the final analysis, the joy of all is love; the joy of self is lust falsely defined as love. If you love us, you will comply for there is no freedom from fidelity. Heed the clarion call to reconsider, contemplate, and ponder our words. In the eternities past, prosperity and harmony without one complaint existed until the baring of teeth was revealed. The joy of self's fruit is betrayal, discord, sadness, fear, the wetting of cheeks, and sorrow. Perfection once existed without spot in all the numbers of life, and though long-suffering exists, this cancerous destruction of our family will not be tolerated; there must be an ending.
“Everyone must make a choice, for survival isn't a guaranteed conclusion to the lion in the nursery syndrome. Will you follow your Creator or the constructed lion? All life, rank, and offices are gifts for the simplest of things, love and faithfulness. And the realization of this knowledge is the deepest wisdom.
"In the unimaginable future this civilization will also be called Eden, Paradise, Glory, Nirvana and a thousand other names. It will possess the heartbeats and minds of a new construction, and will be the subject of thousands of stories and legends. This Heaven you have callously taken for granted, will consume the sweat, imaginations, blood, and wages of untold billions to once again regain this possession, freedoms, and lifestyle. You are incapable of understanding fully the consequences of the joy of self. It breeds evil, which is life without The One in total control. Evil is the manifested fallout of betrayal and baring of teeth."
And by proxy thirteen billion numbers of life concomitantly experienced poverty, injustice, sickness, depression, depravity, violence, and spiritual agony. All wailed; the sounds of torturous distress filled the entire structure. It was a future painted without the totality of The One. The Zoon howled stridently as blue feathers ejected violently from their wings. It was a deafening hollow heartrending trembling reverberation, synchronized with the visions the Continuum displayed within the whole.
The Continuum released its hold as immeasurable relief filled the whole as the unthinkable evaporated into nothingness, leaving everyone wondering if what happened was even possible. The vision was so disturbing, so improbable and alien most shut down at the possibility The One was capable of tolerating this evil. There was no love, or brotherhood in this vision. The concept of evil could not be processed, despite the infallible source, which showed them evil could exist. The numbers of life simply refused to believe, rejecting the thought their Father would allow this lion called evil into their society. Some things are simply impossible to believe.
Yahshua now knew this, and he turned to his Father, The One. And through communications received, he changed tactics.
"Who has not had a circle of life creature as a pet? Do you not love them, care for them, and train them as much as possible? Do you remove your furniture and possessions so they will not transgress against your rules? How will they know the rules without transgression and correction? It is their behavior after transgression that reveals their true love and character. Will you remove your couch from your home so your dog will not lay on it? And after your dog fails to follow your commands, will you accept, if clear communications was possible that it was your fault for providing the couch as a temptation? And would you believe the pet's postulation there was no willful misconduct, because of your indiscretion of failing to remove the couch. And therefore, no disobedience could be imparted to the pet for repeatedly lying on the couch when it knew not to.
"We can easily see the pet's flawed logic. No true love can exist without obedience to the precepts of the master. The master owns the house and sustains the pet for his pleasure. Likewise, like it or not, you were constructed for our pleasure. But suppose that pet tore up your house for the thousandth time, regardless of your efforts to teach it your desires. Supposed it tried to bite you, growling and baring its teeth each time it saw you; could you say with honest conviction it really loved and respected you? You know the answer. Likewise, we will not have any monsters living in our house. And our house spans the totality of the grand construction of universes and galaxies we have created because of our great love for you.
"Now, let's delve deeper into the concept of the couch. Unlike the circle of life creatures, with you there is no offensive draught excreted, but only a passing of the sweetest gas. Waste is a necessary system of your body's design, to excrete what cannot be naturally processed. You know this. The unnatural use of this draught system is betrayal. We knew from the beginning, all would not just consume manna or wine that produces no waste. So incorporated in your bodies, was the ability to process the innumerable edible fruits and vegetables, throughout the endless universes and galaxies we created. All experiment and enjoy the innumerable types of constantly discovered foods. There exists no offense or dishonor in this.
"The functionality of maleness is the couch. This was incorporated into your bodies as a necessity in dealing with constructions possessing freewill. Your bodies were designed inclusive of the couch, which represents the ability to disobey or rebel. As The One is male, we created you in our image. We knew everyone would not always love us, but we who are The One were unable to predetermine whom. We created a mechanism of intrinsic deviations and testing before the baring of teeth was revealed. It is a superficiality hidden only to be discovered, the couch existing yet forbidden. The test, after the baring of teeth, is obedience. But to display fidelity, there must be a desired forbidden deviation or temptation. The couch is the ability to not love us, rebel, and disobey. Yet, because the couch exists, it doesn't negate our immutable precept that there is no freedom from fidelity.
"Who would have a leviathan or a cave wasp as a house pet? And who would call it friend and profess it was capable of returning love, no matter what the master did for it? Why? Because within those constructions there is no fidelity, love, or respect. And likewise with you, the analogy is self-evident - without love, there cannot be relationship. And it was a desire for this special relationship we've enjoyed all these eternities that we constructed you with freewill.
"The couch consists also of testicles, sperma, functional genitalia, and the spiritual abilities of betrayal. There shall never be a female number of life for reproduction is limited to the circle of life. We have created everyone we shall ever construct for all the eternities. Not one more soul shall ever be created, for we will ride the beast of baring of teeth and betrayal only once - for all eternities. The couch exists to test your fidelity, obedience, and faithfulness.
"But the real test is your reaction. Is there borrowed love or true fidelity? There will be no excuse, justification, or defense for the joy of self. But verily the couch or the ability to betray shall not always exist, for this will be the only test necessary in the fullness of all eternities. The Trinity of the Couch is spiritual, physical, and the circle of life. Let me explain. It has been assumed the circle of life creation was cursed, the violence, the death cycle, and its brutal natural law never understood. It has seemed that our refusal to act on the obvious cruelty logically indicates hypocrisy existed. Though never thought outright within the whole, we The One remained less respected, if it was possible, because of our choice not to explain the brutality and violence inundating our fleshly creation. And we knew this.
"Yet we remained silent on this matter, ignoring valid questions and pleas to end the brutality, permitting theories filled with error to germinate like weeds concerning this construction. We never presented valid answers or lucidity to your concerns throughout all these eternities. For without such a day as this, nothing said prior would have created sagacity without the baring of teeth being revealed.
"The eternal questions about the circle of life were answered with one unsatisfactory statement: 'It is a type, a signpost and a warning, and it is absolutely necessary.' Did we not have empathy for the brutality and injustice that we purposely created within the circle of life? But today you will understand the function and necessity of the circle of life construction and the mysteries of the 'Feast of the Bitter-Sweet'."
Every number of life leaned forward holding their breaths. The greatest mystery in the universe was finally being revealed. The answer was to be given to the hot topic that billions of tongues endlessly debated and pondered, since the beginning. Allayah held Mariah's arm tightly with burning expectation. The whole froze.
Yahshua paused, turned, and took a sip of wine as the tension of anticipation thickened throughout the structure.
"Throughout the cosmos, infinite creatures populate the circle of life, all possessing the commonality of finite life, uncomfortable infestations, sicknesses, painful reproductions, and the promise of a violent death. We made only two constructions - you and the circle of life; one being a finished static construction, the other continuous and fluctuating in population through reproduction - one peaceful, eternal, and the other was purposely created violent and cruel. Who hasn't felt sympathy for the predator's prey as it screamed its death song in searing pain? Why would we who are The One create such a monstrous construction when we say we are the definition of love? Why was it necessary?
"The circle of life was created for one purpose. This construction is death and injustice. We wanted you to be intimately knowledgeable of death and suffering without affecting you directly. For without death and suffering none of you would be able to relate to that concept. And you would also be unable to visualize a life without The One being in total control.
"In the circle of life we purposely gave up total control. The eating, birth, and death cycle are automatic and self-sustaining. It is a type of what all would become without the control of The One, a beastly selfish creation driven by raw impulses and desires. They suffered for your benefit, so you could see on such a day as this, when the fidelity to The One becomes a question, that they are what numbers of life will become without us. This construction is a schoolmaster and a university of learning for you. It is a warning for those who are unable to end their betrayal. Innumerable trillions of animals died for you, repeatedly, relentlessly, without abatement, to show every one of you over and over what death is.
"Let that sink in for a moment, they died because of you. They are the shadow type of your inability to re-learn the obvious; there is no life without The One. The circle of life is the vehicle we have chosen to cleanse our society forever of those who refuse to love The One. For verily I say, there will never be freedom from your fidelity to us.
"We rule in our own house, just as you do in yours. In the fullness of time, the circle of life construction will end its fleshly and violent existence and become of peace and brotherhood. But before that day arrives, all deviations and deadly lies will end, as the slag forever will be destroyed, leaving only the finest gold. All their suffering will end and the lion and the ox will both eat straw. Throughout all the past eternities, the circle of life suffered. That is why we, pay homage to them with the Feast of the Bittersweet. It is a shadow type of the great sacrifice that is to come, for one greater than any number will become the perfect sacrifice, and die for you just like they did. Again, I reiterate; whether you like it or not, you are sustained for our pleasure, just as you sustain your pets for you own pleasure. None can live without us."
Yahshua continued almost sadly. The silence within the Throne Room was deafening. Not one number moved as these revelations were illuminated. Allayah, Elias, and Mariah sensed the two hundred million. This was absolutely unbelievable.

con'td -1

"I know the whole believes the joy of self seems a small thing, creating difficulty in believing it may bring down this civilization. You will learn that intellectualism is a poor master over passion, for it twists and distorts what is usually obvious. The joy of self is immorality. Everyone will someday understand my words with absolute intimacy - the celebration of immorality is the celebration of death. Regardless of technology, the absence of morality will bring down any civilization or society to its knees, and then into the dust. This will be replayed over and over, for this is a truth immutable, and even Heaven is not immune.
"As I end this Gathering, I want to say the Continuum will no longer be a communicative system and an infilling. No number has ever bitten their tongue, choked, or stubbed their toe. The Continuum protects all numbers of life. It is something you have taken for granted, but I bring it to remembrance. Many have tripped, but none has ever fallen. For always within you there is us, and though you think nothing about it now, the Continuum will have an important role in that new world and universes to come.
"In closing, I hope you will produce fruit for holiness, in the certainty ahead. This is for the edification and redemption of all. And though there may be darkness, or whatever desert may come, you will be nourished and continually loved for all eternity, for this is the love, fidelity, and promises of The One."
Yahshua sat down on his throne next to The One. The Continuum was frozen, everyone was completely alone and severed from the whole for the first time since the beginning. For a half hour, the whole silently processed everything said. Even the four Zoon with their gilded collars remained silent. Billions blamed Luciah, but remained unaware of how repair their society called Heaven.
The dark skies over The Great House of The One suddenly surged into brilliant daylight. The blood moon returned to normal, and the stars returned to their appointed places, filling the skies overhead. Civilization and the universes outside twitched as time once again began to move and rule over all creation. All the circle of life unfroze, unaware that for eight days time itself stood still.
And The One stood up, the four beasts rising off their haunches with him, raised his arms and began to speak. The four beasts began to vibrate the final ending song of The Gathering. Thirteen billion numbers of life rose to their feet with tears in their eyes, flies of butter churning in their stomachs, and hummed along with the music the Zoon produced. They raised their hands, palms up, silently giving melding and prayer to their Father hoping this would not happen. They cried for the circle of life, the numbers fallen, for themselves, each other, for Heaven, and most fervently for the future ahead. They basked in the strong daylight weeping bitterly, consumed with sorrow while they listen to the words of The One.
"I hear your voices and feel your pain. This cancer within our Heaven must be removed regardless of the pain, regardless of the tears, the suffering, and the uncertainty. It breaks my heart to see my children so sad, without being able to hold you and take it away. I feel helpless, for what I want, I cannot do, and that is to make this better right now, not later. Someday we will sing with joy again and our brotherhood that existed from the beginning of all eternities will return."
The One wept. The entire whole trembled and fell to their faces weeping uncontrollably at the thought that the very foundation of the universe wetting his cheeks. And again, The One held them as waves of sorrow racked the whole. After the embrace ended, everyone felt better; the inevitable did not have to be the inevitable. There didn't have to be storms, darkness, or sorrow. As long as they held on to his hand, they would get through everything together, for that's what love is truly about.
Yahaveh and Yahshua looked tenderly over the living sea of life. They raised their hands and said, "May the One always from this day forth until the end of all eternities, be with you."
The whole resounded emotionally, "And also in me." And all sang with heartfelt gusto 'The Greatness of The One.'" And the sadness dissipated with the realization the future was within their hands, as they lifted their hearts and minds to The One who was the foundation of all creation.

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