John Lennox: Just listen to the stupid things atheists believe!

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"We're gonna go listen to a speech by a guy on 'Is God still relevant in today's scientific world'; you wanna come along?", says Mother to me.

I don't care much for religious blah blahing, but then I think it might be a fun activity to go out for, so I say sure.

John Lennox: Just listen to the stupid things atheists believe!

And some drive and some walk and some time later, we find ourselves climbing the concrete stairs up to the top of the amphitheater of North West University in Potchefstroom.

Wow, so many young people. How pretty. There's about three thousand of them if not more. Beautiful white young people, fat young people whose butt cracks won't stay in their pants, skinny young people, extremely muscular young people, intelligent-looking young people, dumb ugly young people, black young people, normal looking young people, and a few older people but mostly young people. I've forgotten how beautiful a lot of young, especially white people are, because it's a sight I very, very seldom have seen in my later years.

Anyway, some older whomever introduces tonight's speaker. But now this guy who introduces the speaker simply won't stop talking. He keeps naming all the "accomplishments" of this speaker of tonight. And he keeps on yapping and yapping and yapping.

But finally, after god knows how long, finally the speaker himself starts talking. It is a professor John Lennox from the Oxford University in England.

Uh-oh. I ask Mother if she can make out a word he's saying. This John Lennox speaks English with an English accent of sorts. Mother usually has trouble making out English, especially in weird Englishlike accents, so I ask her if she knows he's speaking English. She says she can just about make out some things, so it'll be allright.

"Has science buried God" is really the official subject.

However, it turns out it's more of a gossip type talk more appropriately titled "Listen to what those idiot atheists are saying again; we hate them, right? We think they're insane and we are right, right?"

Not long into this speech that goes on almost an hour and then goes into a take five questions and then answer them all at once for another hour, I start to think that perhaps this would have been better if John Lennox invited all these "atheist" people he so ridicules in public, so that each of them could state their opinion on a particular subject.

As it is, it kinda gets stupid, him always trying to rile up the crowd about how stupid all these atheists are and the stupid things they said and the stupid things they write and how idiotic everybody with beliefs other than John Lennox's is.

It's not long before I lie down on the concrete with my upper body and head on the sponge pillow that Father had brought along for me, like the ones Mother and him are sitting on too.

Later on I get up and walk around along the back top of the amphitheater. Such nice fresh air blows in from the openings in the back. It's heaven.

Still, it doesn't seem like this John Lennox is going to stop any time soon. I must say this is probably the longest preaching I've ever sat through.

But, it would appear Father and Mother are still listening, so I don't go up to tell them that we leave.

It goes on and on and on. It seems John Lennox cannot get enough of saying how stupid atheists are. Atheists really are stupid as far as I know, but who cares really? Probably if you're in the field such as John Lennox is then you care, but honestly, I have trouble caring about his ridiculing of people who don't share his beliefs.

It seems he also simply believes that there are religious people and then there are atheists; two camps exactly, and he finds himself passionate about shooting down the other camp with his words. What about people like me for example who entertain the idea that some entity created the universe, but we do not know who it is and current religions don't seem to help us get any closer to answers? Guess I'm safe as long as people like him don't know people like me exist.

And anyway, John Lennox seems like a good person, just doing what he believes in, even if he's being hateful towards his fellow man and sowing division with his actions and words. He doesn't seem to know he's being an ass really. He's just really convinced he's right whatwith his sticking to the trusty ol' Christian faith and all. He believes he needs nothing else. Bless him, the old man who'd probably make a good Santa Clause.

I go lie down again behind Father and Mother and try to get some rest.

Finally it's over and we leave and go eat some Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Strangely enough, Father and Mother do not say a thing about John Lennox's speech, or what they think about it, or ask me what I think about it. Zip. Nothing whatsoever. Have they had enough too?

Oh well. The Kentucky Fried Chicken is delicious. Yummmmmmmm... who needs heaven when there are such wonderful sensations as eating Kentucky Fried Chicken produces? Heaven is right here on earth already if you know where to look.

I was right though; it certainly was fun to go out at night and go be with lots of people in an amphitheater. When would we ever do something like this? Fun. Truly.

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