Joyous Easter Sunday

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Easter celebrations are on progress. I love them even though I'm not a very religious person, but I was born in a Christian society and they are part of our culture and civilization.

Joyous Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a joyous day for me. I'm not much of a church goer, but I love Easter Sunday for several reasons. Even if one isn't much of a practising Catholic and I might say why I'm not on these days on another article, but I was grown as a Christian and, therefore, I'm part of our Christian culture and civilization and I adore these celebrations that take part either in March or April.

Days before to Easter Sunday, there'll be many sellers nearby churches selling palms and bunches of olive and bay. It is the custom. Children will have a palm made of straw and adults will carry olive and bay to be blessed in the church. A priest will tell people the reason of this custom.

It is Sunday and it's already Spring. It's time for lighter clothes and children will wear something new such as a new pair of shoes, a blouse or a dress.

On such a day, there'll be one of the first processions in the streets and it'll be to show Jesus's entry in Jerusalem. As regards this, I read that Lawrance of Arabia, who was riding to enter in Jerusalem, he dismounted his horse and entered on foot. Even though, he was a Protestant, he thought that he couldn't be more important so as to go into Jerusalem riding his horse in the same way that Jesus had done on his donkey.

The image of this procession will be Jesus, mounting on a humble donkey with a palm tree at his back as the photograph shows. As he passses in the different streets, there'll be cheers, joy and band music.

In the following days, there'll be other processions to commemorate the different stages of Jesus during his martyrdom to cruxification.

The reason of his suffering and death was because he stood on the poor side, preaching for true justice. The miracle of the bread and the fish was because he asked to those that had food to share it with those that didn't have anything to eat.
One understands why he was blamed, arrested and tortured to his final death.
The message is clear for me.
How many of them will they be ready to let loose some of their riches for those who have almost nothing or nothing at all to live?
This is the real meaning of the miracle of the bread and the fish.
Easter doesn't have to be a sad time, but on the contrary, it's a joyous one in all the countries that is celebrated following the custom and there are many of them. But at the same time it has to be a time for reflection. There shouldn't be bars, cinemas or theatres or discos opened during these days and until Easter Sunday, but these days don't have to be sad or boring ones, because it's already Spring and there are many traditional customs to enjoy in peace with families and friends.
A couple of days ago, I cooked one of our Easter sweets to share with friends and we had a lovely and peaceful evening and there was no need for a more mundane activitiy.
This is the way we make this Easter sweet:
One will need a loaf of bread sliced thin, eggs, milk, lemon rind, stick of cinnamon, powered cinnamon, sugar or honey and a lot of oil for frying. Quantities of milk and eggs will depend of the amount of bread. If one's to fry a lot of them, one should change the oil after a while. Otherwise, it'll be burnt.
Slice the bread and put it in abundant milk that one will have boiled beforehand with the lemon rind and the stick of cinnamon. The bread has to be in the milk for two hours or more until it's well soaked in it. Then, take it out with care and put it on a tray. Beat the eggs, pass the bread in the beaten egg and fry in abundant and hot oil. Place them on a tray and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon or honey. An excelent sweet to entertain with friends or relatives in an Easter evening.

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