It's Really a Matter of Perspective

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Things that are so important to you at one point in time can become a little less important with the ticking of the clock.

What changed the entire picture?

Shelly was not very happy when she left to go to lunch. She had been hoping to be made a partner at the law firm of Lambert, Brooks and Moss although she had only been working there just over three years. Having moved from Virginia to Washington, D. C. to join the firm. But she actually felt that she had contributed a lot to the firm with the clientele she had brought in and the cases she had won for them, which she thought should qualify her for consideration. Not this time, one of the men who had been there longer than she and was a better apple polisher she heard than she was, became the newest junior partner. Next time around possibly had been the word from the higher-ups.
She was ambitious and not being married and without any children, her career was the focus of her energy. She enjoyed the wrangle and tangle of putting forth the best case with strong precedents and very persuasive arguments to win victories in her court cases. She could stand her ground she thought with the best of them, men or women opponents before a judge or a jury. She had graduated fourth in her law class,
and knowing the law was extremely important to her.
She walked into the restaurant wanting to imbide something strong but thought better of it. She sat down and started to search the menu, finally choosing a hot roast beef sandwich with a side of cole slaw and a glass of iced tea. Shelly had a keen sense of her surroundings and she felt that someone was watching her. Sure enough when she looked up a very handsome, dark haired gentleman at a table near her was staring at her. She did not stare back although she was curious, she didn't mind being starred at, after all she did have a gorgeous head of auburn hair and great blue-green eyes in her estimation.
When her meal arrived there was a pink lemonade with it which the waiter said came from the gentleman at the nearby table. She lifted the pink lemonade to thank him, he nodded his head to reciprocate. The meal was tasty and the lemonade very good, as she was finishing her food, the man came over, introduced himself as Anthony Wilkens and asked if he could join her. Naturally she invited him to sit down and they ordered dessert.
The conversation was spontaneous after a bit of initial awkwardness, they were both outgoing and had no problem talking about multiple things from favorite foods, vacation spots and sports. Again she held her own and kept the conversation going, she provided her telephone number, and he offered to pay for her lunch, she declined. They left, he going back to the advertising company to work on a new ad campaign, her back to the law firm. Shelly felt more upbeat leaving the restaurant than when she arrived.
Anthony called her two days later with a request to have dinner that weekend, she accepted. She somehow now had more interesting things to think about than a junior partnership if you can believe that.


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author avatar Denise O
11th Dec 2010 (#)

You never know, what might be right around the corner. Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar mountainside
11th Dec 2010 (#)

..Hi Denise. Thank you for stopping by. You are right. Take care.

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author avatar johnnydod
18th Dec 2010 (#)

I enjoyed this one thanks

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author avatar mountainside
18th Dec 2010 (#)

...Hi johnnydod, thanks for stopping by.

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