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This is a short story about John. His school teacher once told him that he would make a great math's teacher. He never followed this path though until after he had had the most revealing of numerology readings. It changed his life, and his direction in that life. He became at the age of 56, a Professor of mathematics.

John's numerologist was also very good with figures

A few years ago, John went to see the master numerologist, Earl Gray. He had a reading done.

The first thing that Earl did was to ask John for his birth date. John gave it to him. It was November 13, 1949. From this number, Earl worked out some other number, that he told John was called a, "Life path number."

Earl then showed John how he had calculated this number. He found it by simply adding together all of the numbers in John's birth date in a certain way.

This method of adding numbers is called digit summing. The numbers in John's birth-date were all added together like this.

"1+1+1+3+1+9+4+9 = 29"

Then he said that you add numbers in the answer 29, or "2+9" together too. When you do this, you obtain the number 11. If this number is also reduced in the same way, it becomes the number 2.

Earl told John though that the number 11, and also the number 22, are not usually reduced again. They are known as master numbers.

If your number is a master number, you are cut out to be an inspiring leader of others.

These people have an intense inner drive, and an ambition to make a real difference in other people's lives. They have a higher spiritual connection already inbuilt in them from all of the good work done in previous lifetimes.

Earl told John that his number 11 indicated that John was a deep thinker, but at the same time he was highly intuitive, and would also make a good psychic reader. He was exceptionally gifted in this area.

John was already aware of this. He had always loved mathematics, and he had a gift for it. His teacher at high school had told him that he should become a maths teacher.

Earl seemed aware of all of this too, and so he then said to John,

"Actually John, if you wanted to be, you could become a skilled numerologist like I am too. My life path number is also a number 11."

Your life path number determines your destiny, if you let it. It is a most important number to determine. It provides a map for your journey. It is like the route number of the highway that you are travelling on.

This is not fate though, it just helps you to determine your own soul's mission, or spiritual purpose for you in this particular lifetime.

John doubts the truth of what Earl has been telling him

After they had shared an Earl Grey tea together, Earl asked John if he had any questions for him.

"Yeh," John asked, "Why did your mother name you Earl?"

Earl thought about his reply before answering, "My mother did love her tea of course, but the name "Earl," means prince. My mother wanted me to be her little prince, hence my name."

"Have you any other questions though John?" Earl responded.

Ever the skeptic, John said, "To tell you the truth, this all sounds like garbage to me. Why my mother told me that I was actually born three weeks late. I was well overdue, when I was finally born. What do you say to that?"

Earl looked at John. He knew that he had to give John the right answer here, otherwise John would remain probably always the hardened skeptic that he was now.

"Actually John, that more just confirms my point. Your soul was making sure that you were born on the exact day that you were meant to be born on. Think about that."

"John, I know you have a mathematical mind. I will try to explain for you the basis for numerology working from that angle.

All things work from a mathematical connection. This includes life. The direction of your life is precisely calculated. Every step of the way can be disclosed for you in a numerology reading. This is all based on your karma though. Karma is what is being measured out in this way.

Once you move past all such karmic influence, you are no longer being affected by numbers anymore. You become the one in the infinite as is God, instead of your just being one of the infinite in the one."

John was very happy with that explanation.

How numbers affect your life, and how they can predict the possible future direction of your life

John's father Tom had died at the relatively young age of only 49. John was only 18 years old at the time.

The numerologist told John that the age of your parents when you are born also plays a significant part in your own life. It is a part of your karmic connection to your parents.

When John was born, his mother Ann had been 28, and his father Tom was 31.

Earl added these two numbers together now, then he reduced the total to the one digit number of 5.

This number he called your, "Hereditary number."

This number determines how your parents karma will affect you. The combined effect is calculated as the one number to simplify the calculation, he had went on.

"The number five in your reading coming from your parents indicates a certain restlessness is there in your karma too. You do not accept your own gifts easily. You become lost in your spiritual searching, always looking for something else besides.

You find it hard to accept your real direction in life. You need motivation and usually a mentor is indicated if you want to fulfill all of your very high potential."

Earl finished his little speech, and he sat down on his specially designed plush leather chair, once more again, with a rather heavy sigh, as well. He was not a young man anymore either.

The next number to discuss is your, "Death number," he then said to John.

The significance of the death number in numerology

"Your death number cannot be calculated while you are still alive," Earl said.

"What's the use of that then?" John replied.

"It is still a most useful number for us numerologists to calculate," Earl offered back.

"Take your father," John, Earl went on, "He has died already, but what was the exact date that he died on?"

John scratched his head thoughtfully. He knew that it had been very close to his own eighteenth birthday, when his father had died.

"Oh yes," he remembered, "It was December 5, 1969."

John always remembered the year easily enough. That was the year when man had first walked on the moon.

Earl told John that a person's death number is worked out in the exact same way as which his life path number is done.

John's father Tom's death number was the number 6. Earl asked John for his father's actual birth date then too. They worked out together that Tom's life path number was the number 4.

Earl said that if the life path number is not exactly the same number as which the life path number is, it means that that person will need to reincarnate once more again. They have more work to do, more karma to be resolved.

Earl continued in his explanation about the death number.

"I have only ever come across one reading where the numbers were exactly the same. This means that that person need not ever reincarnate again. Their karma has all been resolved.

He, or she is a master soul now. He, or she is operating from a higher consciousness level than most of us here are. He, or she lives from pure love. Meeting this lady completely changed my own life too, you know. That was my wife Mary. She too died about twenty years ago now too. I loved her dearly."

What Earl had told John gave him great confidence in himself. At forty nine years of age, he went back to school. He graduated a few years later with an advanced degree in Mathematics. He is now a Professor of Mathematics at the National University here in the Capital city of his home country.

A numerology reading can indeed change your life, as can most things, if you listen to the truth behind them.


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9th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks for your moderation here Steve, glad you enjoyed my article too.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
9th Jan 2014 (#)

Good evening, Spirited; absolutely loved this post. I had not ever heard of a hereditary number, however, I did know my parent's ages so was able to calculate it. Thanks for this interesting addition to my limited understanding of numerology. ~Marilyn

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author avatar spirited
9th Jan 2014 (#)

Hi Marilyn,

you won't find that information about hereditary numbers, or death numbers anywhere else.

It's all part of my own system, that builds onto the top of normal numerology.

Glad you liked my post.

I wrote it up as a short story so that I wasn't putting my own theories out there as facts.

Others might not have agreed with me then.

It's more just a story of how truth no matter what it's wrapped in can always help us in our lives.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
9th Jan 2014 (#)

11 is 2...double creativity and cooperation but every coin has two sides like on a battery, postive and negative (not bad) and one can give information on what the person needs to change more so from the negative side...

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author avatar spirited
9th Jan 2014 (#)

thanks cnwriter,

yes, 11 is two. That's what duality is about, isn't it?

The negative can be a stronger teacher though only when you're positive about learning from it.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Interesting post, Indeed!

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author avatar spirited
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern, the numbers have it!

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