It's Time For Love

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One screw to tie us together
one key to unity
one way to victory

It's Time For Love

It's Time For Love

From distance apart we emerge
In distance together we converge
Into one place
Into one space
Every man and woman
Every boy and girl
Can fit into this space in different place

Like tree on the forest floor
We must sprang up and flourish
We must let go of our past distant tale
And hold to the new beginning that lie before our very eyes

With difference we were created
For fellowship we were assign
To live in every community we dwell

War, battle, conflict
What is it good for?
Let the old speak about there past history and consequence
Let the young, zealous and ignoramus
Listen and learn from the painful past
Let the young and energetic invest there strength into something worthwhile

On this planet floor
We must live higher than the forest creatures
Wickedness, greediness and selfishness will take us back to the past we barely escape
And imprison us to the pain that crawled on the street

The strong and rich oppress the weak and poor no more
For in one image we appear
In same likeness we glow
Let your footprint mark good tidings
Let your lantern lighten your space
In the land given by your creator

Like rain drop from the sky
Let love arrive in you with Ecstasies of pleasure
And strike away ancient chain of pain

From every place and space
We must come together
And embrace our difference
So we may find grace to plant our self beside one another

The sun is out
The rain is gone
The long awaited horizon is here
The weather cannot be forever yoked to one wave
Here with courage
Look out of yourself and sing a new song
As the tree, rock, and river around

We must live the life our creator has given us
We must build on the love he has put inside us
We must love even when its dark
We must walk in this path of victory

If only we believe
This simple truth
Then we will know

It's the time for love


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Writer. disciple of christ, preacher, teacher, counsellor, motivational speaker, ...
I love poetry because it help me put my imagination into writing.
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author avatar SaigonDeManila
29th Nov 2015 (#)

The thoughts are very fluid and have an bvious metaphysical meaning beyond what is obvious ala Khalil Gibran style. Yes, I enjoy your writing.

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author avatar Solomon Sunday
29th Nov 2015 (#)

thanks Saigon
we must accept the true fact that only in love can we be tie together in our creator

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