Its strange to see people loving the things and using the people instead of doing the otherway round!

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I don't know if the lines of this poem hold true for the rest of the world or not, but this poem is my view on the present scenario of the changing world around me. It's quite painful to see people turning so mechanical and emotionless.

The Lost World

The world is changing,so are its people
Now they are showing instincts of animals.
All that people want is enjoyment and fun,
No one in this world cares for anyone.

Children mature before their right age,
And they want to be free,out of their cage.
Guidance given by elders is called “lecture”,
And the concern showed by them is “torture”.

Parents now believe that their son and daughter,
Know what’s good and bad,so they do not bother.
They don’t check what their kid does whole day,
They are too busy to guide their own child’s way.

The senses of the youngsters are growing numb,
Their deeds and words leave people dumb.
These nocturnes party and enjoy at night,
Disturbing normal people,they its their right.

Girls and boys are seen together everywhere,
What they talk,what they do,nobody cares.
Situations arise when their hearts control their minds,
Later they regret and wish if only they could rewind.

People are judged by their wealth and possessions,
Money is now considered man’s success and destination.
False image is presented to create good impression,
Everybody has begun to live in a world of illusion.

World is now more like a big factory,
Where humans act as its machinery.
Although they live and work together,
Yet there are no feelings for each other.

Humans are dividing into parties and groups,
Like animals move in herds and savages in troupes.
Destruction and commotion rule over our lives.
People are now more cunning than wise.

I wish to change this world once more,
I want to heal the hearts that are sore.
My prayers will be answered if and only,
I could teach this world to live peacefully.

Like charity,peace too begins at home,
So begin now and never think you are alone.
Love is easy to spread as everybody needs it,
And once they experience it,they’ll get used to it.

Love can heal deepest wounds,teach toughest lessons,
Provided the feeling is true and heart is concerned.
So lets not wait for others to get up and initiate,
And begin just now,before its too late.


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author avatar Lavanya
I am an emotional, creative and expressive person and I express my emotions in the form of poems and articles. I write in Hindi and English.

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author avatar V vineet kumar
4th Nov 2011 (#)

nice one , really portrays the present scenario

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author avatar Retired
4th Nov 2011 (#)

a world of material indeed

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
4th Nov 2011 (#)

What you wrote is the reality, your observation is correct and the change is inevitable though there are lessons being learnt by the people from time to time.

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author avatar Lavanya
4th Nov 2011 (#)


Its sad to know that the phenomenon is world-wide. Really wish there were ways to bring back humanity and commonsense among people.

Thank You all for taking time to read and share your views.

Love & Smiles,

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