Job transfer in the workplace among regions affects on children's education

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Some people may often get job transfer or mutation from one region to other region in their workplace. In my experience, the job transfer has influenced on children's education, even though education system has been set nationally by the central government.

Job transfer in the workplace among regions affects on children's education

In My country, people working for the central government can always be subject to mutation or job-transfer among regions or district. I was in charge a government employee often moved from one area to the others at least every 1-2 years. The job transfer from the task area to other area has influenced on children's education, even though education system has been set nationally by the central government.
When my daughter started to enter the first grade of primary school, I worked in the capital of province and I chose a private Catholic school in a concordance with its quality of education including teachers, facilities and infrastructure was quite good. At that time, her lessons were so many; she always got homework almost every day. Sometimes, she had difficulty to do homework and asked her mother especially math. Unfortunately, her mother did not have patient to teach her. So in learning at home often created an atmosphere of conflict between parents and children.
By the time, my daughter up to the second grade, I moved to a small town in the district area in which a limited number of primary schools. I chose the best school based on some information. She had started to school less enthusiasm. Every time I asked her why not learn, she always showed her examination having grade A and she was up at level 3 with first ranking as well.
When she was in the end of semester one at 4th level, I moved to the capital of the State, a city which is the largest in my country. In this city so many options to choose primary schools; however, it was depending on the financial capabilities. I had chosen a middle one. I was shocked when she was going home always crying due to getting fail for mathematics. When I discussed with her teacher, he explained although the syllabus for each region was the same, in fact its application was highly depending on the quality oh the teachers who improved it. In general, the quality of teacher might be different between Headquarter and district. I came to school for consultation and asked for help teachers to provide additional lesson. Of course, conflict of children and parents were also increasingly, even tending to blame each other. Finally, My Daughter was up to level 4th with the 25th lowest ranking of 30 students.
In the early of 4th level, I got a scholarship to study in the UK. I moved to UK with my family. My daughter, who could not speak English, should enter the local school with native. I was worry, because my friend’s son had gotten stress due to unfamiliar environment in the school. Surprisingly, I asked her, she was happy. She answered: “At school a lot of ply games, mathematics is just plus or minus, very easy”. I still doubt her explanation, and finally I observed directly to her school. I showed that during the play she was always accompanied by her friend who was assigned by the teacher. My daughter looked familiar, although communication with a smile and pointing fingers. Six months had been passed; she never got home work unlike studying in my country. She went home without carrying a notebook; it kept in a locker at school. My task to teach children at home was free, but I ask myself, what happened with my child's abilities.
At the time of the semester evaluation, I was invited to the school. The Teacher showed the work of children in school, including papers in composing lesson. I surprised that she could write a story in English language that could be understood even though the grammar and spelling were wrong. She dared to speak English in front of the class with a smooth even in theatrical drama. She discussed with her teacher very free look like no limit between them. She got Math evaluation in the excellent category. I thought how the simple education system, just play, composes and drama had created children’s more independent and grown creatively. Finally, she reached the 7th grade of secondary school with a satisfactory level.
Time passed, I had to go home because my study completed. I began to think whether I will face different education system as before. I and My wife were determined not to be pressed again and let her free and responsible for self-learning. My experiences in the educational system of my country and foreign country have to change my attitude towards educating children. I really do not understand the education system which is best for the child, but I prefer to educate children not exceed her ability. I gave my children more developed in term of personality and how to think and act independently. In addition, I and my wife do not require the child to be number one. 10th years later, she graduated from National University and she is recently working as manager in the workplace. All of that she eventually go through with the flow and joy.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
16th Jan 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this article.

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author avatar Yon Maryono
25th Jan 2015 (#)

Sharing of experience will add to our knowledge. Thanks

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
29th Jan 2015 (#)

Thanks for the share! I am guilty on my own child back in the Philippines ..after a failed relationship I had the great task to raise my child as a single the years of succeeding relocation my child had a limited childhood friends. He is now in the university and in a dorm, i choose him to go back in his alma mater to assured better environment in his crucial years.

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author avatar Yon Maryono
29th Jan 2015 (#)

Thanks for your sharing. I do hope your son will get better off.

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