It's Okay, Angie Miller! A No is Just a Yes in Infancy!

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By now everyone knows popular American Idol singer Angie Miller was cut. We all get rejected sometimes. We just need to remember a no is just a not now. A no is just a YES in infancy!

Yeah, Me! I Got Rejected!

Yeah, Me! I Got Rejected! It’s already happened to me twice to this week and it never happened even once all last year! The rejections I’m so enthused about are from editors of two popular consumer magazines telling me they cannot use the pieces I submitted to them at this time. Why am I so giddy to be turned down? Because those “Nos” are proof positive that I am in the mix and trying to make my dreams come true. Sometimes the trying is as important as the result.

Trophies and Bruises!

Early on in life I was an avid competitor. I’d throw my hat in the ring for any ribbon or accolade. I loved recognition and acclaim. I had my eyes so focused on the win it never occurred to me I could lose. It took a while before I realized that all competitions are contact sports – stay in the game long enough and you’ll wind up with a bruise. I collected a lot of them. Bruises, not trophies.

Overtime it’s easy to get conditioned to the process. Pride may ‘goeth before a fall,’ but pride also learns that falling hurts. Knowing what’s at stake can keep you from reaching for that brass ring. It’s easy to convince yourself the ring’s just not worth it -- it’s probably just nickel anyway or the ring is much too far away to grab even if you tried. There’s that adage that says when nothing’s ventured, nothing’s gained. The corollary of course is nothing’s lost.

I Give a Lot of Credit to Simon Cowell

I credit Simon Cowell with jumpstarting my writing and submission activities. I don’t usually watch the initial episodes of American Idol -- I skip all the tryouts and wait till the scores of wannabes have been narrowed down to the top ten and then I start to follow it. But this year I started watching from the very beginning. I loved those amazing aerial shots capturing the throngs of hopefuls waiting for a chance to audition for the show. Isn’t it staggering how many singers turn out? Thousands and thousands of talented people. The sheer numbers illustrate how difficult it is for any one person like Angie Miller to make it to the top. The one thing all those Idol contestants have in common – besides their incredible voices? Their willingness to get in the game.

A No is Just a Yes in Infancy!

I know there are gazillions of wannabe writers flooding editors’ desk all over the planet. While the competition is daunting I realize the only way to succeed as a published writer is to submit my writing for publication – a lot. Over and over and over again. And a so-called rejection letter from an editor is not really a no, after all. It’s a not now. Remember that, Angie Miller! It’s a not now! And we know, a “not now” is merely a yes in infancy – you may quote me on that!


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