Issues on Peace

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With the rate of arms production in our world today, guns of different types and natures in existence are no longer for hunting but dealing with fellow humans who do not want your needs to prevail against theirs!

Issues on Peace

Since the creation of man, Peace has been a topic that his existence depended on. For man to live together in unity, there must be an absence of war, hostility and several kinds of conflict situations, this will enable them to co-exist as one. This definition is given such because a group may be afraid of what the other will do to them and then be silent without going into war with them, but will harm any of their opponents weakling they find around their society.

Most of the conflicts that have given birth to great wars of the world have been caused by needs of the groups involved not been met. In some cases can never be met e.g. The religious crises, Land disputes, cultural crises etc. This is as a result of different believes guiding the reason for their support of their notion for going into the crises.

Possible Solutions
This is a known fact, but what should the world do to balance the beleives of man so that they can harmony? UNDERSTANDING! I beleive and have seen a gathering that before the commencement and at the end, the different social and religious groups said thier prayers... And all echoed ''Amen''. This is where a civilized group of individuals who appriciate the meaning of Peace. The world leaders should engage WARing nation to a Memorandum Of Understanding; and show them that lifes need not be wasted for the beleives that we of one another.

It is also recommend that affected groups in any conflict situation should air their views and beleives to the state before going into action of blood spilling. The government should also STOP arms production since they are no longer used by hunter for games in the wild but for settling inter-personal disputes.


Also The Absence Of War, Peace Is An Absence Of Conflicts, Though Can Be Seen From Different Concepts

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