It's a miracle!!! He can walk!!!!!!

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Can some people really not walk anymore, or are they just too lazy? Seems it might be the latter sometimes...

It's a miracle!!! He can walk!!!!!!

Recently Uncle Gus convinced Father that the two of them should send Auntie Marriene's old car to Bronky to have fixed up just grand, and then take the car to Kees, Auntie Marriene's late husband.

Auntie Marriene had left the car to Kees in her will, but since he's not only alcoholic but also a waster of money and would just kill a few people running them over with the car in a drunken stupor and then when the car is completely out of gas, Kees would probably just live in the car wherever it stands until it's completely deteriorated, the family was too scared to give him the car and they just left it on Tower Hills.

But now the car is just getting old and deteriorated in our storage room, and we don't have much use for it. Besides, many of the servants have their eye on it. They'll probably just steal it and make it look like a burglary at a later time. Just kidding. I trust them.

But still, Uncle Gus decided to just fix up the car for Kees and then go hand it over to him and then that is that.

Father of course felt violated again that the family just assume Father must pay money to have other people's problems fixed. He doesn't even like Kees. But in the end he gives in and pays.

Fastforward to the car being fixed up and being in a fantastic refurbished condition, and Uncle Gus and Auntie René are driving it to somewhere around the Rand where Kees now lives in some kind of old folks home.

A nurse brings old fat impassive immobile pathetic Kees down in a wheelchair. He doesn't seem to have much if any life in him left. That's part of the reason it was hard for the family to like him; he was always just lying around either drunk or tired or too fat to move or just don't have any ambition.

When him and Auntie Marriene were living in Rand Estate, he demanded that they bring his food to his room; he didn't even want to walk down the hall to the mess hall to get his food.

Uncle Gus and Auntie René tell him why they have come today.

Oh wow, it's a miracle! Kees jumps out of his wheelchair and can suddenly walk. One wonders what the nurse must think.

Kees walks around the car and is all excited about it. Oh, how marvelous that SOMETHING is at least exciting him still. We thought he's long beyond the point where anything on this earth was worth getting up for to him.

Well, he seems chaffed with the car. Hopefully he won't drive when he's drunk and mess up the whole thing by driving into stuff.

Let's hope the car stays intact and in working condition for a worthwhile time.

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