It Is Time to Restore Our America (Op-Ed)

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When will we, as true Americans, put an end to this debacle we call government, and restore full faith and honor to our nation?

It Is Time to Restore Our America


Why are so many military generals being relieved of command? Perhaps it is because they refuse to comply with unlawful orders, given by a ‘man’ of unknown origins and unknown purposes!

If the American People would stand up en masse to this dictator, and receive one or more of these disavowed generals as their leader, I think that we could rise against this Kenyan Slacker, and pull him down from his ‘throne’!

About one hundred years ago, the Mexican Government went against the will of the Mexican people and started a war against the Catholic church, to which the people armed themselves and hired a retired general to lead them in a revolt against the Mexican government. It worked, but only after plenty of bloodshed!

I think that it is now time to do the same here, and rise against this usurper, and overcome his government, implementing our forefathers’ true vision of freedom and its constitution!

We should not stand by as he continues to destroy our country and its citizens and military, but should instead use our forces to force the stand down of this leprous government, and take this country back for the People! Freedom is only qualified to be earned, it is not a birthright for which we pay nothing, and I believe this generation, sadly, must pay with the blood of a tyrant in our midst!

As our economy crumbles, and the government crashes, and the food dwindles, and the enemy sets up camps in our midst, are we to tolerate this subjugation of the nation, or are we to stand tall, do what is right and hard, but stand truly against the vile rape and slaughter of this nation?

Without going against the tide, we will lose this nation, and our most vile enemy will have been us, who stand idly by and let it happen! We must not concede this debacle, but must tear the enemy’s heart out and restore the honor, sanctity, and courage of this great nation!

With the right generals who stand for America and its freedom, and against tyranny, the military can be ours, fighting for the cause of the American People, and bringing about a long-awaited call for action in this land!

PTR October 18, 2013


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