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Inspired by the local Boston Rastafari Scene and my Spiritual Mother Yvette as well as the Psalms of the Tanakh and the Zen Zion Coptic Orthodox Church as well as the writings of Brother Gad from the 12 Tribes of Israel, these words explore the good vibrations and feelings and overall spirituality of Jah One Love.

Jah Psalm 1

Heavenly Father,
Many times I have missed the mark
Though I strive not to
I turn to you for an embrace, to touch your love
In this hour I need your mercy
Even though I have not been merciful
Wash away my stone heart
Make me clean, garden clean

I know I have walked astray
Blind was I
Regret I do
From the world I did not walk away
From my only master I did
The rightfulness of your ways I abandoned
Your voice I closed my ears
That which your warned me, I enjoyed fully
You shall judge me, which is fair

By a mistake I was birthed
More mistakes I released onto this world

I repent my ways
I prostrate before you
Teach me your wisdom
So that I may ounce again walk in truth
I wish to hear your singing voice
To be made pure, clean
To know joy ounce more

Reshape my stone heart into a pure heart
Bring my soul to the surface
Please, do not take your presence away from me

Knight me with your joy
Give me the trusted keys to salvation
Your nourishment keeps strong
Speak through me to other abusers
May all wrong doers become right again

When you are done using me
Allow me to praise you
By sun and by moon
By shut eyes and open eyes

No sacrifice can make right for our wrongs
Only our prayers, prostrations and right living
You want us broken so you can rebuild us, rebirth us
Made one
May I aid you in building ZION
Eternal Zion
Spiritual Zion
As it has always been among the spirit

Then the sweet song of joy shall forever be sung
King of kings
Lord of lords
True eternal ruler of the universe

Jah Psalm 2

Blessed the Lord in love,
The eternal parent
All of the all
Life giver
Life sustainer

I consecrate myself to you O’ Lord
In your presence I yearn to be
May the thunder of your wisdom echo in my ears
May the lightning of gnosis serge through my being
Awaken the Christ within me
So that I may shine the Christ onto others

I prostrate before you only
Heal me of my stubbornness
Unveil this illusion that humans have created
Let me embrace your revelation
Unfold supreme reality

I am yours
I serve not because I have to
But because I want to

Bless the lord in love

Jah Psalm 3

I hear your voice, heavenly One
It shakes me to the core
Changing every fiber of me being
Who I was, I am no more
Now I am your servant
As I should have always been
I hear your voice heavenly one
It shakes me to the core

Jah Psalm 4

I awake o lord
With praises for you on my lips
Your love flooding my body
You are my first thought
Even in my dreams I praise you
May the whole world embrace you
So that we may become better children

Jah Psalm 5

O children
Do not do wickedness
Do not go where demons dwell
Do not follow the path of evil

Be not like the hypocrites
Who give false praises to the almighty
Then they join evil in its dance

Listen to the lords’ teachings
Dwell on them day and night
Allow the Lord to overtake you
Be one being

Unlike the wicked
Who constantly strong from God
Seeking knowledge through material
Purposely avoiding the truth
Leading many into blindness

Wicked people destroy themselves
God lovers are giving eternal life

Jah Psalm 6

Dear children of the most high
Beware the trap dogma
Shut not your mind
Do not narrow your vision
Be free from dogmatic slavery

You will not find your Lord among empty graves
Full of discarded shells
Nor will you find your Lord among faithless religions
Believers of traditions only find dead ends
Clingers to superstitions only find empty lives

The Lord is to be experienced
Not merely talked about or hypothesized
But felt, known with every ounce of your being

Listen not to those who try to divorce themselves from Creation
Saying that they are superior to all that is
Remember we were made to exist within Creation
To be apart of the world
We are maintainers of what the Lord allows us to have domain
We are not owners of anything
We are merely eternal borrowers
Only the Lord Most High can lay claim to everything

Experience the Ultimate One
And you shall be healed
Conflict of body and soul will extinguish
You will be made one with the All
True peace
True love
Will overflow within you
Spill across all boundaries
And aid those that come in contact with you

All praise
All glory
All love
To the Eternal One
Who we know is real
Not by blindness
But by our own faithful sight
Our own experience

Jah Psalm 7

Heavenly Father
Aid us in our ability to see through the lies of this world
Help us to overcome this illusion
Only you are real
Only you can lead us out of this Egypt land

Give us your sight
So we may not befooled by trickery
Give us your ears
So we may discern correctly between truth and lies

O Beloved Father
Your children need you
Help us lift us up
All glory, all honor, is for you only
The curse of Leviathan plagues many
Except those who know you
Love you
And walk within your presence

May all awake
Before they pass into essence

Jah Psalm 8

The world is blind
They believe themselves to move forward
Instead they only circle
The leaders learn nothing from history
They use religion as a pawn
Never ounce do they take a step back
Never ounce do they learn any lessons of what came before
With the Lord they never take council

The Almighty knows all they do
Yahweh weeps for them
Through prophets and teachers he warns the foolish masses
Ignorant humans deafen themselves to the Holy One
They curse Zion

But only the Lord knows the set time for us all
The fools head not the Lord
Destroying the paradise that was made for us
Flinging themselves into chaos
Damnation, they volunteer with full pride
Listing, all you children
Learn from the past
Repeat the mistakes of the blind no more
Take council from the Great One
Show you are loyal by living with paradise
Live not against Zion as the forebears did

Trust in Yahweh for everything
Happy you will be in this life
Happy you will be in the next

Jah Psalm 9

Play not the games of Babylon
Listen not to the speeches of the Pharaohs
Take no guidance from the archons
Lest you for fit your existence

Seek not after easy partners
Though you will find many
Seek not after riches
Though they flaunt it in your face
Close your hands to all they offer
What they give is disease, greed, corruption and hatred of all that God created

So blind to the Lord you will be
That you will be numb to Gods presence
You will see a light from the Almighty
You will feel everlasting love
And you will run from it with all your might

In death you will cast yourself into hell
Because the enemies of God lead you there
No other way do you know

Be not chained down in this life
Free yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually

Bring yourself into the presence of YHVH
Throw yourself into Gods radiance
Wash yourself clean from your slave self
Be reborn as free as an angel

You will be beyond dogma
Beyond tradition
Beyond your society

Learn from all the Lord has giving you
Stand in the light of Christ
Become enlightened
Then only then will all make sense

A new way
The original way awaits you
But you must bring yourself there

Jah Psalm 10

Children of God know this!
When you live not for this life
When you have broken your chains of slavery
Many loyal to the Pharaoh will come
Enemies will abound
As it has always been for the light bringers

Fear not
The Lord is with you always
Pray to the Holy One
As answer will come forth from Zion

The devils will surround you
Threaten you with death
Have no fear
You will live forever

Take pity on them
Ask the Lord to forgive them
It is they that fear death
It is they who have giving up eternal life

The Lord blesses all of those who bring themselves to Him

Jah Psalm 11

How long will you ignore God?
Why do you follow traditions that keep you from the Creator?
You absorb there teachings yet find no peace
The keys they have stolen from you reclaim what is yours

The Lord calls out “Come to me”
Yet you do not go
The Lord has giving you a natural sacrament
Yet you do not partake of it
Think about these things

Break free break free
Experience the wonders of the Lord
Feel the pulsing presence of God within you
All around you
The Lord is nearer to you than your own skin

Happy you will be in love, in peace, in union, with the Most High

Jah Psalm 12

Hear me
My heart is full of sadness
Hear me
My king of kings

The wicked ones curse you
Spreading negative vibrations
Holding many of your children captive
They trick your children into staying captives
With there dollar lies
Pining them against one another
Pushing your children into killing one another

Lord of lords
I am standing in your heart
Filled with respect, with love
I worship you

Lord of lords
Glory of glories
How can I help those captives?
What is my best way of breaking down the barriers?

King of kings
Put the truth in my mouth so they can hear it
Let me plant the seed to their awakening
In your name
To give you all the glory

My enemies lead them to the grave
God, have mercy
They fall into self-made traps
Sending themselves away from your presence
Let them be turned before it’s too late

My God
I want the whole world to experience you
To be filled by you
So that these ignorant days may end
And the songs of joyful bliss may pour forth

Conflict no more, all will do what is right
Zion on earth forever
Zion on earth forever
As it was meant to be

Jah Psalm 13

In paradise Adam and Zoe dwelt
Knowing only Zion
Constantly basking in the presence of Yahweh
Still, they chose to throw it away
Regretting, but never learning

Learn from Adam and Zoe
Turn your mind off
Regenerate your soul
Return to Zion

This Babylon illusion will keep you frozen in emptiness
If you chose it for yourself

Learn from Adam
Learn from Zoe

Jah Psalm 14

So many are angry
Inflicting so much pain
Pity them Father for they are weak

Beloved God
You have healed me
I prostrate before you
Broken in all ways

I listened to your council
I learned what is right
Teach the world Lord
Teach the world Lord
How long will it be until they reach out to you?

Save these zombies
Pour forth your kindness
So that they may come to you
Thank you
Praise you

I was a zombie too
Ignorant, belly full
So far from the mark was I
I forgot all about the Lord

As I laid in my grave
A spark went off within me
Slowly I became alive
Slowly I made my way towards you

To you I cried
Dragged myself into your heart
My eyes could barely see
You were too great for me
Into the light I was sent
A zombie I was never to be again

Enemies came quickly
The traps of evils were everywhere
I stayed in the presence of the Lord
Fearful of nothing
Avoiding the deceitful minds
Walking, knowing, experiencing Jehovah daily

If I can have control enough to bring myself to the Lord
You too can do what I did

Jah Psalm 15

It is not the Lord who condemns
Nor is it the Lord who punishes
The mirror shows you your condemner
The mirror shows you your punisher
Stop saying it is the Eternal One when you are the culprit
Instead of chasing right you chase the wrong
Instead of clinging to heaven you cling to the world

The Lord Creates
The Lord is mercy
The Lord is Love beyond love
Why do you fear this?
Why do you push this away?
Are you that blind?
That ignorant?

Listen not to fools
Cling to the One True Parent

Jah Psalm 16

Babylon is a bear
With one swipe it can destroy you
Leave you as dust
Allow you to remain in darkness

But those who know the Mighty Lion
They will not be destroyed
No matter how hard Babylon tries
For even if the body is discarded
Life continues
Because that person chose life

Offer Thanksgiving to your friends
Offer thanksgiving to your family
Share all you have
Put aside petty differences
Ask the Lord for guidance
Aid one another to become a Christ

Care not for the misguided nations
Answer to the highest call
Do no wrong
Think correct thoughts
Have correct feelings

Be not like the wicked

Protect each other
Protect the balance of nature
Remember always you own nothing
You are only a steward of the King of king’s palace

If you are wicked change your life
Be reborn in the experience of Yah
Lay down your weapons
Your swords, your tongues
Be that way never again

Those who do what is wicked
Who spread lies
Push others down so they can stand
They, the evildoers, will lose themselves
Cast their lot into the abyss
There violent ways will snap their necks

Live one with all
Eternal blessings you will have, always

Jah Psalm 17

Offer Thanksgiving to the Lord
Offer thanksgiving to your family
Offer Thanksgiving to your friends
Offer Thanksgiving to strangers
Rejoice together
Sharing the blessings of the Most High

Turn your eyes to Orion’s belt
Praising God, taking sacrament
Never forget the downpression you dealt with
Never forget Jah in your times of persecution

Aid others as the Lord has aided you
Help all his children into the light
Share the blessings of the Most High
Positive vibration will cause Babylon to die
Rejoice on that day enter into Zion

Together in Zion we will be
Singing, praising, offering thanksgiving
Sharing the blessings of the most high
Sharing the blessings of Jah the Most High

Jah Psalm 19

The false teachers say, “You must be perfect before the Lord”
I say, “Those who lie, pretending to be perfect, never knew the Lord”
It is our imperfections that make us perfect
It is our faults that make us faultless
Embrace yourself as you are
Embrace others as they are
Then you will know the LOVE of GOD and experience the universal Majesty

Jah Psalm 21

Spread forth the goodness of the Lord
Teach it to the young
Teach it to the old
Teach it to your friends
Teach it to your enemies
So that the wickedness of Babylon becomes plain for all to see
Spread the goodness of the Lord, to awaken the dead in life

Be healed in body and in spirit
Cleanse yourself of dogma
Prepare yourself to enter Zion
Erase all icons and statues, which have been created by man
They have become too important to you
They keep you from paradise

Why do you not take care of your fellow man?
The angels will treat you as you have treated your own
If you crown no one, no heavenly being will crown you
No crown will rest on your head because you have forfeited glory
Burned away your honor

How could you desire to control others?
Crushing many to seat you in the chair of power
All the time you are sitting in mud believing you were sitting on gold
You smell like dung yet you think it perfume

You watched your children being lead to the slaughter
You allow demons to use technology on you and your young
They use you as if you were rabid animals
Taking all that was kind from you

At there command you dropped bombs on the innocent
Turning into heartless war cannibals
All that lives in the sky, sea and land fear you
When they should turn to you when they are afraid

Wake up people awake
Before you consume yourselves in total

Jah Psalm 23

Heavenly master
I believe in you not by blind faith
As the evil one wishes me
So that they may try to fill me with doubts
I believe in you with experienced faith
There is no place I go where I do not feel your presence

Holy parent
I offer thanksgiving to you
Praises to you
All the seconds of my existence.

Jah Psalm 24

Whether in solitude or social setting
I am in your embrace
Whether day or night
You love pulsates through me
Whether hot or cold
The gnosis you give sustains me

O Lord my master
How fortunate am I to have God who believes in me
A God who supports me
All the seconds of all eternity.

Jah Psalm 25

When you are within the Lords gnosis
The waters are never rough
Many will try to bring storms to you
Even try to destroy God’s temple, your body
Keep yourself fixated on Zion

Continue to offer thanksgiving
Continue to share the blessings you received
Give to those whom the world has rejected
Against you Babylon cannot succeed
Shout for joy when Pharaoh tries to stop you
Those who have been raised from death can never be stopped

Never turn away from the Lord
Nor His blessings
Do not forget or corrupt your gnosis
Turn not away from Zion

Trust in yourself
Feel the Christ within
How can anything outside you defeat you?
You will only fail if you fall within

Jah is our King
Pharaoh will never be.

Jah Psalm 26

When you spread the truth, the world will reject you
The truth is eternal
Forgive the blind rejecters
Remember you were ounce as they are

They will beat you
Try and may kill you
Lock you away in a prison
Cause much suffering
Fear not
Your example will shake them all

Meditate on the Holy One
All is all, all is all, and all is all
Go to your center deep within
Allow your light to shine forth
Allow the gnosis to flood
Lift yourself above physical situations

Baffle Babylon with your demeanor
Give them no satisfaction
Laugh at there accusations
Roll your eyes at their heated voices

Spit on you they will
Shake their fists at you they will
Pay them no mind
Preach faith
Unveil Zion to them

Offer thanksgiving
Black up before them
Do not waver

Azrael may be forced to take you
But many will follow your massage
Break free from dogmas
Destroy tricknology
Abolish politricks
Praise the Most High in ecstasy
Return to the garden
Birth physical Zion
Jah is one
Earth and Zion as one
Eternal peace
Eternal love

Jah Psalm 29

Heavenly Father
How much longer will the beasts be out?
How much longer must we put up with the archons?
How much longer must we endure Pharaohs demands?

Heavenly Father
We need a brother Moses
We need an exodus
We must leave this Egypt-land
Before they grind us out
Using their trickery to keep the people in mental prisons

The time is near
I can feel it in my marrow
The time is unknown
Only the father knows times and dates
But the days of this illusion is numbered
The great whore will be no more

Jah Psalm 35

Draw I closer to you
Draw I brothers and sisters to you
Cleanse us
Uplift us
Show I and I the way

I feel you within me
I see you all around me
Peace, and love overwhelms me
May all come to know the tranquility of Jah

Jah Jah
Gather the world into your heart
Flood the universe with your love
So that Zion has no horizon

Jah Psalm 36

From the Almighty we come
To the Almighty we go
For Jah is the force that creates and sustains
Jah is the very essence of life

So fear not death
When our spiritual energy leaves this body
Rejoice at our return to essence, force, the Most High

Jah Psalm 37

O holy heavenly Father
So many paths have been inverted
So many arguments and wars
Don’t they know you are not in a book?
Nor are you in a building
But within every aspect of the universe
Our hearts are your home

Heavenly One
May all enter themselves
By doing so they enter you
To Experience your joy your love
Will bring about Zion on earth for all eternity


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