Is there truth in the wilderness

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Perch before the waiting abyss, moving steadily forward, we crusaders bravely face the onslaught of unknown challenges. Yes, the way ahead is darkly mysterious, but the crusaders fight on.
Do you dream to dream or dream to forget?
If death were a window, what would we see?
Ever wonder what is outside hiding in the shadows?
Little Binder, facing the wilds of the yard,
is about to discover that there are many things best left unknown

The Crusade Begins

Frightfully looking out into the yard, dreadfully watching the squeaky old house shine through thunderous crashes and bright lights filling the skies, little binder knows that the wilds hold many mysteries. He finds it difficult to fathom all the happenstances that brought him to this awful place. The trials he has faced, tumbling into the wilds and then escaping the foul claws of that dastardly rat, has his little house mouse mind hopelessly spinning in circles. All he does know is that there is no going back. His nest is now but a shadowy remembrance.
In the silence between each clash of thunder, in the darkness between each flash from the sky, little binder feels the insistent tugging and prodding of his tiny friend. After daringly rescuing that little yard mouse, tiny TraCee discovered a bond of unspoken truths. They have come so far and been through so much in the last days, that it’s difficult to know what is what. However, being most practical, as spiders tend to be, tiny TraCee takes charge and leads them into the wilderness, to who knows where.
Highlighted in a strobe effect caused by the flashing skies, amidst any real or imagined dangers from the darkness, they see something sparkling and dancing in the distance. Moving stealthily through the covering foliage, they battle with the many diverse elements of the yard. When it comes to survival, in this most dangerous of places, one must consider probabilities not possibilities. Hidden by the torrent of windblown rain, intent only upon their chosen goal, these intrepid stragglers discover that shelter and safety are luxuries seldom afforded in the wilderness.
Tin Cup Studios


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Originally, writing a book was not the intent. Then it became necessary to see if it was accomplishable. Eventually, it became a tool to show the spawn (affectingly referring to the kids, included in

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Dec 2014 (#)

It is amazing how tiny creatures can withstand the elements better than the mighty us! siva

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author avatar binder
9th Dec 2014 (#)

What is important, at least in the story, is that they over come their fears and learn the importance of so many things they were unaware of :) The ability to change is the ability, displayed in the book, that leads toward growth and and survival :)

Have the best day, peace and love

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