Jake Clemmens File: How We Assist Others At Their Time Of Transition From This World To The Next

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The gentleman in this article, Mr. Jacob "Jake" Clemmens, has given us his permission to share his story with you which concluded his transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of FreePlanets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

I have worked in the past with many souls who needed some kind of assistance in finding their way onward to the next realm which is a world similar to this one and just as solid. Now I work in conjunction with my husband Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez in assisting souls over the cross line to the next world.Here is one recent story.But first, an explanation.

We all at this level of our existence at one time or another face what many of you call “death.” There is no death to speak of, but the transition of the soul body from the physical to another physical body is evident.The soul body upon the transition of so-called “death” is only different in molecular structure and that is why people can pass through walls and other structures. They can also walk through you, the ones still inhabitating this dimension or earth plane.

Unfortunately, too many souls came to me and through my efforts to assist them they drained me of my energy. For years I refused to help any more. Now I take them one at a time and do not allow more than one into my sphere at any given time.

I take scribings from the starship commanders and others of high acclaim and that is my first priority.

One young gentleman I assisted to cross over had of himself a vocabulary which would have made a sailor blush, but we are not here to judge nor condemn, only to help.

We each have our own path to walk and lessons to learn and some people have a harder time than others.

The gentleman in this article, Mr. Jake Clemmens, has given us his permission to share his story with you which concluded his transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Internet Files And Our Policy

July 17, 2013 9:55 am

Rania: Alright Jacob, We will take you now.

Jake: You will? Great! You said 9:55 am. You are late by two minutes, love.

Rania: We call the shots here! You understand me, Jacob?

Jake: Yes, ma’am.

Rania: Good. Before we work on crossing you over, we need you to know of our policy.

Him: Oh, yeh, I know..everybody knows about it. Sure. No prob.

Rania: Good. Now there is a reason why you are still here and I know you are very agitated and that is why we took you earlier. As you know there are other people waiting in line.

Him: I know that, doll, but golly gee, I just got here, I think, and don’t even know my way around that old building just northside of Imperial Junction. Minnesota, U.S.A. (clicks his tongue against the side of his mouth. – Rania)

I know, we tend to have peculiar names for train stations, don’t we, doll? But then my friends and family members call me Nostradamus. Not for fun though, I am kind of a physic.

Jacob "Jake" Clemmens

Jake: "I didn’t get a chance to tell him, “I’m sorry!”

(Note: This picture is the closest I could find as to what the gentleman, Jacob, looked like. The splitting image, in fact, save that of the difference in hair colour. - Rania)

Rania: How old are you, Jake?

Him: I am 54. Blond hair once and bluish-gray eyes. Married once for a short time. The dame and I just didn’t hit it off but there were no children, thank God! To be poisoned by her influence. Her negative influence, that is. She used to drink a lot and do drugs. I used to think she was a sweet little thing until I learned she was hooked, line, and sinker.

Rania: Anything else you might want to add? Just hold on until I let the dog in.

Him: Not really, love. Let me see…umm..well, I got killed in this train crash northeast of Minnesota but I can’t really remember the details. So they tell me over here, anyway. Strange place this is. Queer folk.

Rania: Where were you going, Jake?

Him: To see my aunt Luthra and cousin Bessy. Over there in Chicago.

Twin Brothers Fighting!

Rania: All right. What is keeping you here? Do you have any issues with anyone?

Jake: What are issues, love?

Rania: Issues are ‘concerns.’ Unfinished business.

Him: Well, none that I can think of..(Thinking. Caps his hand over his chin. – Rania)

Him: Humm…wait a minute. There is Dorky, my twin brother. We called him a dork because he was slow as molasses at getting things done. We had an issue. His girlfriend Melissa, whom I was going to marry at one time and then she stabbed me in the back for him! I never forgave him for that, love! Not in a million years hence!

Rania: What year is it, Jake?

Him: You don’t know the year, love? You don’t even know what year it is? I thought..the people said you were specialized …in what you and Jamie love, do. Everyone knows him as well, over here..over here wherever I am.

Rania: What year is it then, Jake?

Jake: 1492. No just kidding. It is 1984.

Rania: Thank you. Have you seen a light anywhere?

Jake: What kind of light? Coal miners light? Heck, I even know about that. No, love, I have never seen a light like you’re talking about. Can we take a break? I gotta go pee.

Rania: Go ahead. We will break for ten minutes.

Jake: Thanks love. 10:15 am

Jamie And Rania Converse

10:19 am

Jake: I’m back! Where are you, love?

Rania: I said ten minutes.

Him: What is the difference?

Rania: The difference is I said ten minutes. Now you have used up a minute so we will proceed at exactly 10:26 am

Rania: Jamie, you might want to sit in on this one, love.

Jamie: Is everything alright, love?

Rania: We are on a ten minute break while Jake "goes pee." He is very talkative.
His issue is with his brother who married the girl he wanted to marry, and he says he will never forgive him. You might consider entering the conversation, love.

He also was killed in a train crash. He is from 1984. He thinks he died today.
People where he is at have told him he is dead. I cannot ascertain as yet if he believes that.

Jamie: Fine, glad he knows too well he died.

Rania: I should tell you that when we handle these souls we must be careful not to ever enter our own lives into the conversation. We are guides that is all. No examples are to ever be given to the ghosts from our own personal records. Six minutes ...oh..he is back. Well...we will go on.

Jamie: He admitted or realized he is "dead" love. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Rania: Too true, Jamie, there is no death. It is just a molecular change in composition of the soul body.

Jake Blows Up!

Jake: Ya, I’m here. Can we continue on now, lady?

Rania: Alright Jake. We are going to bring Jamie into the conversation. Maybe he will be able to shed some light on your concerns with your brother..uh..what is his real name?

Him: Henry! We called him ‘Henrietta! That punk! God I hate him! Where’s Jamie then? (Jake is grouchy. Tempermental – Rania)

Jamie: Hey, Jake, you make it much more difficult for yourself than us who are trying to help you. Now, you've got to wake up. You were ever so lost since 1984. So time for you to get through that corridor of light.

Jake: (Snarles) You ain’t got no damned brother just like mine, boy! So you shut your mouth!

Rania Speaks!

Rania: Jake you asked to speak with Jamie and I will tell you right in the here and now, if I ever hear you speak to him or myself in that crude manner again, you will be serving time wherever you are until the cows come home! You understand me here?! Smarten up!

Him: Sorry lass. I guess I got carried away. (Sulks – Rania)

Rania: There is no excuse here for your behaviour and at your age you should definitely have outgrown such outbursts! Now are you ready to proceed if Jamie even remotely considers in continuing to help you at all?!

Jamie Speaks

Him: Ya..I said I was sorry!

Jamie: Be cool, Jake. You're agitated too much for your own good. Look at it this way, my way. There is a timeline for you connect and you can do that through the door brightened by the light. Go in there and have your peace, man. The light has always enticed you but you turned away. For your own good, heed our advice. In fact, you suffered far too long.

Jake: Hey, man. Thanks. And sorry for my comment.

Jamie: Love, it's up to Jake now. We let him go. He can see the light in the distance now.

That'll be alright, my friend. I'll bid you good bye as you enter the light. You'll be happy there, promise. Seek your friends and family there and you'll find them. I am happy for you, Adieu, Jake!

Rania: He is not ready yet Jamie. His brother is an issue, love, which he will have to deal with before he is ready to cross over.

Rania: Jake. We are going to break now for awhile. I will call you when we are ready to resume.

Him: Thanks lady. Rania, is it? Well, I really do appreciate your help and sidekick, Jamie, too.

Rania: He is my husband. Not a sidekick. He is the other half of this team. Alright. Jake you go grab a coffee or something. And I have a question to ask you later about a certain scanner in our home. Rania out at 10:42 am

Henry And The Roll Over!

10:55 am

Jake: My brother was in a rollover and he died and I didn’t get a chance to tell him, “I’m sorry.” God I hate him for dying on me like that! He always beat me to the punch, so to speak!

Rania: Alright. We will continue shortly, Jake. Take a coffee.

Him: Alright ma’am. I think I will. 10:55 am

Something New! The Light!

11:15 am

Jamie: Jake, listen to us and your reason. Your brother has crossed over. It is only you who remain or have wanted to remain. That's your choice. The other is the light you should have seen a long time ago but looked away from. Your last opportunity, Jake.

Jake: Ya, well this is all new to me, brother.

The World Beyond

Rania: Jake. When you see the ..light..

Him: Wait! Hey I do! A big glowing thing! Holy cow! It’s real isn’t it? Just like my brother, my brother-in-law, sister’s husband, Jamie, said!

Rania: Do you see anyone there? By the light?

Him: no..wait..there seems to be a figure…could that be Henry, love?

Rania: That is not too likely. This will be your guide and when you go with the guide, you walk though a hallway, a vortex, and as you step through the other side of that vortex, you will see a new world. You will, if your brother is still there waiting for his turn to go before a Council of good and friendly men and women, to review the highlights in his life and what lessons can be learned or redone in his next li…

Him: Whoa! There! Hold on! What next life? I gotta go through all this over again?

Rania: No, it will be a new start with some old lessons to complete and new challenges to accomplish. New people you have not known will make up a goodly part of your companionship and some members of your new family will be people you have already known and been close to in this past lifestream.

Him: O.K. It makes sense. Go on. What about this place. Is it like earth?

Rania: Yes, just like this earth.

The Soul Trip!

Him: (Jake brushes his fingers through his hair. – Rania) Alright then. Well Jamie boy, oops sorry. Jamie, would you walk with me to the light, love?

Rania: Just before you go, Jake, I want to ask you just one question, and it is this: Did you throw the scanner in our study off the base it was sitting on in order to get our attention? Did you flip it so much on it’s side it almost tipped over if there had not been a piece of furniture in the way?

Him: I just tripped over it love. I was trying the manifestation thing.

Rania: Alright. No harm done. Thank you for your honesty. We value honesty above all else from our Cross Overs.

The Cross Over

Jamie: Jake, come with me now as I accompany you there to the guide before the glow of light you see. You won't miss your loved ones that have gone before...

(Note: Jamie walks with Jake to where the guide is standing. – Rania)

Jamie: So, Jake, I will now leave you to the guide and I'll see you off. Be happy and good luck, my friend!

Jake: Hey, thanks man. Bye Rania and thanks for all your help as well. It is much appreciated from both of you. Hey, you really think I’ll see my brother? (slight smile on his face, sort of a sideways smile. – Rania)

Rania: As long as he has not begun a new life. But if he has then the possibility is that when you reincarnate, you will meet up with him again and recognize each other by the same soul essence. Remember Jmmanuel saying: You will know me by my same spirit? But he actually was explaining about the recognition of soul to soul and the scholars deleted and changed his words all around, as usual, so I am telling you what he said. He spoke about the soul, not the spirit. A spirit is a spark which bears the soul to begin again in a new incarnation. In the early centuries, people spoke of a "spirit lamp" which was a flame under a small cauldron, or pot which held the liquid for a tea.

Him: Thank you again love. See ya, Jamie.

(Note: Jamie turns to speak with me. - Rania)

Jamie: I'm sorry to have instigated the session, love. But I'm glad Jake has crossed.

Rania: That is all right, Jamie, we do not want temperamental souls hanging around. That is how poltergeists happen. Many people when they pass out of their bodies do not know how to control and deal with their energy and then things can get out of control. And the souls get backed up when there are not enough of us to cross them over which also adds to the reaction of sometimes frustrated and negative energy.

Permission given for publication by Mr. Jacob Clemmens, and Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez on July 17, 2013 Ryley, Alberta, Canada, Pacific Mountain Standard Time

(Note: At 11:37 am July 17, 2013, Pacific Mountain Time, Ryley, Alberta, Canada, Mr. Jacob Clemmens began his walk to the light with Jamie who handed him to the guide. Mr. Jacob Clemmens took the arm of the guide and passed over with not more than a second’s glance. The guide never looked back which is a sign of no problems on their end either. The pressure of his hand has completely left. Well, another file closed again, Jamie. Smiles. – Rania out) 11:37 am

Written down by Rania Seila and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Reni Sentana-Ries

You can also take a FREE copy of our books at http://scribd.com/rsentana_ries

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Fascinating. As always.

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Thank you, dear friend, Mark, for your always valued comments.

We really appreciate them!

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Fascinating and scary too

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Roja Meeran,

Thank you for your comment.

These files are meant to dispel all fears of crossing over to the other worlds, and not meant to be "scary."

When the truth of so-called "death" is understood and accepted, the journey goes on and in fact can be quite exciting!

Rania and Jamie

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Good to see you in these files, Trillionaire. We hope they set your mind at ease.

Rania and Jamie

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