It was not me, it was the drink.

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After a certain age, is it not up to the individual to police their behaviour? Too many incidents are blamed on inebriation.

Just a little bit tipsy....

As a callow youth, most, I would guess, do things which, on reflection are not wise, but are extremely fun and so get repeated. In those early, teenage years, one might, out of curiosity, partake in many things. Some you grow out of, others, due to social conventions, continue.
The most popular of social conventions is drinking. Drinking alcohol to be precise. For most, it is the first 'adult' substance they encounter. Whether it is under parental guidance; a little bit of wine at a wedding or a milestone birthday; or through friends deciding to buy a bottle of Martini, most people experience alcohol as their first inhibition loosener.
Unless you are strictly religious, had a deathly, adverse, reaction or simply do not like the taste, at some point you will have drank more than is wise and eased into drunkeness.
People have different reactions to alcohol. Some get happy, some manic, others get melancholy, some overly chatty, others tearful. You do not really hear about those, but if you have encounter any of the above, you would remember!
The most common sort of drunken behaviour you will hear about is aggressive behaviour. The amount of arguments and fights caused by alcohol is numerous and sad. What is worse is that it is common amongst, usually, sane adults.
If you are aware of how you react to alcohol - become aggressive - maybe you should not drink so much. If you cannot curb your quantities, you should not drink at all.
A case of four Somalian women beating up a white woman, whilst under the influence of alcohol, recently made the papers. The women's defence for their, as far as can be ascertained, unprovoked attack, was they were not used to alcohol as their religion - do not get me started! - prohibits them drinking! The judge let them off! That is right; they assaulted someone, thus breaking the law and broke their own religious code, yet the walked away without remorse.
If this judge believes that it is acceptable for people to be assaulted, as long as the people doing the assault are under the influence of alcohol, god help us all.


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author avatar Sheila Newton
8th Dec 2011 (#)

Excellent article - and you tell it so well.

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