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Harrison and I have started a music venture earlier this year. First, my job was to make the music videos, and Harrison is our singer "Josh Mercury", and he makes the music and writes the songs and so on. Later on as things developed, it seems I also do the website now.

Josh Mercury music brand

It is fun and the first music video came out fantastic and beautiful. Harrison could not stop watching it for the first 500 times. Then it started getting annoying because now that he knows the music video through and through, he wants to make suggestions on what else I must put in and changes I should make. Of course, if the video was perfect for the first 500 times somebody views it, I think it's pretty much good enough. Nobody else will watch it that many times that they get bored with it and want to see something new in it. Let's rather move on with the next videos, I told Harrison.

Then we get a little stuck. Not that there isn't enough ways to market music, whatwith the internet and all; rather, it's which way to take and to focus on. We tried many different sites; facebook, reverbnation, cdbaby and a string others, but everything sort of works but mostly not.

To top it off, something on the website was causing a virus for the site visitor every now and again. I wondered if it's the small 3rd party ads we tried out at the bottom, then I removed those, then I wondered if it's not the little song player that I downloaded free from another site. Or maybe it's the photo album software. Something isn't right there. Perhaps that was where I got the password stealing virus that stole from my Paypal account. I removed all from the site and just let it redirect to our reverbnation page for now.

Anyway, as for our progress with our music venture, I think maybe we just went too much all over the place and now we're getting frustrated.

Saturday night Harrison visits Father, Mother and me in the West Wing. Harrison seems quite frustrated with life.

First, he hints at Father and Mother being not that great at being grandparents. Of course, this has less to do with their actual "performance" as grandparents, and more to do with how they refuse to be free and anytime no-time-limit babysitters for Harrison's two little daughters, whenever Harrison or his wife feel like dumping them here.

Hints come flying as Harrison talks about how his wife's parents in contrast with Father and Mother, are always just so eager to look after the children, and take them out to places and buy them ice cream and enjoys having them over for whole days and evenings.

But, Father and Mother really just grin at this. They're far too smart to be abused as free babysitters. Besides, Father and Mother aren't your typical grandpa and grandma who sit at home all day wishing to get some attention from someone. Father and Mother, though they tried retiring, are still very much active and have heaps of projects they still find delight in being occupied with. Though they do babysit the grandchildren many days, for much longer than anyone can reasonably be expected to entertain such rowdy children, they simply don't have the time to act like babysitting is their main focus in life.

Then Harrison starts to talk to me about the music. I was slightly peeved because I can hear Harrison is frustrated with the progress and sounds almost accusing towards me, this in front of Mother and Father. I didn't like this conversation one bit.

But, I let him talk out, even until he went to the car to go home.

From the conversation I gather that we slightly have different expecations from this venture's progress. Harrison wants me to come up with some b/s way of creating overnight success; as he suggests I start other "news" sites that then say there are rumours that Josh Mercury will be providing the theme song for the next Harry Potter or something along those lines; some b/s that includes whatever is the latest trend.

Of course I cannot do that. For one thing, soon Josh Mercury will be associated with b/s and lies, for another, such "news" sites are shortsighted. Who's going to provide any other "news" for them? Yeah the sites can be made but they'll be dead giveaways if they never update. Not to mention, my job is to make music videos for Josh Mercury. Not to lie and deceive writing crap about it.

I see I'll soon have to get the conversation under control. I tell Harrison exactly what I think: That we are without a definite plan and it won't help to go from bad to worse. I think it's best we just design one plan and stick with that for at least 4 to 6 months.

I also have a plan in mind. We're going to be a free mp3 download site that shows one minute or so lengthed music videos of shortened versions of the songs, with a link to download the song in the video, but the complete version, for free.

The problem is people don't want Josh Mercury merchandize, something else Harrison wanted me to create, because they don't know Josh Mercury yet. So what we have to do is to provide them with something they do need. Like mp3 songs. People are always looking for fresh mp3 songs they can download. So this way, if we just move traffic to our site, they'll come there, listen and download if they like it. We do this for at least 6 months before we start even thinking about selling anything.

The revenue will be generated with CPM ads. Won't be much, but at least the concept is simple: More traffic, more revenue, and ad clicks not required to make a little something.

We'll refine the plan a little more. After 6 months or so, if the site is frequented by many people, we can start exposing them to cool hoodies and t-shirts and creations from the Josh Mercury brand. Most importantly, to make Josh Mercury big, we need to practise lots of patience whilst persisting.

I tell Harrison to go home now, and while I'm away in the Land of The West, he must finish at least 15 songs. We will then shoot much simpler videos for them, simple but good and catchy and appealing, but much quicker to make than that absolute stunning artwork piece I made for the first song, and get things really rolling on our website.

Hopefully Harrison is now also a little more inspired, because I know I am.

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