It's not my fault.

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Do you accept responsibility for your actions? Is it ever your fault or always somebody elses? A bit about accountability.

Be held to account.

We are all connected. We are all alone. If a person walks into the road and is run over by a car, whose fault is it? The driver or the person who stepped in the road? Hard to say. What were the circumstances? Okay. The traffic signal was red and the pedestrian signal was green. Easier? It was the driver's fault? Shouldn't the pedestrian have checked for traffic, regardless of the signal? The driver is obviously in the wrong, legally speaking, they have run a stop signal and injured, maybe fatally, another human being. Easy.
You go into debt. Not difficult in these keeping up with the Joneses times. A little too much credit, an overdraft, a generous Christmas period that you can ill afford. The bank refuses to pay a direct debit and charge you for the privilege of telling you, in writing! Fair? It's not? Why not? The bank never told you to spend money. Yes, they did allow you to have a credit card, an overdraft, accept all of those direct debits you set up, as you splashed out on gifts like the last remaining Rockefeller. Then they bury the charges - there are always charges - in the depths of reams and reams of mind numbing, fine print, terms and conditions! Who ever reads that?!
Convicted of a serious crime, you are sent to prison where, you are fed gruel three times a day, made to clean toilets and the streets as part of your punishment, not allowed more than two hours of television a day. Harsh? What about your human rights? Hmmm. And one more.
Whilst driving, you are caught using your mobile phone and fined. Fair? No? You're a really good driver and besides, loads of people do it!
Increasingly, in western society, we are living in a world with more rules but less accountability. It is always somebody else's fault. You got caught on the phone whilst driving? You had to take the call. You get banned, as well as fined? Can't be banned, infringes on "livelihood". Cannot get cable television in jail? Complain to the court of human rights. Bank's charged you for not having any money - the temerity of it! - and refuse to pay your bills? Claim the money back. They overcharge anyway. It is never your fault. Personal accountability is a non-starter now.
You keep wanting to have sexual relations with random people, even though you're in a 'committed' relationship? Must be a sex addict. Can't help yourself. Thank you.
The recession. Those damned banks! They spent all our money! And the government let them! I should have saved money? I did! They said I would get x percent - it might have seemed too good to be true - but I believed them! It's all their fault! Who voted for the government? I voted for the other guy!
I need a gastric band. The mental anguish of being overweight (put the fork down) is too much. Have you tried dieting? Yes, I've tried everything; patches, salads, exercise, even hypno therapy, that was a waste of a month! Nothing works! I need a gastric band. Ok.
People should be accountable for their actions. There is far too much blaming; of circumstances, other people, weather, illnesses, phobias. The truth is, people know the difference between right and wrong, even when they choose to ignore it.
We are all alone. We are all connected. Should we not all be accountable?


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Excellent point. "we are living in a world with more rules but less accountability." Best quote I've seen in awhile. Great post, Writtenby.

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