It has been one of those days. I created this, published it, then it disappeared.

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It has been several days, and I've written several nice pieces, I hope you will enjoy.

"Don't stop learning" by Jerry E Smith 11/9/15

Time passes, things change, cars rust out, we grow old; the inevitable
Facts of life. While I will most certainly lament certain aspects of this
Progression, I celebrate it nonetheless. I would not want to return
To the person I was 10 years ago, not go back to living that life,
No sir, no way no how. I celebrate my battle scars. I am glad
For the lessons I’ve learned. There are some things I know
Now, that I wish I didn’t know, but that too, is a part of
Who I am now. A line from a song goes: “True love
Takes a gravel road”. I think true wisdom does
Too. The day you stop learning is the day
You start dying. Don’t stop learning.
Jerry E Smith 11/9/15

"Nostalgia" by Jerry E Smith 11/8/15

“The Greek word for "return" is nostos. Algos means "suffering."
So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an
unappeased yearning to return.”
― Milan Kundera
It is odd how one photograph can stir up such longing, such memories
Of times past. This is a sunset over a pond in Manassas Ga, about 15
Miles from where I grew up. The sun through the pines, the still
Water all resonate with my spirit. The light is different in the
Fall of the year; things can look wan and pallid, which will
Make the fire and the smells inside the house all the
More vivid and poignant, everything all buttoned
Up against the chill and cozy. Wonderful times,
All gone now. We have our memories to keep
Us warm, that warmth that comes from
Within. If you let it fill you up, the
Warmth will displace those of
Your memories that are not
So good, as some will be.
Jerry E Smith 11/8/15

"Like a man on a promontory" by Jerry E Smith,

Like the man on the summit of the promontory, (just to the left of center) I
Stand amazed and the massive grandeur of our world, I am overwhelmed
At the good fortune I have had, I am humbled by the love and friendship
I feel around me and I am filled with gratitude for the life I have now. It
Could have all turned out so differently, but it didn’t, and I am here to
Serve my world, my friends and family, and lastly, myself. I love my
Music, I love sharing it and creating new midi files of songs to
Share with people, and I love sharing them, performing for
Older folks, is what I do, what I love, and what I am good
At. What more can you ask, than to be paid for doing
What you love? I am truly blessed, and I am happy.
Now, it is time for me to go to rest, recharge
For another day. You rest too. Good night.
Jerry E Smith 11/10/15


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I play piano and sing for the Elderly in care facilities in Atlanta for 8 yrs. I am also a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) I work for a home care agency now, as a patient transport.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
13th Nov 2015 (#)

As far as your title goes the same thing happened to me yesterday and I felt stupid because I know it can happen and I should have written my article in word first then pasted it here so that I would still have a copy saved.

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author avatar Jongleur
13th Nov 2015 (#)

I am not seeing the duplicate right now, but I got two messages that each one had been approved, so there should be two of them here somewhere.

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author avatar Susan Hauck
14th Nov 2015 (#)

This was a beautiful piece. I feel bad for you, losing it. That happened to me and I felt as dumb as a box of rocks for not having saved it! We're all Human. Don't give up. Keep writing!

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author avatar Jongleur
14th Nov 2015 (#)

If you look, you will see that this article and another are duplicates, just under different titles. The first one wasn't showing in my 'unreviewed' list, so I recreated it. Now there are two. I can't seem to find a way to delete either one.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
14th Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing your memories again with us here Jerry .
I do so love your style of writing .
Bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Jongleur
14th Nov 2015 (#)

Thanks again Stella. I am so very glad you approve, and care enough to tell me. ♥

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