It's Time for Progressives to Walk Away from the Democratic Party

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If you are a progressive in the mold of Franklin D. Roosevelt, George McGovern, Paul Wellstone or Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party long ago abandoned you.

The unrepresented left

When Bill Clinton took over the reins of the presidency in the 1990's, he instituted a strategy to push the Democratic Party far to the right from where it had been philosophically, which was slightly to the left of center. He invoked a strategy to appeal to corporate and Wall Street interests and set in motion the policies which would accelerate the disappearance of the middle class and result in the greatest economic inequality in our country since the Gilded Age of the late 1800s. He deregulated the financial industry, decimated the welfare state, instituted a draconian crime bill which has resulted in overstuffing our prisons with minorities and the poor. Barack Obama as president has followed a similar path, bailing out the "too big to fail banks," and continuing the "revolving door" practice of allowing former Wall Street bankers and corporate lobbyists to write the laws and run government agencies. Now, the foxes are guarding the government hen-houses regardless of which party is in power. The two major parties, except regarding a few social issues, are interchangeable, both representing an agenda that is blatantly and unashamedly anti-progressive.

Time to go

Let's face it, progressives. The Democratic Party has abandoned us. They did it way back in 1993, and they become less responsive to our cares and needs with every passing day. Witness the roadblocks they have erected against the Bernie Sanders campaign. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, as chair of the Democratic National Committee, scheduled only six debates between Hillary Clinton and Bernie, and she scheduled them on nights when she knew the television audience would be small, such as on holiday weekends and opposite professional football playoff games. Witness how they now call for Bernie to drop out of the race, even before the people of California, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington, D.C. have cast ballots.

Wishing Bernie to go away

Mainstream corporate media pundits, like broken records, make the same plea endlessly these days: Bernie Sanders needs to drop out and unite the Democrats behind Hillary Clinton so Donald Trump can be defeated in November. Regardless of the fact that Bernie trounces Trump in all the polls (by up to 15 percentage points in some), and Hillary barely beats him and is even down in some, establishment Democrats, in fear of losing their privileged status on the gravy train of corporate and Wall Street money, refuse to see the handwriting on the wall: the Democratic Party will endorse Sanders' political revolution and become again the truly progressive party it was always meant to be, or it will become an anachronism.

There is no way that I, along with millions of other progressives, will continue to play "the lesser of two evils" card, and hold our noses while we vote for Hillary. The establishment is thinking we will, but they have another think coming. We are not going to act against our progressive values and vote for a woman who is in every way a Republican clad in Democratic clothing.

I leave the reader with a prescient quote I heard today at a Sanders rally in California: "Hillary is what a Republican should be. Bernie is what a Democrat should be."

Bernie or bust!

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
6th Jun 2016 (#)

Steve you are right, there has been the need for a progressive party of labour for a long while inside the USA, that are prepared to fight for the rights of working people.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
7th Jun 2016 (#)

Thank you Peter. I'm hoping Bernie runs on the Green Party ticket. If he does he could win.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
7th Jun 2016 (#)

I doubt he'll run on such a ticket and even if he does I cannot see the Green Party winning.

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author avatar Lyndy
7th Jun 2016 (#)

You are spot on, Steve. I've been confused about where our "democratic" party had disappeared to and you've spelled it out clearly for me. I agree, Bernie's the only one who actually knows what we need and want, and appears to be the strong leader the working class so desperately needs. Great article.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
7th Jun 2016 (#)

Thank you Lyndy. I appreciate your comment.

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author avatar Chris Romero
25th Jun 2016 (#)

Poor little Angry White Man! You didn't get Bernie Sanders (aka Grandpa Superman) so now you're going to pull a temper tantrum and vote for Jill Stein. Fine; I'm sick of all the FAKE White Liberals who supported Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton is a progressive-moderate (like myself) and I'm very happy I voted for her in the primaries. I'm voting for her again this November. As for you Steve Kinsman, I'm glad you're leaving my Democratic Party. We don't want people like you. Most Bernie Sanders supporters are not even true Democrats anyway. Many of them are Libertarians, Greens, Socialists, Peace & Freedom Partiers, conspiracy theorists, etc. In other words, us REAL Democrats NEVER welcomed you people into our party - you tried (unsuccessfully) to hijack it. Please, GET LOST. Jill Stein needs her "five percent" anyway. LoL

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
25th Jun 2016 (#)

A typical response from a Hillarybot. Your hatred of Bernie supporters is hardly what will draw us back into the fold, and millions of progressives in addition to myself will abandon the party that abandoned us and became the errand boy for Wall Street. The Democratic Party, because of its abandonment of the working class, will shortly implode and die and become an anachronism because of people like you. You REAL Democrats, as you call yourselves, have your collective head in the sand. History will leave you in the dust.

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author avatar Mariah
25th Jun 2016 (#)

'Our Steve' is always going to ruffle some feathers because he speaks as he finds.. and of course not everybody is going to agree with his perception but calm down mate!! because that's politics,..voice your opinion but don't get too personal otherwise you're not presenting a political argument, you're just making an offensive noise

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
25th Jun 2016 (#)

Well said Mariah. Thank you.

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