It Always Works Out In The End

Taty By Taty , 29th Aug 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A poem about someone pretending to go out with someone to see if their crush likes them or not

It Always Works Out In The End

I watch as she hurts you again yet it seems like you feel nothing, it's almost like you aren't even together,
Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part but when you pull her close you seem uncomfortable,
Why can't you see I'm here wishing you were with me? I'm sure that I'd treat you right the way that you deserve,
When you find out she's been with another guy you just act like the news doesn't affect you leaving me confused,
If she's cheating why can't you give up on her? All I want is to be with you forever.

Your friend whispers something in your ear and you take a glance around before you lean in and kiss her,
In that one moment I feel my heart break that litle bit more then I notice the tears running down your face,
I want to rush to you but you don't need me because you have her there to wipe your stray tears away,
Shaking my head I just walk off wishing I never witnessed that scene because damn it hurt,
Even if I had gone towards you what would be my excuse? What words would I find to say?
I can't exactly tell you that I love you as she's standing right there so walking away seems to be the best choice.

As I walk I get lost in my thoughts that I almost miss someone yelling my name but I hear and stop,
Turning back I see you sprinting towards me and realizing that I have stopped you walk hesitantly towards me after catching your breath,
You seem to get more nervous the closer that you get to me but I'm more interested in what you chased after me for when she's standing there waiting,
She catches me looking at her and she winks while mouthing 'good luck with him honey' she smiles genuinely and suddenly it all falls into place,
But I wait here waiting for you to come and give it some sort of perspective for me,
You notice the exchange and you turn more red even after your sprint I can tell you finally reach me whispering one word and I'm hugging you,
Baby I don't need your apology I just need your arms around me because right now youre everything that I can see.

You pick me up and I scream not expecting you to twirl me around but laugh along,
You just chuckle promising you won't ever drop meI just say I know,
I trust you baby always and forever so I believe that you won't hurt me,
I hear your friends laughing and joking and everything is perfect,
Here, in my spare time, I look back on those memories and relive the days from years ago.

Now I'm sitting in my bedroom as my mother cries as my make-up is being applied before I step into my dress,
The one wedding dress that I knew I had to get when I first saw it back in February,
I don't feel nervous because I know you'll be standing there tears in your eyes as I walk down the aisle,
I still remember the day you took me to meet your mother and all she said was 'it's about time son',
Today is all about us and the church is decorated beautifully that I can't help but fall even more for you,
I am finally here awaiting to say those famous last words... I do.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
30th Aug 2013 (#)

I guess the experiment worked!

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author avatar Trillionaire
30th Aug 2013 (#)

Interesting. Thanks.

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author avatar Taty
30th Aug 2013 (#)


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