Judgement day

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Well, Father, Mother and I in our three cars, decide to return home. The flames seem to have burned past now, and if we can get through the smoke blanket at the bottom of the hill, we might be able to return home now as the fires have moved on to the South by now.

Judgement day

We drive back, curious to know what we'll find. On our way, Father sees more grass burning so he decides to get off and extinguish the flames by beating them with a tree branch.

Anyway, finally home, we are so grateful! The fires burned right around the yard. Well, not perfectly; in the back yard, a part of the lawn was burned, and in the front yard too. But the buildings didn't catch fire; there's just a lot of black suit and ashes blown everywhere from under the doors and through the windows, all over the furniture. In Lordly House, my table and surfaces are covered with a layer of ashes and suit, and even more so in my editing studio. There the black suit and white ashes make this layer of grey powdery dust on everything.

And of course the smell of smoke is strong everywhere in all the buildings. But that will dissipate with time; as long as nothing irreplacable was burned we're happy.

What amazes us most, is that the thatched roof of the lapa didn't catch fire. That was the thing that worried us the most; that this thatched roof might catch fire and then start setting fire to Tower Mansion. Once Tower Mansion is burning, the West Wing will burn and most likely Lordly House too.

The dogs are extremely happy to see us, almost so that they are quite annoying. They don't want to leave our side, and want to come into the house with us whenever we go in a door.

I take a look at the geese. There was no way they could have survived, because their little camp is basically right in the veld where everything was completely destroyed.

Thank god they're still alive too! How in blazes did they survive that thick smoke when I couldn't? And shouldn't they have been cooked from the heat? Well, seems they have hidden away inside a doghouse made from bricks, while everything around them burned. They have over time pecked up everything in their little camp, leaving this small patch of earth that has no grass growing on it. The fire burned all the grass around it, but this little patch had nothing that would catch fire, and the fire didn't touch their doghouse-shelter. How they survived the smoke I don't know.

The dogs are allright, and so far we know only of two tortoises that died in the fire.

Attached picture: Photograph of one of the actual tortoises who used to adorn the large Tower Hills grounds with its pre-historiclike animal beauty, but who tragically lost his life in the massive wind-driven fire that destroyed the earth from beyond the horizon in the North way beyond the horizons of the South and East

Waldorf and his assistant also found a rabbit that was burned badly in the fire, and now his assistant is doing all she can to nurse it back to health.

Speaking of his assistant, that was quite an insane first day on the job. Her furniture is still on Waldorf's pavement where they had left it last, and then she was thrown into the deep end with this firey adventure.

Waldorf, his assistant and her mother went through the whole thing, and where they were fighting the fire, they got caught in the fire plenty times. One time they said one of the flames went right through the bakkie's cabin, in the passenger window and through to the driver window. Father said when he saw Waldorf's assistant once during this ordeal, her eyes were big and wide with fright, so he can't believe that she thought her first day on the job is great.

By the evening, Waldorf said he doesn't think they'll be staying and his assistant probably won't take the job after a day like this. But, next morning, they're still here, so whether they're going to stay remains to be seen.

Late in the evening of the day this happened, I finally have the time to go take my laundry off the washing line. Yep, the perfect day to have done the washing and hanging them out to dry - they have been smoked thoroughly and through and through. But, at least they're still with me, because there was a time today when I really thought all the flying sparks being blown around by the wind would have completely burned all my clothes to ashes. I had already written them off in my mind, so having them back is a bonus.

Then, in the night, I see something that looks like how only Hollywood could depict Judgement Day. To the East and South, where the fires are still continuing after all these hours, the red and orange illuminated smoke is rising high up into the sky, while on the earth below, the fires are still burning.

Also very beautiful, is where the fires have already been. The whole world looks like a city, with all it's small little lights. These lights of course are all the burned trees and things that are now glowing and some still burning in the night, all across the visible world. So now it looks like a city in the night with all its little lights.

I can only sympathize with the poor souls who are getting hit by this rolling fire during the night. I mean if what happened here to us today had happened here during the night, it would have been horrific.

Firstly, we might have been asleep and suddenly realized we can't breathe as the smoke befell us. Secondly, we might have been burned to death as we might have been asleep when the waves of fire and smoke rolled over us. Thirdly, we wouldn't have been dressed or anything to flee, so we wouldn't be ready to run immediately without shoes on and possibly without much clothes on. And fourthly, we might not even have known what is going on or which way it would even be possible to flee. If this happened in the middle of the night, it could have been even more ghastly!

I cannot believe the tremendous scale of this fire. And I must say, I wonder who started it. Who set the grass on fire? They must be so proud, and won't care about how many lives they endangered today.

The world is burned from beyond the horizon in the North, all the way to the horizon in the South and East. Nobody could stop the fire. With these winds, nobody CAN stop this fire. It seems to sweep across the world like a red ocean wave.

After filming some shots of it, I take one last look at the huge, red and orange and brown cloud filling the entire Eastern sky, and walk back home in the warm illumination that is everywhere all around me.

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