Jagdpanther (The Hunting Panther)

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Good and evil are the flip sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.


The war rages on since time unknown,
None know its genesis, all they saw was their blades;
As blind horsemen charge ahead with bloody spears,
The blood of the men on the battlefield seldom fades.

I am a knight too, I fight for this cause,
Knowing not the right and wrong;
I was born to wield my blade,
In the fiercest crusades I learnt to stand strong.

We have fought each other, me and you,
Our daggers have tasted blood again and again;
Our wounds seal both our vengeance and hatred,
Our wounded soul conceals its pain.

I remember the night I walked down the valley,
An eerie night, not a symphony from a faraway owl;
The serenity of the vale, 'twas a heavenly bliss,
Not in twenty-one leagues did I hear a wolf howl.

I walked my path in silent vigilance,
My fear now quenched, I turned around;
A shower of fiery bolts and my body laid pierced,
In the blink of an eye, I fell to my knees, on the ground.

I would not abdicate myself to the dark,
Not until I bore in me my final breath;
I was the guardian of my valiant brethren,
And I would destroy anyone standing in the way, be it the reaper himself, or be it Death.

My soul stood strong, but my wounds gave in,
I felt a sword from behind, cleaving into my heart;
Dropped to the ground, smeared in my own blood,
You grinned at my face as you watched me fall apart.

I watched you slay my kin,
You burned down everything I cared for;
You laughed aloud, a vicious roar,
For you had killed me, you were bound to win the war.

I see you have no grief, no remorse,
You never were the same when we prayed together with our mother;
You held my hand and you learned to walk, we share the same blood,
I never dreamed that a brother would kill his brother.

You reign over the shire, you've taken the throne,
You plot forth to conquer the kingdom, every stone, every mile;
You laugh at my fate, you pity my state,
You offer me none, but your grim, sly smile.

But you do not know, what you do not see,
My wounds have healed, my soul rises like a new dawn;
Smile my brother, for numbered are your days,
For this Panther Hunts on, you've won the battle, but the war shall go on......


Hunting, Jagdpanther, Panther, War

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I am a enthusiastic poet and have been penning down poems since I was 8 years old.

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