It’s All in the Attitude Part 5

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Our main character is still stuck on the prison grounds since her car is stubbornly refusing to start. The one plus is the male character is making some ground.

The Story

As I turn to stare at the prison, wondering how much longer James has to work, I notice a dark sedan, with its lights off, parked directly behind mine. The attorney climbs from the car.

“What seems to be the problem?” he asks, rapping the window with his knuckles.

“This car,” I answer, looking up into those blue eyes that, once again, appear to be laughing at me. “It won’t start.”

“Scoot over; maybe it’ll start for me.”

As he opens the door and steps in, I climb over the console to get to the passenger seat. I can see out of the corners of my eyes that he is pretending to pay close attention to the car, but I can also tell he is checking out my legs as each reveals more than it should. My skirt is a maxi, but this move was not made for skirts. I’m lucky I put the bags in the back before trying to start the car.

He chokes up a bit, and then says, “Well, you’re right. It definitely won’t start and it’s not the battery. It’s too dark and too late to do anything about it now.”

Even through the darkness, I can see the smile that is plastered to his face.

“I’ll give you a lift home.” As I inhale sharply, he continues, “You can’t do anything tonight. The garages are all closed. And I’m sure the prison personnel won’t appreciate your hanging around.”

I again glance around at the parked cars, the iron fence that surrounds the parking lot, and I realize how isolated we are. This night has definitely been a cruel joke forced on me by some prankster. I know he is scrutinizing me with those eyes and that sickening smile.

“You’re sure it’s too late to get help?” I ask, knowing it’s a stupid question, but I certainly don’t want any favors from him.

The lawyer nods and raises both eyebrows. “You can pick up the car tomorrow.”

“Sure, “ I respond. His comment is as moronic as my question. “And how am I supposed to get back out here? I only have one car.”

“I’ll take you home now and tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I’ll bring you back, or better yet, I’ll take you to a garage and we’ll arrange for them to get the car.”

First thing in the morning? Now what exactly are his plans? Before I know it, the car is shaking from his laughter.


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