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It was a nice surprise coming back after a brief absence being paid by two writing sites at the same time. Wikinut and Expertscolumn just paid me for my writing.

A Great Come Back

I had been inactive with writing for a while, but never did I intend to quit. I had been so busy lately that writing became less prioritized in my “To Do” list. Although it has been quite a while since I published my last article, I check once in a while what’s going on at Wikinut and Expertscolumn. They are two of my most favorite on-line writing sites. I woke up one morning receiving a message from Wikinut that a payment has been made and sent to my Paypal account. When I logged on to Expertscolumn and checked how much I have made so far, I was amazed to see that I have already reached more than $5, the minimum amount allowed to be withdrawn. Excited and happy, I requested Paypal to transfer the payments to my bank account. It is great to come back after a brief absence and be surprised with something good you never expected to happen.

It Has Been A Wonderful Year

Indeed, this has been a wonderful year for me. In 10 months’ time and after more than 80 pages written for Wikinut, I was finally able to see the fruit of my labor. I give credit to all my fellow writers, the readers, the moderators, and the entire Wikinut community for all the support given to me ever since I started writing. After signing up with this site in December 2011 and having published a few articles in the first month, I felt right away that this is where I should put my love of writing into use. I was welcomed with warmth and encouragement by fellow writers.

It was just last May when I joined Expertscolumn. So far, I have written 37 articles, and never thought that I would be paid this early. I commend everyone involved at Expertsclumn for the great job administering this site. I admire the continuous improvement being implemented to make the site successful. This gives me more encouragement to continue writing.

There Is Fun In Writing

Wikinut has become my home since I joined this site in late 2011. This is where my writing ability has been polished and put to use. This is where I found a family from different parts of the world. This is where I am able to express my thoughts and feelings. Because of these, I am encouraged to write more and share with my followers my personal life experiences, inspirational poems, places I have visited, and some other subjects that are worth reading.

Expertscolumn, on the other hand, has given me the opportunity to share my writings that are republished. For 5 months now, I have been submitting those articles, and I'm proud to say that even though they are republished, they are worth the readers’ time. It is good to see some Wikinutters also write for this site. It makes writing more fun when you make friends and read other writers' articles. There's a lot of learning with writing.

It Pays To Write

It's a very rare occurrence to get paid by more than one writing site at the same time. It may just be a coincidence, but whether it is or not, it is something to be happy about. My past 10 months’ experience in publishing articles has given me more confidence and has improved my ability to express my thoughts. My goal is to continue writing quality articles that will inspire and touch people's hearts. Not only in terms of money it pays to write, but by every message conveyed to the readers. It is true that it takes a long while before getting paid, but I am happy for the experience I get. I'm happy being a writer.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
25th Oct 2012 (#)

I have written one article on ExpertsColumn, and will in all likelihood be back to write more. Truth is when you write on multiple sites it is essential to be organised and ensure you know what you have written and where (and that project is underway).

I will always disagree about re-publishing - you have to consider what the big-bad-wolf, Google, will think about your actions and how they downgrade copied works.

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author avatar Retired
26th Oct 2012 (#)

Tess, I am sorry to inform you that in the time it took you to write this article, your computer has cost you over $5- in electricity.....So darn it, you're not in the profit zone yet. "It pays to write for write for Wikinut", Very funny....thanks for bringing humor to this sometimes too serious writing venue.

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author avatar Retired
7th Jan 2013 (#)

looks like you do make money here after

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author avatar Ian
14th Mar 2013 (#)

Expertsclumn really do pay, But to say the Wikinut pay dp pay, you're kidding.

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author avatar Rojas Madera
6th Dec 2018 (#)

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