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As Wikinut is our writing home, and the site which houses our publications, many of my wikinut friends are familiar with me affectionately referring to our writing site as the ‘House Of Wikinut’.. so join me in addressing the house on some points of discussion about our wonderful writing ground…

Your Choice

We all have our individual preferences in reading and writing material.

We write about what we find of interest, of importance, of entertainment value, what is of meaning to us personally, and what makes us both laugh and cry.
The same choice applies in reading, we read what we want to read, and we are under no obligation to read what we don't.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when the presence of offensive backlash rears it's ugly head.
In the past, an excellent writer, and good friend of mine and many on our site, was the target of vicious and continuous verbal abuse.
This was purely because the subjects of his writings were not to a fellow writer's personal taste.
These posts were in no way offensive, quite the reverse.

Common sense would dictate that If the offender was so adverse to the writer's posts, then why read them!!
I chose to support my wikinut friend by commenting to the offender on this vindictive behaviour, it was both unpleasant and unacceptable.

I have to say I was very disappointed in that others did not follow suit.
Thankfully that particular episode is now a thing of the past, but my purpose in raising this, is that should we encounter this type of unacceptable behaviour on the site, we should stand together against this, presenting a united front against such perpetrators.

I say we don't stand back and do nothing, I say we 'wade in' and stamp it out.

By adding our weight in supporting the fact that people who abuse others have no place in our writing community, then together....
...we can show these people the door

So....are you in favour of adopting this stance?

Religious Bigotry

There has also been undue criticism directed at writers who have exercised their
freedom of writing choice, in writing pages incorporating their religious beliefs.

It goes without saying that there are many variations of opinion and beliefs surrounding the subject of religion, some uphold their religious beliefs with passion, and some have no religious beliefs at all.

If you are the latter of the two camps, then you are unlikely to be drawn to reading a post incorporating religious content, and as the aforementioned, there is no obligation to read them.

Therefore, those who choose to write about their religious beliefs have the given freedom to do so, and should not be the recipients of backhanded criticism.

Again, I have another good friend who writes posts about her commitment to her strong religious beliefs, as do many other fine writers on our site.

So I say to those who choose to be disrespectful to these writers...'back off'.. go and buy yourself some manners!!

Do you endorse this principle?

Offensive Content

At the end of each published post, there is a note from the moderator of the page
which reads...'If you have any complaints about the contents of this page please let me know'

As a reader, what might you consider to be offensive content?
Do you feel there should be more restrictions on published content?

On the subject of ‘Pointless’ Publications

As wikinutters , we have a vast choice of categories at our disposal, so we are at liberty to write about anything we choose.

That said, there are some writers who post what could only be listed under the category of 'pointless publications'.
The type of post, which must be evident even to the writer, that the content contains no relevant information, no point of interest to engage the reader, failing to provide any magnet of attraction to the post whatsoever.

These are examples of publications under the pointless category
Thank God It's Payday
Vacant end shift report

Come on guys..You've got to have a hook!!

Should our moderators be expected to devote their time to moderating such articles?
Should our writing site be obliged to house such publications?
Are these article types adding any value to the site with internet searchers?

Tools Of The Trade.. Provided By Wikinut

We have extensive scope to produce 'polished articles' here at wikinut.

The formatting and editing tools available to us are excellent, yet so many writers don't take advantage of them.

It is further typical of these writers, in not having produced well edited and formatted posts, to be inclined to make reference to the lack of payment for their articles.

Their main purpose clearly being to make a fast buck, under the illusion that anything they write commands payment,

The writing tools we have at our disposal are an essential and invaluable commodity, in adding to the improvement, quality, appearance, and overall presentation of our articles.

We have to practice our craft in order to perfect it, this takes time, self motivation, learning from our mistakes, perseverance, and the ongoing desire to be 'good at what we do'

Should these writer types be permitted to continue publishing under these circumstances?

Should they be advised that if they are not committed to improving the standard of their posts and upping their game, with a genuine effort to meet an acceptable standard of publication, then they needn't request further publications on the site?

Putting It To 'The House Vote'

Pitch in and give your opinion, because it's our writing home, and it's the best
there is, so let's keep it that way.

So come on... post your comments on these points.. and have your say.

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If you have any complaints about this content, please let us know


author avatar Mariah
22nd Feb 2014 (#)

Wow Mark..thank you for such prompt moderation, and the star,
I much appreciate both.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Today I rejected about 20 articles that were nothing more than poorly copied news stories. Yes, moderators do make some mistakes and probably some articles get published and you wonder why, but you would be amazed at how many are rejected.

Yes, too bad people of religion could not remember that most religions have the same basic rule which is to treat others as they wish to be treated.

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

I can imagine Mark, I'm not addressing this to the moderators, the point being you shouldn't have to waste time on submitted articles that are way below acceptable standard, these writers have got a bloody cheek to expect that, there ain't no excuses when there is so much available to the writers here, and yep, too right Mark, be polite to others and live and let live.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Good evening, Mariah, consider this a yea ballot. Valid points on all fronts. I am never impressed with the snarky-angry-passive- aggressive - "my beliefs trump your belief" statements further perpetuating the ongoing arguments between people. I would also like to see maybe a minimum number of words for something other than poetry, obviously, or if it ranks a star, then keep it up longer. Just another thought -Writer of the Day with less than 10 articles bothers me. That seems a bit premature, regardless of their writing abilities. A vote and my 2 or 3 cents worth. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you for your input Marilyn, much appreciated.
I agree with your point on minimum words, there should be a mandatory amount for publication, and that's a fair point you make on the writer of the day status, I too would be inclined to say that less than ten articles doesn't merit that recognition.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Well, I don't agree on the religious bit. If we only read that with which we agreed, what would we learn? I also think there is a difference between stating a religious belief and putting down another person's right to live as s/he chooses. More than one religious author has crossed the line on that point, and I'm not one to remain silent when that happens. We simply have no idea how many readers are lurking in the shadows ready to end it all because someone who ministers to them disapproves of their life choices. These unseen individuals have a RIGHT to know that they have support -- even if they are afraid to speak up and request it for themselves.

That said, I agree with your other point. I've noticed (though I still consider myself a newbie, compared with Siva or Carolina or Jerry) a considerable decline in article quality from some new members since the New Year. Some new members have been wonderful, but probably for every one wonderful new 'Nut, there have been at least 10 that I have commented to the effect of "use your tools" and "why did you write this". Marilyn, Peter, and I have all written articles with the intent of helping those new 'Nuts prosper and grow. When the meaningless articles continue without improvement, I stop reading.

I DO want to give all new Nuts a chance, partially because of OUR early misunderstanding. And that's why, when you have a headline that is striking, I do occasionally give it a read, and when so moved, a comment. Even if we come down on opposites sides of most anything, I think we can be civil and an example to others. So that's my 2 nutpoints comment, FWIW.

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Hi Phyl,
Nice to see you drop by.
Yep, I take your point about broadening our learning horizons by expanding on our choice of reading, we never stop learning, and we can never learn enough in a lifetime.
The religious point...there are those who are confirmed non believers, adverse to anything that sways towards religious belief, and that's fine, that's their call, but if they feel that way, then why read pages on a subject they are strongly opposed to..they're not going to learn anything because they don't want to know about it full stop, there is a tendency to lash out at these writers, all be it a minority.
I don't think religious pages in general are harmful or offensive to anyone, that said, there has been occasion when the line has been crossed.. in particular... reference to homosexuality, which I wouldn't class as being in the same context as the posts I refer to...
..Of course all new members deserve a chance, and as you say, many go on to do well, but too many just chance their arm, we could write pages with
good intent to help nubes until the smoke comes out our keyboards, but the writing incentive really has to come from them doesn't it, you know the old saying, you can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink!!
As to our prior differences, I don't make the rules Phyl, and I was told from a very reliable source that links to advertising pages were a no no, it wasn't personal, and it's well in the past now, so we should let bygones be bygones.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you Mariah for your frank post. We can always express an opinion without being rude and putting down others. Regarding religious beliefs, I try to read all posts to understand where they come from. But we should guard against becoming fanatics and to conclude ours are "holier" than the rest, we should have read others also with the same intensity like some do their own but with blinkered glasses. Again, one tends to accept the religion we are born into but look for loopholes in others - maybe a basic human tendency.

We should try to improve our writings and we have many trend setters here. However to be frank, I write with passion on subjects I believe in without too much bothering about the nut and bolts. I feel many have been kind enough to read and comment though the subjects tend to be not much apart -

Thanks again Mariah for thinking aloud to add value to "our home" - siva

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you Siva for your open minded, fair and diplomatic approach to others and sensitive subjects, as ever, our true mentor in the 'house of wikinut' and a highly respected writer.

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author avatar Connie McKinney
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

I like the idea of a minimum number of words per post.
I vote yes on incorporating a minimum number of articles written before getting designated as the writer of the day. I would say at least 25. What do the rest of you folks think?
I like what Siva said about religious beliefs. As usual, he says it so well. I can't add anything more to that one.
Here's another thought: could Wikinut start requiring every new writer to complete some basic tutorials on subjects such as what to write about, how to write headlines, how to write summaries, etc. etc . A lot of this information is already in the Help Section. But maybe there's a way to make this required reading for all new writers.
Or would it discourage people from writing here?

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you for your input Connie, and I think you have a good idea in the basic tutorials..and if new writers are genuinely keen then it shouldn't be off putting...
As Connie says folks..what does everyone else think about her ideas?

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

I do agree with you wonderful post as well this site has been a great experience and really has made me into much better writer as well the excellent company I have in all of you my new friends, I wish one day we can get together , difficult but not impossible.Gret post and well deserved star, by the way my vote is a Yes!

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Thanks for your input Fern, you're a treasure.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Hello dear wee hen ... This comment is a very long way down ..Hehe !
As you know ...I stand up for Truth , Love , Peace , Goodness etc .. with a passion ...but my intent is never to offend ...However , should anyone be offended , then so be it ...We are all given a platform on this worthy site to write from our hearts ...for some that may be little or much , as they choose . It is like a soap box of ideas , opinions , likes and dislikes , preferences and leanings ...What a variety this arena offers .. That is what I love about W .
I have to dash now as I don't want to be late for church...I'll catch up with you later.:-)
God bless you wee hen , and ALL my Wikinutter Friends !
Stella ><

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you for your input Stella, well said indeed.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Good morning Mariah....sharing this quote from our "terms of use" we signed when joining Wikinut...the partial direct quote is as follows...
"Wikinut is a home for a huge variety of topics, styles and content. However, We will not publish content that in Our sole "opinion could be described as:
Pornographic, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable.
Defamatory, libellous, hateful, tortious or invasive of privacy.
"Discriminatory or intolerant against any individual, group or organisation based on race, religion, gender, nationality, disability, sexuality or age.
Promoting any act of cruelty or violence.
The above list is provided for example purposes only and is not exhaustive."...thanks Mariah.

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

'Right on the money Delicia' thank you for your input and bringing this to the forefront..this is highly relevant to the discussion.

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author avatar Michelle Stanley
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Wonderful article Mariah, and one I gladly back you on with what you wrote about. Respect should always be given to a writer. This is a friendly site and should remain that way. I have noticed lately that other sites where I post on have tightened their rules, as some members felt that they could get away with bashing writers they thought wrote articles that they did not like. AS is always the case, these bashers are the ones who have no talent, but having posted an article or two now consider themselves ranked writers with knowledge in the literary field. That shows how little they know, and why their work is rarely looked at. I'm you voiced your opinion on this subject, and hope others will learn from it.

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you very much for your input and support Michelle,
I appreciate the points you have raised here regarding other sites, let's hope this type of behaviour will be stamped out here too

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author avatar M G Singh
24th Feb 2014 (#)

Dear Mariah, it is not advisable to turn away any writer from Wikinut with some excellent writing sites with tremendous payments just a stones throw away.

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author avatar Mariah
24th Feb 2014 (#)

Thanks for your input Madan, nobody's suggesting new writers be turned away my friend

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author avatar Retired
24th Feb 2014 (#)

This was a wonderful article. I do agree with you that if someone has written an article about something that you find offensive to read then don't read it. We all have a choice as to what we want to write about and we also have a choice about what type of articles we read. I like to read articles that may not be what I normally would read or write about just because I want to broaden my horizons a bit.

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author avatar Mariah
24th Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you very much for you input and support Carol

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author avatar Kingwell
2nd Mar 2014 (#)

This needed to be said, thank you for doing it so well.

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author avatar Mariah
2nd Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you Kingwell, much appreciated my friend

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author avatar Songbird B
14th Mar 2014 (#)

There are some really good points raised on here Mariah, and like you, I struggle to understand those who feel they need to 'lash out' because they disagree..I thought we were all adults on here, so why must the few act like children having a tantrum?

I wish we had some kind of meet and greet system on Wikinut too, that would help gently guide those who are new to the art of writing.. I know that a lot of us more experienced writers try to help out the newbies where we can, but we can all only do so much.

I think in general, though we have the odd spat, the majority of the time, this is a great writing site with a wide-ranging and tolerant community of writers.. I think you have raised some excellent points here my friend.
Kudos to you! \0/xxx

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author avatar Mariah
15th Mar 2014 (#)

Hi Bev,
Thanks for your input my friend, and yes exactly..we are all adults, the 'throw the dummy out of the pram' lash out tactics should be left in the playground.

I think your meet and greet suggestion is a great idea, an encouraging welcome for newbies and another helping hand to get their heads round using all the editing tools, as you know, I got some help with that from 'an old hand' if you'll pardon the reference lol,
so I know from my own experience as a newbie that others joining would find it a
welcome addition.
Very important points to have raised here Bev, thank you again.

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