Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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Ok, we can't see it but I think we quite found the rock garden now. Mother drove straight into the rocks with such force, that I'm scared that the car's air bags are going to pop out now and be in our faces, and we'll have to contend with those too!

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

But, after a second or so after the crash, I realize that thankfully they're not going to pop.

For a moment I do wish Mother wasn't so panicky in situations like this. She's completely beyond herself with fear, and that's making the situation not play out as well as it can. I mean I know we're both running only on our last breath and adrenalin, but that's no excuse for sloppy driving ;) It's probably not the time to think of it, but if we get out of here alive it would be great if we can do it with as little damage as possible to Mother's lovely BMW. Guess it's too late to worry about that now.

Anyway, we're not out of the woods yet. But at least now I can tell Mother with certainty that the gate is somewhere to our right now, seeing as the rock garden is under the car's nose and right up against the bonnet.

Please god, just don't let the car be stuck here now on top of one of the rocks! Mother puts the car in reverse and steps on the gas. For a moment it seems we're stuck on the rocks now, but then suddenly the car grinds loose from the rocks and we can back up. Great, NOW TURN RIGHT AND GO!!!

Oh snap, do we have a remote to open the electric gate? Is the electricity still on and will the gate still open? Can we ram the gate with this car? No, the gate won't fall if we ram it from this side. Maybe from the other side. I don't know!!! Arrrrgh!! All these thoughts run through my head at lightning speed.

Fortunately I can make out something just for a moment in the smoke. It's a piece of the gate that I can see, going past us. Thank goodness, Father must have left it open when he went out.

We're out of the yard! But it seems it hasn't saved us yet, as here the strangling smoke is still just as thick. We keep on driving, completely blind at first, and then there are moments when you can slightly make out something here and there.

Finally, we emerge out of the really thick smoke. GOOD BLAZES!!!!! That was probably the most intense moment I've had all day. Maybe in my entire life.

We stop at Father's car, and we look back. Mother is still crying out loud, like a person in a complete panic.

All we can see is this HUGE, HIGH smoke cloud completely covering Tower Hills. What in blazes is going on in there??? Is everything burning to a crisp? What about the dogs?! And the geese! And our houses!!

Father tells me to come take his car; he's going to wait for a chance to go back in and see if he can save another of the more expensive cars. Mother cries to him to leave everything open so the animals can escape.

I grab my camera and tripod and Majesty, and I take the other car. We drive a good distance away, passing a buzz of farmers and Osborn and Waldorfski, all speeding about in a frenzy with firefighters and fire extinguishing equipment.

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