Islam. The Only Religion of the World as a Whole

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It is a responsibility of each one to think about the true religion in the life without any prejudices and preconceived notions. Further, one can think it but naturally that how is it ever possible that there exists only one Allah but with diverse routes to approach to him? Even in this mortal world also we can't find a person who has cones For instance.

Islam. The Only Religion of the World as a Whole

It’s a fact that when our instinctive conscious itself assures us that this entire startling universe has been created by a single creator, it is beyond doubt that there must exist a single code of religion and principle for the guidance of the mankind universally. And as such to believe that there prevails multiple religions in the world is tantamount to waging the war against the inborn nature of the mankind.

If one does not wish or does not have adequate time to utilize his invaluable intelligence to know the true religion, it never means that the true religion be negated from the beginning itself or the deceptive theory of 'All Religion True' be established. Therefore, one should utilize the precious conscious to the utmost level rationally and justly to search out the true religion in the world, instead of devastating oneself by himself/herself.

It is because that the facts of the true religion are never going to be altered due to such deceptive theories and attitudes of the people about the religion. Hence, the efforts to search out the facts and figures of the true religion must persist, irrespective of achieving the conclusion in the differences of the opinions of the people about the religion.

It is a responsibility of each one to think about the true religion in the life without any prejudices and preconceived notions. Further, one can think it but naturally that how is it ever possible that there exists only one Allah but with diverse routes to approach to him? Even in this mortal world also we can't find a person who has consented to or established two contradictory attitudes about an issue.

For instance, if one professes that none but Allah is true, his such religious profession does reflect that he can never be an atheist at all in his life. It is because that there exists a contradictory attitude between faith in Allah and atheism. Let’s consider another instance, can a communist be capitalist also at a time in his life? Can a democratic patriot be a believer in dictatorship also at a time in his life? Hence, very obviously, when a person can never consent to two conflicting theories in his life in regard to a worldly issue, how is it possible and reasonable for him to entertain two clashing beliefs about the greatest God Almighty?; that too when the intelligence of a man is nothing at all as against that of God Almighty. Therefore, our intuitive conscious itself does dictate us that it is never possible for one to uphold two contradictory attitudes about the true religion in the world.

In fine and substance, now it remains a major question to be resolved as to which route to God and which religion of God is indeed God-granted one in the world which leads to the triumph in the life. Let's raise a few fundamental questions to our own conscious to get answers to these questions.

For instance, which religion among many ones in the world carries a very clear, apparent and straightforward concept regarding the God Almighty that does appeal to our natural mind frame? Who used to be the religious head of which religion? Are their autobiographies and allied particulars of their lives safe and secure today? Which religion honours all the messengers of God Almighty at par? Which religion’s concept in regard to the post-death life is very clear-cut and compelling to our acceptance? Which religion's celestial scripture is cent percent secure, insulated and uncorrupted today? Which religious scripture's doctrines and life code are very very clear, logical and practical? Which religion reflects a rational form of life constitution? Which religion can withstand the volatile challenges of the life from time to time? Which religion in the world does not isolate the material social life from the spirituality with the upbringing of the human nature? Hence, in fine, if anyone, having abandoned all the prejudices and preconceived notions about the religion, struggles to get the answers to these questions he/she shall definitely get enlightened for the facts of the religion because the God Almighty never derails his slaves from the true path by himself under force.

The religion of Islam does claim that none of the religions but ‘Islam’ is the only and true religion of the nature and hence the rest of the religions prevalent in the world are either the distorted forms of the religions of Islam itself or are man-made various ‘ismas’ like capitalism, socialism etc. But, certain persons in the world think that Islam religion also claims to be the true and only religion in the same way as the rest of the religions also claim to be true.

But let it be known very clearly that such is never the claim of Islam at all as the rest of the religions claim. Therefore, due to such misunderstanding some persons are heard saying that, “it is the alarming weakness of the religious persons that they deem only their religion to be the best of all, even they (the religious persons) expect that others too must believe in their notion.” But in fact such narrators are not aware that Muslims believe only Islam religion to be true and celestial one. It is not because that they are the followers of Islam but because that fundamentally Islam religion entertains all the above mentioned questions upto the mark.

Further, Islam religion answers our very confusing question as to ‘which religion’ is in fact true. The religion of Islam does possess very clear, apparent, simple and plain concepts in regard to the God Almighty which is not forwarded by another religion in the world. None of the religious leader’s life particulars as well as autobiography is as much secured and insulated as is that of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) The religion of Islam makes it mandatory to believe in all the messengers of Islam at par.

The Islam religion does carry so much obvious and clear cut concept in regard to the ‘Post Death’ life of the people that our conscious cannot help but accept its veracity. Furthermore, the God given celestial scripture, the sacred Qur’an, has been safe and secured in its very original form which is the attribute of no scripture but only of the holy Qur’an in the world today.

None of the doctrines and life codes dictated by the sacred Qur’an is such that is impossible to be followed by the human being in any of the eras of the time. The sacred Qur’an does promulgate the code of conduct in regard to each and every affair of the people in the world with the declaration that each and every object on the earth as well as heavens has been brought into being for none but the mankind itself and as such one needs not to observe the celibacy in his/her life at all. Therefore, one is, of course, permitted to enjoy each legitimate luxury in the life that has been duly sanctioned by the code behaviour of the Islam religion.

Hence, in fine, the name 'Islam' itself manifests by itself the very natural system of existence, law and order in the world. The rest of the religions prevalent in the world either refer itself to a particular personality or has been lying without any founder thereof. The Islam religion is a religion that calls the human being as a whole towards the obedience to the God Almighty without any prejudices of cast, creed, colour, community, geographical region etc.

To conclude, due to all the above stated logic and reasons itself the claim of Islam religion to be a true religion distinguishes itself from the claims of the rest of the religions. Thus, it gets very apparent that the Islam religion does not declare its truth under force of orders; but it (The Islam religion) is deluged with innumerable logics and reasons to present itself being a true and celestial religion in the universe.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
20th Dec 2014 (#)

This is very dangerous thinking. To believe that yours is the only true religion is what has resulted in wars and all kinds of unspeakable cruelties being performed by one group against another. I hate to tell you, yayha, but your religion is not more or less true than any other religion. Since you're young, one can forgive the naivete of your belief system. Hopefully, with age and experience, you'll see things more clearly.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
21st Dec 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
24th Jun 2015 (#)

Very well written but the Qur'an does say that Jews, Christians (in its Unitarian form) and Sabiens are people of the book.

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author avatar Asrory Achmad
3rd Dec 2015 (#)

Good written. But Islam doesn't talk about the defferences. It tell me how to tolerate with others.

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