Josh Mercury is a no-show

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I'm still working every day on the trailer for "Created By Me 1", so am I this morning when Harrison calls. He says he may not make our appointment to work on Josh Mercury's website tomorrow, so perhaps we could work today. We make an appointment for 15:00.

Josh Mercury is a no-show

After working on the trailer, I decide to go for a swim. And what a swim it is! I must say today is the first time in a very long time that I lose myself in a swimming pool again - I enjoy it like I haven't in a long time. It's actually cloudy weather and not swimming pool weather, but it just feels so good to dive and jump and splash around in the water for about an hour.

After that, I go work on that trailer some more. But, I'm slightly tired and go to bed so I can sleep about half an hour or so before Harrison arrives at 3.

Well, I sleep until 15:30. Harrison isn't here yet. I go back to sleep.

I slept until about 5'o clock. Strange. Harrison never showed.

Early evening, Mother and Father arrive with Uncle Gus and auntie René. I greet them and we start to bring Father and Mother's luggage in. Uncle Gus seems very impatient with his wife auntie René. Guess they're all just very tired now.

After Uncle Gus and Auntie René have left and we've offloaded the car, Mother and I sit on their stoep, overlooking the beautiful vista. I eat the delicious fish and chips they brought me.

Don't know why or how but usually when Mother and I sit alone like this, we somehow get on the subject of "God" and religion and "the bible". Not that Mother knows anything really; she's not booklearned on the subject of religion but she enjoys talking to me about it, even though everything she says is just based on her sentiments about her religion.

I of course have my own take on the subject of religion. I don't always understand the popularity of the Abrahamic religions with their warlike narrative of voilent, bloodthirsty and politically corrupt timeline, not to mention scientifically inaccurate teachings about the earth and how it came into existence. How can these Abrahamic religions - Christianity, Judaism and Islam - still be so popular even in these modern times when they're incompatible with... well, just about everything?

I have also taken notice of what is now called "Ancient Astronaut Theories" that are creeping more and more into the mainstream; in fact this talk with Mother reminds me that I want to see a program tomorrow called "Issues of Faith" that will have an episode tomorrow evening on these "Ancient Astronaut Theories". Even as little as five years ago I don't believe it was discussed much in any mainstream media; however especially with the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series, it seems it is becoming openly discussed more and more, ridiculous as many deem it.

Hopefully at some point in history, we will get out of this dark age of religious dogma and experience more of the true light of truth.

Father, who has been watching sport, comes to us on the stoep and says we should go watch Harrison's music video, so we go.

I show them in my editing studio. They love it. Father of course have a few personal remarks about Harrison's demeanor; he says for example Harrison should open his mouth wide otherwise it looks like a poophole.

Mother is very dramatic about the lyrics; she says the words must be coming from deep within Harrison. She's right, as far as I know. However, I'm not going to comment on the lyrics. That's Harrison's private affairs.

My parents though are quite unhappy that Harrison didn't show for his appointment today; Father says Harrison is just like that with him too, always 2 hours late. Well that's still making good time because come to think of it, for the last two appointments we had Harrison showed up as much as three to four hours late. I do hope he can work on this little unprofessionalism he still has, otherwise how is he ever going to become a big shot singing star?

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