Jellyfish tree

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This is all about the bright side of life and what we see and do not see

Jellyfish tree

Jellyfish tree

Have you ever asked the willow tree why she weeps?
I wonder if just maybe she is a fish out of water jelly fish tentacle’s dangling of braches.
Were you once a jellyfish that got beached and your tentacle’s turned to roots?
I wonder have you ever wished upon a starfish.
And did he bring you luck?
Or has your luck run out the back door you never knew you had?
Has the wind moved you to tears?
For whom did you cry a river or is it because you sleep alone in the riverbed.
Do you miss the water you swimming tree?

Don’t worry willow fish I too am weeping
You could skip rocks across the streams of tears I have let fall from my windows.
My soul likes to trough out the over flowing buckets of joy and sorrow.
Don’t feel alone we all fall to our knees when the heat of hell gets so close it burns us.
Sometimes our beds are just a reminder of how alone we are.
Maybe the Moon and the sun are lovers and for them a kiss is a rare as an eclipse.
Maybe the clouds is mothers holding on to their children but they are
Falling in love with the ground.
Maybe there children the grass and trees wants to grow tall to meet their grandmother.
What is the volcano containing hurt or love either way it’s bursting out of him, from afar beauty to see close it’s too much and burns.
Jelly tree you’re not alone.

Not to long ago I cooled down in your tears
I sat in the shade of your sadness.
I heard birds singing you a lullaby
I saw them decorate your limbs
You are a house to the outcast insects
For a brief moment I felt like David even though I was without a flock I felt like I could slay giants.
Willow you cannot see life hunched over.
Beauty does not scream it is in the quite moments to be noticed and experienced.
Do not weep dear Willow tree cheer up you are a tree that celebrates life.
Now do me a favour tell me what I don’t see.


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author avatar Richard McDonald
Hi I am Richard McDonald I am a poet writing to ignite embers awaken dormant passions.
Trying to write Gods heart beat to listen for His whispers and translate it on paper. Peace and Love.

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