It’s All in the Attitude Part 2

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The main female character in this setting is finished working for the day. All she wants to do is leave this place and go home. The problem, though, is the place has so much security, one cannot just simply walk out. While waiting for permission to leave, the main character, the only female in this setting, has to endure interactions with the opposite sex.

The Story

I scowl at two men who are leaning against the wall, smoking and gawking at me as if they have never seen a woman before.

“Isn’t there anything that can be done about this wait?” I ask, staring at the guard who is reading a chart that I can see but can make no sense of. The guard periodically lifts his head to glare at me. He is an older man who appears to enjoy food, or booze, during his time off.

“I could quit,” James laughs. “But since I’m not likely to do that, I guess we just have to wait.” He leans towards me, his mouth close to my ear “The man despises me.”

I turn abruptly to watch a couple of inmates who are attempting to buff the floor. They are spending more time smoking and whispering than cleaning.

“Damn,” I mutter, swinging back towards James.

James smiles down at me, thinking, I suppose, that we are sharing a joke at the guard’s expense. If only it were that simple. Striding towards us is this man that I’ve made every effort to ignore since I began working in this place, five months earlier. For the most part I have managed to steer clear of him except for brief encounters, each week, before and after class.

I know some girls from college who would consider him a catch. He stands about five eight, weighs maybe one hundred and forty and always wears three-piece suits, indicating, perhaps, that he is an attorney. What I loathe, though, and have resisted is the way he scrutinizes me as if there is some mutual understanding between us.

Before I can turn away, he is beside me. The look in his eyes is probably a smile although his lips are set in a straight line. In one hand he is carrying a burgundy briefcase; the other hand is knotted in the pocket of his slacks. Because he is so close, I can smell the overwhelming cologne he is wearing.

He thrusts his chest out as he stares down at me.


Guard, Inmates, Penal Institution

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